Romance all the way ~

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  1. I'm bored.

    And want to 1x1 sooo yeah, but before I go on about anything else, just a couple of heads up.

    - I'm a really bad time organizer when it comes to rping ( I might end up posting 5 or more times in a day and then not reply for a week or so, depends on schedule)

    - PG 13 romance (I don't mind a little bit of steamy s*x but I don't do explicit or R)
    - Addressing this to those who would like to play the male role (I mean I can rp male and female but currently, sorta in the mood for female action)
    - Romance mixed with any other genre ( things like action // fantasy etc)
    - Willing to write paragraphs if needed but not going to one line.

    So I'm pretty much open to various ideas. Something unique and different would preferably be the best.

    That's about it, anyone up for it?
  2. Yo I'm up for this, message me back when you get back :)