Rolling down to Old Maui: The Extraordinary Life of a Buccaneer

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  1. Rolling down to Old Maui: The Extraordinary Life of a Buccaneer


    It's the year 1655, and the Golden Age of exploration is in its prime. At the beginning of the 16th century, the European empires of Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and France are powerhouses. From small colonies, to entire islands, to the largest of military outposts, these countries are slowly expanding out into the world with their eyes greedily set on the Eastern Hemisphere. The shipping industry is at an all time high, with products like Salt and Rum fetching extremely large prices to consumers. However, there's always the fear looming over the heads of the Kings and Lords of industry: The damned buccaneers.

    While the rest of the world seeks to expand their empires and live under the rules of Kings, there are those who choose a life of absolute freedom and rebellion. These so called "Pirates" are the very scourge of the Seven Seas and are always posing threats for industry men. With the constant boardings of cargo ships and raiding of Salt plantations, the Monarchs of the world have ordered that every single mother's son who calls himself "Pirate" be caught and/or killed. However, the turn of the 17th century has brought about a new decree from the King of England. He has decreed that a Pardon for anybody convicted of, or having committed acts of piracy after the turn of the year 1718 be issued. The pardon alleviates he who takes it of all their crimes against the English Crown and allows them to return to England as poor, but free men.

    The Pardon has not been accepted by all pirates because some see it as the cowards way out of going to the gallows. These pirates are the top priority for the King's Navy and the East India Trading Company. The King fears that they will pose a major threat to the world and therefore they must be completely destroyed. With all the corners of the map being filled up by explorers and pirates of the like, there doesn't seem like there is too much left within the world for anybody to search for... But that's where most people are dead wrong. Unbeknownst to most, the so called "legends" of mythical treasures, and locations, are actually true. The same can be said about mythical beings such as Mermaids, Sea Beasts, and even Davy Jones himself. The sea is a wide and brilliant place full of adventure, danger, and rum enough to drown an honest sailor. Some who sail seek the adventure and glory held within the waves, while others sail because they have nowhere else to go. No matter why you chose to sail, the sea will unite a crew into a mighty brotherhood.

    The crew is your family, and the sea is your home. So now, its time to weigh anchor, let loose the mainsail, and pop open a bottle of Rum. Why you may ask? Because now, its time to sail for adventure!!

    Hey everybody!! Sora here with the glorious return of an idea I had buried for a while now. Back when I first joined my RP career, I started a semi-successful RP known as "Traverse the Seven Seas: Tales of a Buccaneer", but it died unfortunately due to inactivity. What I'm looking for is around 4-5 people who are willing to stick around until the story finishes. The basic idea of this RP is that we will be playing a group of Pirates who search for adventure and legendary treasures. Now, the main focus of the story will be the search for an all-powerful artifact known as "The Oraclus". We will be incorporating supernatural beings and events, following the same kind of formula used in Pirates of the Caribbean. This is not a fandom RP by any means, but we'll borrow a few things from PotC to make things more interesting.

    There's a few ways we can do this RP. One of them involves having 3 Ships with 3 different captains. 3 would be the minimum number, with room for addition if we get more people involved with the RP. The goal of this would be to create drama amongst captains and their crew (ex. Mutiny in one crew means the addition of a cabin boy to another crew, or perhaps the captains just hate each other and act as rivals to discover the treasure first.) while searching for adventure. There would be different (or similar) adventures amongst the different ships, either by one captain following the other, or perhaps searching for the same treasure and accidentally meeting up.

    The second method we could do this is by having everybody sail underneath one singular captain, with the goal of exploring and venturing out to find treasures and adventure upon the high seas. This would take a more linear pattern and allow for additional characters later on without worrying too much about who has too many player characters in their crew. We would all decide on positions in the crew in a fair manner, but wether or not I'll you with the idea of somebody else being Captain is still up for discussion. On one hand, you allow for some very interesting twists and turns with people other then the GM playing the captain, but then again you also have some issues when it comes to instructing them on plot elements behind the scenes.

    Another thing I'd like to talk about briefly is the supernatural elements of this RP. Now, pirates (historical, not current) are awesome. No questions asked. They've had great stories and tales, but have also benefitted society in filling the map of the world, discovering new islands and even assisting royals (I know, shocking). But as far as sailing around with nothing to do goes, stuff can get pretty boring on the sea and looking for treasure in the same pattern. That's why we add in some elements that constantly pop up in pirate lore and mythos: Supernatural Stuff!

    I'm talking Davy Jones, the Kraken, Blackbeard, Zombies, Undead Pirates, Curses, Witches and Wizards, Sea Monsters, Mermaids/Sirens, Harpies, Greek/Roman Mythological Creatures (how many times haven't you heard things like Cyclops' and Medusa being used alongside sea-fearers?) and many more. It can be very interesting, especially if we build upon these mythos and create lore of our own, therefore making the world our characters dwell in all the more real.

