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  1. Let's just get right to the plots, shall we? If you have any questions involving my roleplaying style and whatnot I'll be more than happy to answer them!

    *NEW* People Are Dense OR Vengeful Lover
    You never expected to find yourself in this kind of predicament. Why did they have to fall for you?
    If you're being completely honest, the two of you weren't even friends. They just sort of popped their way in every once in a while and tried to get your attention. Sometimes they asked you out: you said no. At the time, you thought they just were another annoying person, so you pushed them away.
    Then another person entered your life.
    They were just the opposite. They never tried to talk to you, or anyone for that matter. They were as quiet and reserved as could be. No one liked them... but you did. You made it your job to force your way into their life, to become their annoying one. It took a while, but you succeeded. You finally got to know them for who they truly were. Before you knew it, you fell in love. Though you never confessed, you didn't have to, not for the person who was there first to figure it out.
    Disaster began to follow the two of you wherever you went. At first, it was coincidental, then it got curious. At some point you began investigating.
    That's when you overheard the words "I love ____" coming out of the wrong person's mouth.

    All In Time (Plot is pirate based, but does not have to be if you like the premise)

    It was the fight of a lifetime. Looking back, it's hard to remember what it was even about. One day, the two of you just started yelling... and screaming... you're pretty sure things were thrown. The next few days were filled with silence. Both of you wanted to aplogize, but, neither of you were willing to forgive. Whenever one would consider it, the other would go back to being angry. It was June 7th when words were finally uttered again... only it wasn't like you had hoped.
    You can still hear it. Her cries. In those few short moments you had forgotten all about the fighting, the anger, and you had rushed towards her. From the looks of it, she had forgotten too. You had somehow managed to get her into your arms, and it seemed like all would be okay. But somehow she slipped... and just like that, she was gone.

    It has been several years since the accident. While most try not to think about it more than they have to, you do the opposite. You think it makes you stronger, to remember what has happened. What you cannot see is that your obsession has made you cold. Unwilling to lose anyone else close, you refuse to get close. Most of the time, you're quiet, but when you speak it's almost always negative. You take pleasure in your hobbies, and your work, knowing those will always be around.
    Then one day someone else enters your world. A female. You expect her to be nothing but a hassle, but what happens when she turns out to be just like you?

    Soulmates Yeah. You've read about them. You've read about almost everything in your many years on this earth. It's not like there's much else you can do, when only a select few other people can see you. Especially when those people are all nagging you to join them and 'save the earth'.
    You don't want to be misunderstood. It's not that you don't like the earth and hope it's destroyed or anything, it's just... your not a hero. You don't want to be a hero. You just want to live your life like everybody else. You'd give up being immortal in a heartbeat if it meant you could have friends and a family. For one of those things at least, it turns out you won't have to.
    You were doing what you normally do on a day as perfect as this. You were resting in the most remote place you could find, just thinking. The ability to sneak away from society at will was one of the few perks of being you. As you were resting there, however, your ear began to twitch. The quietest sound could be heard. Then suddenly:
    A young female took her seat right next to you. She gave a small smile before laying down completely, one that was clearly directed at you.

    True Loves Can Never Be That is her stand, anyway. You've listened to your best friend for a while now go on an on about possible love scenarios, and this is the craziest one yet. According to her, in no universe, this one or any parallel, could you run into the person you are meant to be with. Originally, it was 'True loves would always be' but after she thought about it, she decided that the latter would make more sense. You don't have to account for babies or anything like that. So that's what she's decided to stick with, and you? You hate it, mainly because you believe you are meant to be hers.
    You've thought this since day one, but you've never been able to say it. It took long enough for the two of you two become friends, then best friends, confessing your love would be so... out of place, unusual, and from the sound of it, unwanted. Of course the more she says stuff like this, the angrier you get, and the more determined you are that she is the one. It's just a matter of how long till you crack and tell her, or if you'll even have to.

    As you can see, most of these plots are written with certain characters being certain genders, and with you playing the male. This is the way I'd prefer these plots go, but I am very flexible, just ask! ^^
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    Still looking! I have a new plot now, if anyone's interested.
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