Roll the Dice Superhero/Villain RP?

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  1. Hello, I've been wondering if people would be interested in this kind of Superhero RP?

    You'll have the creative freedom to do whatever you want to your character instead of creating something like Superman or Spider man. What I mean is they don't have to be in colorful costumes and go by an alter ego. If you really wanted, your character can just be a person walking down the street in their McDonald's uniform who stops monsters that cross their path with their special power. Or you could be someone who wears an attention grabbing costume and fights (though they'll look weird or stupid), whatever you want.

    So this is how the RP will work. Along with the basic information about your character, you will have the following stats included;

    Strength- 20 (How strong you are)
    Speed- 20 (How fast you are)
    Stamina- 15 (How long you can fight)
    Stealth- 20 (How sneaky you are)
    Intelligence- 10 (How quickly you figure out a situation and formulate a plan)
    Reflexes- 20 (How quickly you can dodge)
    Aim- 15 (How good you are at firing projectiles/throwing stuff. Necessity for equipment reliant heroes/villains)

    Control- 15 (How well you can control yourself/your power)
    Knowledge- 10 (How well you know the city and the villains/heroes/monsters)
    Charisma- 10 (How good are you at talking to people/the press)
    Popularity- 0 (How well does the public know you)

    All of these can be increased through training, studies, community service or fighting a monster. Or, if you really wanted you will be able to take away from an existing stat and give it to another (You cannot take from popularity if you have any points there).

    There is a limit to taking and giving in stats. 5 is the absolute lowest you can have, which is basically human level. So if you wish to take points from stamina, which will leave you at 10, to give to speed for 25, you'll be able to run faster but you will wear out quicker than a hero/villain who has 15 stamina.

    Like in a D&D game, you'll have situations that require a roll of the dice. There will also be a random chance of encountering a monster on your way back from whatever you are doing or what you're currently doing. The monster's stats will be randomized, except its knowledge will be 0 unless it's a reoccurring creature. It's location will also be randomized, so the closest hero will have an advantage or disadvantage depending on their situation.

    You'll be able to have relationships with other heroes or villains, and all the other technical RP stuff. I'm currently brewing up a plot to go with this, but I'm not keen on building the world and everything if no one is interested.
  2. I'll be willing to do something like this.
  3. Cool! Now we wait for more people
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  4. I'm interested, especially if we can come up with unique and heart-pounding adventures to blend in with their mundane or simple lives. It would be fun to have a spice of life charrie with nothing better to do, who just so happens to save lives everyday with their crazy super powers.
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  5. Interested, I was looking for something like this.
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  6. So interested! I love rps like this!
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  7. Yaaayyy, I'll be making the OOC and post the link here ^^
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