    Now, we can also decide on wether or not we wanted to combine the real world with a fictional one, or just do one or the other. I'll put that up in a poll afterwards, but we can also discuss it in here.

    Just in case we decide on a real-life/historical setting with/without made up areas, here's a random map of the Caribbean. We would most likely start from there (Tortuga, perhaps?) and as we travel to more areas, more maps will be added.


    If you're also interested in making/reserving a character, I've got the character sheet all nice and ready for you, as well as my sample sheet. I also have a character sheet for a pre-made Captain, but I won't post him until we've decided what we're gonna do in terms of captains and the storyline.

    Character Sheet Template (open)
    Image of Character:
    Nickname: (optional)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Position in the Crew: (Are you a Captain? Perhaps a Cook, or possibly a Busboy? You get the idea)
    Preferred Weapon(s): (if any)
    About Me: (can include, but isn't limited to; Personality, Background, Attributes, ect. I'd like to see at least 2-3 paragraphs here)
    Other: (include any additional information you want. Maybe a catchphrase that your character says, or any pets they may have)

    Jim Hawkins/"Sample Sheet" (open)


    Jim Tyler Hawkins


    "Jimmy", "Sport", "Kiddo", "Bunker-Boy", "Jim-Jimmy-Jimmy-Jim-Jim-Jim" (he hates that last one), and "Jack-O" (for some reason, a certain person keeps calling him that).





    Sexual Orientation:


    Position in the Crew:

    Cabin Boy

    Preferred Weapon(s):

    His Rapier and a Wheellock Pistol

    About Me:

    Incredibly bright and confident, Jim could be good-natured and friendly, if he had reason to. He doesn't, though – in fact, rather used to being let down, Jim often shows himself as dispassionate and uncaring, preferring to push others away and act detached than to be let down again. He's very distrusting of new people, especially with the appearance of pirates who will stab somebody in the back at a moments notice. He's also very skeptical about certain subjects as certain people.

    Jim is, in short, a prodigy. He's intelligent, though he doesn't show it much, and often learns things with thorough accuracy after seeing them just once. He built his first wind surfer at age 7, and has been building and sailing things almost nonstop ever since. He's bold, brash, and not afraid to say what needs to be said. He hates being thought of as a hero, but also hates being thought of as a delinquent. He's very hot-headed and quick to act when he's insulted.

    Despite this, he's loyal to a fault to people that earn it. First is his mother: Sarah is the one person that he wants to please, badly, no matter what. She's his mother, and he feels a responsibility to take care of her, since his father left. He felt that same loyalty to his father, once, as well as a high sense of respect for the man. He felt a similar way to a man he knew long ago, treating him almost as a second father, but the betrayal he suffered by both has marked him and damaged his ability to trust others.


    Intelligence and bravery. He's not afraid to get into a couple of fights, and is smart enough to know how to deal with them, most of the time. His quick-learning ability is also a very valuable asset, as he's often called on to use his knowledge and skills in tight situations. In terms of physical strength, he's a decent fist-fighter and a good shot with a handgun, and is also fast and cunning. On a wind surfer, he's respectably fast.


    His bravery can also be a weakness, as he's prone to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. He also tends to act rashly and without thought, despite his intelligence, and gets himself into trouble. He fumbles a lot, and still isn't quite comfortable with weapons. His lack of trust can also be used as a weakness, as he often doesn't put much faith in his teammates.


    Jim has a Old English Sheepdog pup named "Maxwell", whom he loves dearly. He also has a natural talent for music and normally sings to himself. Jim also carries around a small golden compass which belonged to his father. Its his only heirloom and rather then toss it to the sea, Jim decided to keep it. Wether its the fact the compass gives him the feeling that his father really loved him, or perhaps its just because the item is useful whilst travelling, nobody knows but Jim. Its also his prized possession, meaning that anyone who takes it from him can expect to find their thieving hands cut off the next day.

    He also has a rare medical condition that has made him blind in his left eye. Its not a pretty sight to look at, so he wears an eye-patch over it for the sake of others and himself.

    Anyways, if you're interested just post below and we'll get this vessel moving as soon as we're ready to leave port!​
  2. *jumps up and down*
  3. Sweet! We'll probably start with 3 more people, so you're #1! Welcome!
  4. Nevermind, forget that.

    I saw the character sheet and did some assuming.
  5. So far what I've seen, I've liked.
    I still have yet to read all the text in the first post, but I will :)
    As it's basically revolving around pirates, I just about have to join ;)

    As how and what I'd join I'll still have to check, but I'm oft interested in musician, or gunner. And I believe females are welcomed? Otherwise there probably wouldn't be 'Gender' listed I guess hehe.

