Romance/Fantasy RP request (Male character, can work with female though)

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  1. Well, I have the basic concept for an (could possibly be anime style?) romance/fantasy type RP, I guess it can be a Female X Female romance type thing if it has to be, but preferably a Male X Female thing going on. Keep in mind this is my first RP, and the plot is still under development, so some "behind the scenes" brainstorming may be neccesary for later plot development. I'll reveal the plot once I have a partner to do this with.
  2. I'll be interested in doing M/F. I'm fine with doubling or being either gender.
  3. XD well, just keep in mind it's more of PG 13 type RP (Forum rules and all o-o), and a little more on the fantasy side. If you're still interested, I guess I could reveal the plot and see if you like it! o-o
  4. that's fine I'm 20 :) and I prefer fantasy too :D
  5. Alright XD well, I guess I'll change the title, because we're all set! Now for the plot:

    The main idea is that you play as a character of your choice, that lives in a relatively small town near a forest. There's a tale your characters parent(s) had always told him/her, of a girl wandering the forest (XD I'm trying not to give too much of the plot away here, actual RP introduction thing is kinda planned out mostly already). Your character believes the tale might have some truth to it, and ventures into the forest one day in search for her, which is where the RP begins (alot of planning will probably be needed from this point, but I got a general plot skeleton down :P)
  6. ooooooo sounds interesting :D
  7. Oh! XD If you wanna, I guess you could make a CS (I'm not exactly able to make a CS since that would ruin the RP a little :P)
  8. um, you can put the CS up when we start the rp so it doesn't ruin the rp while we start the planning.
  9. Well, that'll work XD I'll just add to it as things progress... Now, I got a town-name and I'm working on the "Intro post" here, so sorry if it takes a while to get the RP going >.<
  10. it's ok. what do we need to plan out that you haven't already?
  11. Well... First of all, we've gotta figure out how your character ends up hearing about this tale, whether it be a story his/her parent(s) told, or heard from something else entirely, etc. Oh yeah! and the time period this takes place in :S
  12. hm, maybe it can be a village legend pass down from the village elders? I don't have any preference for the time period.
  13. I'd think it's more of a fairytale thing that's been circulating around the place...
  14. ah ok, that works :)

    did you have an idea for time period? It doesn't matter to me
  15. I guess more of a modern time period, with a more, outdated village..
  16. ah ok :)
    so my girl will be on the poorer side or just a simple middle class girl?
  17. Well, XD it would be easier for you to play as a male in my opinion o-o but female works too. Though it's up to you what "class" you wanna make him/her as
  18. oh my bad >.< I've been off this site for months due to rl stuff >.<
  19. It's fine o-o