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  1. Hello! I'm looking for a few, literate partners for the following plot ideas. I'm new to this site, but have been roleplaying for almost 10 years, so I'm not new in that respect! ♡

    I usually write around 2-4 paragraphs, although more or less could be appropriate depending on the situation, of course.
    If I get invested in the story, I do usually reply pretty frequently.
    I'd like a partner whose level of literacy matches mine, and I'd like for us to at least roughly match each other's post length. Please see my AO3 for examples of my writing.
    I only roleplay same-gender couples, but I'm happy to play any gender (nonbinary included), although at the moment I'm leaning towards M/M.
    I very much enjoy angst and darker themes (drugs/alcohol, self-destructiveness, violence, etc.) very much, but I can do without, too. I have very few limits, but of course will respect yours!

    Without further ado, the plots! (☆ = craving)

    (A) is a homeless waif. They’ve been sleeping rough for almost as long as they can remember, and just barely scraping by. It’s a horrible, unforgivingly cold winter evening, and (A)’s body is giving up; they lose consciousness on a bench or in a dark alley. By some miracle, (B) happens to find (A) and takes them either to hospital, or to their own home to care for them. ☆

    (A) and (B) were in a relationship in high school. At the time, (A) told (B) that they would always be there for them, no matter what, forever and ever. Five years later, after losing contact almost completely, (B) shows up on (A)’s doorstep, and says they’re taking them up on the offer. (B) is in some sort of trouble, but won’t say what. (A) is more than a little disgruntled about the situation.

    (A) and (B) are both criminals, and find themselves robbing the same house. (A) is a professional. (B) is… not so professional.

    (A) left (B) after an intense, passionate relationship. A few years later, they find themselves working together -- the same hours, same building, same everything. Neither of them is able to change shift, so they just have to deal with it. (B) realises they are still in love with (A), and tries to win them back. ☆

    (A) is an established gangster/mobster. (B) is their new, somewhat incompetent getaway driver.

    (A) is an emergency room nurse. (B) seems to turn up needing medical attention abnormally frequently - and how come they always seem to show up during (A)’s shifts?

    (A) and (B) have lived many lives, and every time they’ve been reincarnated, they’ve found one another. This time, though, when (A) finally finds (B), (B) doesn’t recognise them.

    (A) has finally returned to the world after a long and debilitating illness (physical or mental), and takes up a job working in a convenience store. (B) is their curious, slightly overbearing co-worker. (yes, this is based loosely on the plot of Konbini-Kun..) ☆
    In all of the plots, I'm pretty happy to play either role. I'd also like to discuss the plot a bit beforehand to maybe flesh out some more details, so that things don't end up just burning out.

    Please reply or PM me with any ideas or questions! ♡
  2. Okay, so plot 8 has gotten my attention, I happen to have a character called Grey (who I have fallen in love with) who I think would be a nice character A, so it that's still open then I would be down for it.

    And yes, I have kind of been craving some MxM so we might agree on that.
  3. Oh my goodness I am in love with ALL of these. I do play female and am very very submissive as a role player so if that is something that might interest you let me know. I am on a lot of the time and these are brilliant plots. Here I'll give you my three favorites and if you're up for my kind of style let me know.

  4. Ohhhh I think we are very similar! I enjoy darker themes too in my romance RPs. I am also a balanced role player, being able to play more dominant or submissive depending on the situation. I have also been RPing for 12+ years and definitely prefer MxM. I really like 1, 2, and 4 and I would love to use my character Rhym for one. Here is the link to his profile(I wish I had an accurate drawing of him but all the ones I have are outdated and the picture is the best I could do):

    Untitled document

    He is my most most beloved character and I love using him for romance. He is usually a little older than his love interest, and is subconsciously drawn to guys who don't exactly share his feelings and chases them for a while until they eventually fall for him. Haha let me know if you would be interested! :)
  5. If you're still looking, I like #1!
  6. Plot 2 has most definitely jumped out at me. You are exactly what I look for in a potential Rp partner (possibly long term) So, if this is still available I would more than love to discuss more with you?^-^
  7. @taibhse

    I'm interested in plot 3 !
  8. I'm very interested in the plots 2., 7. and 8.
    Please PM me if you'd like to work something out!
  9. Hello!
    Is 1 open?
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