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  1. Hey, I am looking for any female from the ages 15-21. if you like Roleplay with romance, Action, sexual theme, tear dropping events, and much more! you come to the right place. I am Strike Freedom.. but people call me Kira. after my rp character. so there are many differnt rp theme i would like to do.
    *** = Really want to do.
    **= intersted
    * = maybe will do.

    *** ~ this one is a Slave and Master rp. story line will follow if you are interested.
    *** ~ A female lead part.. with a Male being a Captive to the Female for sex and other reasons.
    *** ~ Female ends up Captured Male and keeps him perioner and us him as a torture and sex toy.

    So if you are intersed just Pm me. and i will respone as soon as I can. 2-3 day wait for reply.
  2. I would love to do slave and master, but who will be the slave and who will be the master
  3. I sent you a pm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.