Rollin' Down to Old Maui (OoC)

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  1. Rollin' Down to Old Maui


    It's the year 1655, and the Golden Age of exploration is in its prime. At the beginning of the 16th century, the European empires of Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and France are powerhouses. From small colonies, to entire islands, to the largest of military outposts, these countries are slowly expanding out into the world with their eyes greedily set on the Eastern Hemisphere. The shipping industry is at an all time high, with products like Salt and Rum fetching extremely large prices to consumers. However, there's always the fear looming over the heads of the Kings and Lords of industry: The damned buccaneers.

    While the rest of the world seeks to expand their empires and live under the rules of Kings, there are those who choose a life of absolute freedom and rebellion. These so called "Pirates" are the very scourge of the Seven Seas and are always posing threats for industry men. With the constant boardings of cargo ships and raiding of Salt plantations, the Monarchs of the world have ordered that every single mother's son who calls himself "Pirate" be caught and/or killed. However, the turn of the 17th century has brought about a new decree from the King of England. He has decreed that a Pardon for anybody convicted of, or having committed acts of piracy after the turn of the year 1718 be issued. The pardon alleviates he who takes it of all their crimes against the English Crown and allows them to return to England as poor, but free men.

    The Pardon has not been accepted by all pirates because some see it as the cowards way out of going to the gallows. These pirates are the top priority for the King's Navy and the East India Trading Company. The King fears that they will pose a major threat to the world and therefore they must be completely destroyed. With all the corners of the map being filled up by explorers and pirates of the like, there doesn't seem like there is too much left within the world for anybody to search for... But that's where most people are dead wrong. Unbeknownst to most, the so called "legends" of mythical treasures, and locations, are actually true. The same can be said about mythical beings such as Mermaids, Sea Beasts, and even Davy Jones himself. The sea is a wide and brilliant place full of adventure, danger, and rum enough to drown an honest sailor. Some who sail seek the adventure and glory held within the waves, while others sail because they have nowhere else to go. No matter why you chose to sail, the sea will unite a crew into a mighty brotherhood.

    The crew is your family, and the sea is your home. So now, its time to weigh anchor, let loose the mainsail, and pop open a bottle of Rum. Why you may ask? Because now, its time to sail for adventure!!

    Map of the Carribbean



    1. No godmodding, metagaming, etc.

    2. Proper grammar is needed, this is an Intermediate level RP, I expect a solid two paragraphs per IC post. No one liners either. You can also work with collabs if you don't want to flood the IC with only one conversation, so use that to your advantage!

    3. Original characters only. No Mary Sue type characters, people have flaws, your characters do too.

    4. Maximum of two characters per player. If you want more, you'll have to give me a really good request or kill off one of your existing guys.

    5. Characters can (and probably will) die. If they do, you can make another, should you want to fill that void.

    5 1/2. If you have one character and want to leave the RP indefinitely, we can collaborate on a creative way for your character to either leave or get killed off. This really only applies if you want to kill your character. If you don't want to, then ignore this rule.

    6. Try to be nice to one another in both the IC and the OoC. Everyone's here for a good time and even though I'm not a fan of confrontation (I personally don't like telling people off), I will intervene if things get too out of hand or if I'm requested to do so. Let's not have that happen and be nice ^^

    7. Keep swearing, violence/gore and sex to a PG - 13 level. Romance is cool, I love it in RP's! If you get to a mature moment, fading to black is your friend in the thread, but if you take it out of the thread please follow site rules on Libertine/Liberteen RP's.

    8. Please be active. If you're going to be unable to post for a while, then please notify me. If you lose interest in the RP and want to leave it then also notify me. I will remove your character from the roster and give them a good send-off. I won't kill anyone until I have official confirmation, but if you don't respond then I'll GM your character out of the IC until I get an answer.

    9. Although we're all travelling together and the main plot is pretty much dictated by me (the ship goes where the captain commands, right?), I'm all up for collaborating with you all to make this a group effort! That being said, I might not approve every idea because I still have to make sure things make sense continuity wise.

    11. You just realized there is no "10" and went back to check :3

    12. Now that you're pissed at me because of "11", post 'Why is the Rum gone?' in the "Other" section of your sheet so I know who read the rules.

