Romance between gods x demigods?

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  1. ALRIGHT! Straight to the point. I'm on all the time (pretty much) morning til night (I've got no life). I've roleplayed for about 4 years, granted I mostly did chat client rping, and still do but I've gotten into thread roleplays. Now let's see.

    About me:
    -I post as much as I can, I try to match quality and quantity.
    -Sometimes I can manage really long posts if my muse allows it.
    -I don't do one liners unless it's a drastic situation and/or my partner does one liners.
    -I always need romance. No romance, no rp. But on that note, it doesn't all have to be fluff unless it's based on that. I love plot.
    -I don't really lead rps unless I have a plot based out in my head.
    -I don't do heavy mature romance scenes (much) and I hate rps that are strictly smut, but I do do hot makeout scenes more often.

    Rp ideas (I had one while helping my mom with laundry..........):

    Basically, there's a young girl, maybe higher teens, who's unique in the way that her father is Hades, the god of the underworld from Greek mythology. All the myths are true, every god and story from ancient Greece. But the thing is, it's not just the Greek mythology that's true. Every god, every myth is true. When she was a child, she ends up meeting a young man with dark black hair, pale skin and gold and black eyes who calls himself Anubis, as in Anubis the god of funerals and death in Egyptian mythology. They became best friends through their childhood, and remain this way, as she's oblivious to the fact they're both connected to different myths and cultures. She had to move away from her childhood home, leaving Anubis behind for 6 years until...

    ...They're thrown together once again by fate. As this happens, their identities are revealed finally to each other and they must get past their cultures clashes to save the secret world of myths from being revealed and, ultimately, destroyed.

    Now, *ahem* that was a horribly written plot description and I really do hope it's still legible. Heh. ANYWAY:

    I do chatbox, chat clients, threads, and pm rps. Shoot me a message or post here~ I'd love to hear from someone.
  2. Huh... Hades and Anubis. Interesante. Mind roleplaying with me?
  3. As long as you're quite active, I'd love to.
  4. Whenever I can be on, I'm on. I have one last week of school so I should be on a lot more after that.
  5. Wonderful~ Just shoot me a message then!
  6. I know this one has been claimed but its so right up my alley as well. Think you can do this with me to? I'm a full grown sucker when it comes to mythology. Please let me know ASAP!!!
  7. I wouldn't mind it! Shoot me a Pm and we can talk more~
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    me: piss off ok im join pm whenever
    just note that im on at 6-7oclock in the morning till 10 or 11at night i tand to pass out by then i would love to dothis