Romance Anyone?



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So, because Bee is a hopeless romantic and I'm not really in any on-going roleplays, as of yet, I'd figure I'd start a private one that'll keep me busy. I'd figure it'll be a romantic one, but seeing as how just romance kindof really creeps me out in role plays, because I'm not always sure what to do, I'll make it a story romance with maybe a horror or fantasy or sci-fi aspect as well.. or whatever else you'd prefer.

So, private two player role play. I'm up for anything, but I'd prefer being the female.. because in no way am I good at role playing a dude.

Thanks for taking the time to read it.
Romance eh?

What about some space pirating, and the like... Perhaps a dashing criminal stumbles onto a rich luxury ship hoping to rob it blind, but becomes the reluctant hero saving people, or just your Player Character?
That sounds sweet.
perhaps in more detail?
As in you want more of a scene for the Roleplay?

Well I just winged the idea, but if you want to plan something, should I send you a PM with a plot summary?
Sure? :P
I'm up for anything, so it's really all up to you.
No problem, Bee. I should have something ready to send your way around the evening time tomorrow if that's alright.

Starting the new job n' all tomorrow morning so I can't do an all night grinder for a plot.
Cool, and thank ya kindly.

Do you happen to have an Instant Messanger account? That way if I happen to get any split second ideas while your online, I can just shoot them over to you.
it's on here.
Under my dp and stuff.
Ah... Should have checked it again. Wasn't there when I looked last time.

Then expect a plot tomorrow, I should have something good. : D
I shall be waiting.. in a none-creeper like way. :3
If you're wanting one on one, Honeybee, I'll gladly serve as your male partner. :P (Males were always my preference anyway.) I have MSN and emailing if you ever want to. <3 I always liked it better that way anyhow, less pressure and the like.
Hey at least one of us is doing his job.....

*pats Jumi on the back for making the team look good*

You want Drama, I could recommend some good Romance RPers for you to kidnap once you have a plot outline.
Wait till friday and I've had a few beers in me then I'll get back with a concept, I do my best RPG-ing drunk

Just ask Jumi.