    Character Sheet:

    Image of Character: (Can be drawn/real, but feel free to use a combination of both if you want [ex. A drawn image and a real life faceclaim])





    Position in the Crew: (Are you a Captain? Perhaps a Cook, or possibly a Busboy? You get the idea)

    Preferred Weapon(s): (if any)

    About Me: (can include, but isn't limited to; Personality, Background, Attributes, ect. I'd like to see at least 2-3 paragraphs here)

    Other: (include any additional information you want. Maybe a catchphrase that your character says, or any pets they may have).[/spoiler]
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  2. My Characters


    (Faceclaim: Andrew Garfield)​


    Jim Tyler Hawkins


    Jimmy, Kiddo, Bunker-Boy, and Jack-O (for some reason, the captain keeps calling him that).





    Position in the Crew:

    Cabin Boy

    Preferred Weapon(s):

    His Rapier and a Wheellock Pistol

    About Me:

    Incredibly bright and confident, Jim could be good-natured and friendly, if he had reason to. He doesn't, though – in fact, rather used to being let down, Jim often shows himself as dispassionate and uncaring, preferring to push others away and act detached than to be let down again. He's very distrusting of new people, especially with the stereotype that pirates will stab somebody in the back at a moment's notice. He's also very skeptical about certain subjects and certain people.

    Jim is, in short, a prodigy. He's intelligent, though he doesn't show it much, and often learns things with thorough accuracy after seeing them just once. He built his first wind surfer at age 7, and has been building and sailing things almost nonstop ever since. He's bold, brash, and not afraid to say what needs to be said. He hates being thought of as a hero, but also hates being thought of as a delinquent. He's very hot-headed and quick to act when he's insulted.

    Despite this, he's loyal to a fault to people that earn it. First is his mother: Sarah is the one person that he wants to please, badly, no matter what. She's his mother, and he feels a responsibility to take care of her, since his father left. He felt that same loyalty to his father, once, as well as a high sense of respect for the man. He felt a similar way to a man he knew long ago, treating him almost as a second father, but the betrayal he suffered by both has marked him and damaged his ability to trust others.


    Intelligence and bravery. He's not afraid to get into a couple of fights, and is smart enough to know how to deal with them, most of the time. His quick-learning ability is also a very valuable asset, as he's often called on to use his knowledge and skills in tight situations. In terms of physical strength, he's a decent fist-fighter and a good shot with a handgun, and is also fast and cunning. On a wind surfer, he's respectably fast.


    His bravery can also be a weakness, as he's prone to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. He also tends to act rashly and without thought, despite his intelligence, and gets himself into trouble. He fumbles a lot, and still isn't quite comfortable with weapons. His lack of trust can also be used as a weakness, as he often doesn't put much faith in his teammates.


    Jim has a natural talent for music and normally sings to himself. Jim also carries around a small golden compass which belonged to his father. Its his only heirloom and rather then toss it to the sea, Jim decided to keep it. Wether it's the fact the compass gives him the feeling that his father really loved him, or perhaps its just because the item is useful whilst travelling, nobody knows but Jim. Its also his prized possession, meaning that anyone who takes it from him can expect to find their thieving hands cut off the next day.

    He also has a rare medical condition (Epiretinal membrane complicated by macular edema in his left vitreous cavity) that has made him blind in his left eye. It's not a pretty sight to look at, so he wears an eye-patch over it for the sake of others and himself.




    (Faceclaim: David Tennant)​

    "Quite a handsome one, don't you think?"


    Edward Norton Hopkins

    "Captain, Edward Norton Hopkins, thank you very much."



    Captain of the "Princess Elizabeth"


    "She's my baby."



    "I'm all man, ladies."


    "Never ask a gentleman his age! It's not pro-"


    "Damn you!"

    Position in the Crew:

    "CAPTAIN!! Geez, does this guy not get it?"

    Preferred Weapon(s):

    The Fearsome "Admiral Stabby-Stab"

    "Named it me'self"


    Two Italian Flintlock Pisols

    "Taken from a man named Edward before I sunk his miserable Jackdaw."

    About Me:

    "Ah, came ye for me life's tale, Did'cha? Well then, I won't disappoint.