    Edit: read it, and I must say my personal preference would be one ship with everyone on it, otherwise there's so little to go on and react to, you know?
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  6. @Olissa
    I totally agree with you on the whole "one ship" thing. It would be much too hard for interaction to occur if we all had separate ships.
  7. Yeah the idea would be to have multiple people of various sexes. Besides, what's a pirate RP without a few wenches?

    Not being sexist, making a joke ^^
  8. Okay so I think the consensus right now is one ship. Cool.

    What did you guys have to say about the Captain issue?
  9. Don't worry, I know all the slur used on and off a ship in those days XD
    (I'm Dutch, we had (roughly) the biggest trading company and to this day still honor the pirates of the golden age XD)
    (Plus I'm a faithful participant of ITLAPD, if you don't know what that is, google it :P)

    Anyway, what issue exactly? I know I'd definitely not want to play the captain.
    Oh, could I play a character that has been on the ship long, first pretending to be a boy, but then kinda grew too much in certain sizes to keep hiding her gender, and now is just part of the crew as a woman?
  10. Yeah that totally works. Maybe she's the first mate or something and the captain isn't bothered by it anymore? Just a random idea ^^
  11. First mate could work, or master gunner. Preferred weapons: the ship's cannons if given half the chance hehe.

    Just to be very sure this is purely a time set piece with mythological creatures. Not to be confused with steampunk or some such things. Right? Not that I would mind it either way :P
  12. Historic, yeah

  13. Name: Samantha Rowena Eleanor Harrison
    Nickname: Sam, Sammy, Harry
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Position in the Crew: Master Gunner, or Musician if there's no need for a gunner during times of calmth.
    Preferred Weapon(s): The ship's cannons if given half the chance. Other than that she always has an array of guns to use, and granadoes to throw.
    The rest of her weapons consist of a dagger that's hidden in her vambraces, four small daggers for throwing strapped to the outside of each of her thighs, one tucked in each boot, one between her breasts, and the pin in her hair contains a blade as well. (So 12 in total on an average day)
    She also has a fiddle that she usually keeps within reach. Not really as a weapon but the back of the bow has been sharpened just in case. Plus musicians and cooks are the last to be killed in a fight usually, so she uses her instruments as a distraction.
    About Me: Samantha was the perfect Governor's daughter. Well acquainted within the royal courts and was the ideal young lady. Or at least, that's what she was when in public.
    The real Samantha was wild and liked to be and act dangerous. Climb in trees, play with the guards' muskets or setting fire to an ant hill to name a few of the unladylike things she loved to do at the tender age of 8. Her parents were strict and unforgiving, forcing her away from anything that could be a distraction from being a proper lady. The child started to resent public appearances, resent her parents and resent the proper lady clothes that restricted her from running.

    At the age of 12 she saw the perfect opportunity to get away from all this, and all that was going to come as a governor's daughter. Samantha got wind of a pirate's ship nearby the city she was in. Being a pirate would be the perfect opportunity to get away from all that she resented, so she dressed herself up as a simple cabin boy and applied. With a chance of good luck, Samantha, who had told everyone that 'his' name was Harry, ended up as a powder monkey. (She was short compared to boys her age, and quick on her feet)
    It didn't take long before they saw the potential of a gunner in the young lad and 'he' got promoted as such once a position opened up after one of the other gunners managed to get himself killed in an explosion.
    Everything seemed to be perfect, till around the age of 16 it became near impossible to hide her chest no matter how tight she pulled a chest binder or corset. It didn't take long till the crew itself noticed that. They would have thrown her off of the ship probably (at least, she half expected to) had she by then not gained the title of Master Gunner due to an unfortunate event a little while prior.

    Sam now goes by Sam, Sammy, Samantha, or Harry, whichever anyone is more comfortable in using. Now that she's older she has started to take a liking towards dresses, as long as they give her enough room to run, fight and move around in.
    Other: Sam is feisty. Always was, and always will be. She knows how to be the most proper of ladies, and how to sugarcoat an insult to make one believe it was sweet flattery. But her true self will most likely just flat out yell at you instead of the roundabout way used in court. Sammy is a skilled liar, most of the time. Not that she has a lot of reason to lie anymore, as her cover got blown, so now she mainly is just a loud girl.

    She stands 1.68m tall, has a chest size comparable to grapefruits, a slim waist and rounded hips, all which is amplified thanks to an underbust corset. When she was younger she had her golden hair tied in a simple ponytail, but still kept it at a relative length. Right now, her hair just about reaches her middle. Her eye color is blue, bright blue. Her skin normally is quite fair and pale, but it’s tanned in every spot the sun can reach.

    Depending on what is or isn't possible, Sammy'll have a gun strapped to her right vambraces as well. If the setting does not allow that then it'll be removed (not from the image, but you get the point)

    (image created and owned by Olissa, do not use without permission)
  14. Yeah that's totally fine. And accepted, she seems great!
  15. Anymore interest?
  16. *is definitely hoping for more peeps*
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