    I grew up a lonely child, but that did'ne stop me from being me'self. In fact, it made the little lad I was more dependent on me'self!! The best thing that 'er happened to me came after I turned into a man. 'Round when I was 18, I met a man named Gordon Le Dour. Ol'Gordy was Captain of the "Fair Lady Ruby", a little lump of a Schooner. Gordy took me in as a-"

    Well, this is where I'll cut in. He's going on a tangent anyways, so it'll be a while before he finishes.

    Captain Hopkins was orphaned as a child and forced into the streets, living a life of self dependancy. He has always had a strong sense of adventure for as far back as he can remember. When he met a pirate captain who was looking for crew members, he immediately signed on and sailed the seas. His journeys took him long and far, from the Spanish Main to the prison continent of Australia. He even participated in many extraordinary journeys to find things which did not exist (the Holy Grail, Blackbeard's Treasure, even Davy Jones Locker, but they all failed horribly). One day, the Captain died from old age and Edward became the new captain. However, the East India Trading Company apprehended the crew and sunk the ship. Edward was the only one to survive.

    Eventually, Edward made his way to Tortuga by hitching rides on various Spanish slaver ships. Once he arrived, he assembled a loyal crew and prepped for the building of his very own ship. It took around 3 years for the ship to be finished, and in that time many things had happened to Edward. He had begun work as a bartender at the Captain's Daughter Pub, met a very nice (and Bonnie) lass who was just as bountiful as the sea, and nearly fell in love. When she heard he was going to leave soon and become a privateer, she was heartbroken and left him... Then, a few weeks before the ship was finished, the woman returned with a lump in her stomach and her father behind her, a gun in his hands. Before Edward could even say "Weigh Anchor", he was forced into a flint-lock wedding. Two days before the wedding, his "wife" went into labour and the child was born.

    The baby girl his "wife" bore was beautiful, much like her mother. However, the father was enraged and moved the wedding ahead to that evening. The woman wished for Edward to have the life she knew he wanted because deep down, she loved him dearly. Edward made her a promise that once he earned a proper fortune, he would return and become the husband she deserved. Shortly after the ceremony, Edward said goodbye to his new family before christening the ship, "Princess Elizabeth" after his newborn daughter. After that, he set sail to try and find the bounty that would take his family out of poverty... But that was three years ago. He doesn't like to talk about it, but he no longer has a reason to return to his family... Except for the anniversary of the 'incident'.

    Currently, Edward has found himself back in Tortuga after a hurricane took the majority of his crew. With a song in his heart, rum in his belly, a hat on his head and Bubbles the Monkey on his shoulder, Captain Hopkins is searching for the very best to join his crew. Lord help whoever decides to call that man "Captain".

    "-And then they made me their chief. So, that's the end of chapter One in my tale, but I'll keep you hankerin for more. Besides, I'll be gettin a ton more tales once me crew is assembled!!"


    As you can probably tell from his interruptions... Captain Hopkins is a bit interesting.

    "I prefer the term "Free-Thinking". Sounds better then anything you've ever come up with."

    He also has a monkey named "Bubbles, Duke of Bananas", whom he absolutely adores.



    "Jack-O!! What's the matter boy?"

    "Well, uh... Um.. I have some bad news... You're not gonna like it."

    "Out with it boy!! Times a wastin'!!"

    "Well, when the Admiral's Ship attacked us I went to check on our stores... And, well... There's a hole, Cap'n... There's a hole where the Rum used to be... The Rum's Gone, sir."


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  3. WIP
    Image of Character

    Olivia Blood




    Position in the Crew:
    First Mate

    Preferred Weapon(s):
    sword,dagger, and pistols

    About Me:
    Olivia is a dark soul then most. She had grown up in a bar. She was with he mother. Her mother was a bar whench. She had grown up wanting her father when ever she asked her mother would say he was dead . She went until she was 16 thinking her dad was dead day. However one night a man walked into the bar and stopped. She was cleaning." sorry we are closed." is what she had said. The man spoke and told her he was her father. She said no her father was dead.

    When he finally convinced her after her mother flipped out. She then flipped out on her mother for lying to her. She looked at her father and begged him to take her. She wanted to learn to be a pirate and get away from the life of her mundane mothers life. He agreed to take her an turn her into one of the most well known ruthless pirates. She was cold manipulative, cunning and witty. She also could be charming and sweet it was her way of getting things.

    She sailed with him till he was killed. She then was alone and needed a place to look for a ship. She decided to go looking for old friends she promised her father she would never let the family Pirate name die. she hoped maybe her old friend who was a captain was looking for a crew maybe.

    Why is the Rum Gone

    catch phrase: How Bloody annoying you scally wags

    She owns a Dog named Rascal​
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  4. Working on a CS
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  5. [​IMG]

    Name's Joel Haliday. Kind of like Holiday, but not. Make sense? No, well it doesn't have to. It's my name you stupid git, it doesn't have to make sense to you.

    What? Joel isn't enough? Ah well, guess everyone on this bloody ship needs a nickname to stock their ego. People tend to call me Doc Haliday, or Docker.

    Cisgender male (though I'll admit I look great in a dress)


    I think I'm thirty two...or three. Maybe four? I don't know, in my thirties.

    Position in the Crew
    Are you a Captain? Perhaps a Cook, or possibly a Busboy? You get the idea

    A bus boy? What poor sod is strapped with that job? I don't imagine it's all that that person dreamed of when joining a pirate ship. I'm the surgeon, means I'm the only one on this ship that can save your rum...rump I should say, guess we all know Where the Rum Has Gone, in a fight. From led to muskets, whatever, I'll pull it out. Though I can get a bit handsy during amputations. Get it? Okay, enough with the morbid humour, I was just tryin to lighten the mood. Expect everyone to be 'humourous' these days.

    Preferred Weapon(s)
    I typically like to carry a scimitar and a pistol. On the off chance that I don't have either of those, a whiskey bottle or a frying pan will do.

    About Me
    Well, sit back. Or don't, just hold still you are swaying. Or is that me? Uh well, I'll sit.

    I was born in Nassau to a...well, we really shouldn't talk about my mother, rest her deviant soul. My father was a pirate of some sorts, or so he claimed at least. The man was always a drunk...not to say that there's anything wrong with being a drunk, just that he never seemed able to support me or my...wait, I didn't have siblings. Oh that's right, I did have an older brother; joined the British navy and got himself drowned by Blackbeard.
    Now before you call me crass, rude, irresponsible, sarcastic (I detest that retort) and selfish, remember that there are three...four...I can't count right now the world is spinning...ingers, I mean fingers pointing back at you. I've got redeemable qualities such as humour, I'm always happy so long as you supply the booze, prior to common belief that I do not care about my shipmates, I actually do thank you very much. Just because a man bets on another man's leg doesn't mean that I don't care, it means that I profit off of it. We're pirates, what do you expect? I'll have you know that I am a loyal and brave person, and I won't have you questioning my honour.

    I didn't just step outside my door and decide to become a pirate, I became one because everyone on this horrid earth decided to be terrible, greedy selfish *coughs*, and I wanted none of it. I had started out trying to just make a living off of fish, selling and trading...but do you know how boring that is? I mean, who wants to sell fish their whole lives? I eventually took up a small boat of my own, which is not to say that it got captured the day I set out...more like lent it to the navy. Well, I came to being a pirate after I was broken out by some person in a strange outfit, in truth think it had to have been Bart. Can't be sure though. I don't really care if we're being honest here. I can't rightly remember what got me hooked to this ship, just know that I'm good enough surgeon for them to have chosen me. But between me and you, I've been telling the captain that I've needed the rum for wounds.

    Why is the rum gone? Because you keep misplacing it. I'll be needing more captain.
  6. Just my 2 cents here, Pipps. But the Cabin Boy's sword is not a rapier but a Basket-hilt, a broad sword
  7. Alright, do you think I should get a new image then? I didn't notice that when I grabbed it a while ago.
  8. Am I accepted?
  9. Yeah, unless I speak to you about your sheet, you're accepted
  10. One note @Satan's Mistress: could you perhaps drop the pets/limit yourself to one of them? It's just the fact that we don't want a ton of animals running around the ship that might be an issue for me.
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  11. No worries
  12. Is two okay instead
  13. I'm thinking one.
  14. Alright nice. Sorry, it's just that I don't think having 4 animals on the same ship would make sense (unless we're eating three of them)
  15. Kk
  16. Cats were kept around to eat rats.
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  17. That's true.
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