Roles to be Filled

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  1. Okay I have a few roles I want to fill. I like 75% plot 25% romance and smut.

    I'm up for fxm, mxm, and fxf in that order interest.

    Rules, yes rules.

    [multi-para and up a min of 3.]
    [detailed surroundings]
    [do not rush replies leave it open for both charcters to react. Meaning don't Rush through basically controlling my charcters because you jumped so far ahead I can go back in time .. I hate this the most.]
    [do not control my charcter.]

    My character x your character

    (F)OC/Adem(m)(action/romance) (have a long term plot with lots of twist and I need a partner who can also contribute to the RP)

    Best friend x best friend
    Team 2 charcters x team two charcters
    Any actual charcter x any actual character
    Sword art online
    Romances (no real plots)
    Female x futa
    Sister x sister
    Humman x demon
    Sub x Dom
    Roommate x roommate
    Best friend x best friend
    Medieval Fae x fae
    Arranged marrige Princess x prince
    Detective x detective
    Detective x criminal
    Criminal x detective


    Original plots (I have a large plot for these. These will be more serious Rps and I will send all the plot details to you about characters, plot, and world. I need partners that can get serious about these Rps.)

    The soldiers
    Female military super soldier x male super soldier (war, romance,)

    The caged city
    Aya oc (f)x joker oc(m) ( criminal, high tech, futuristic, long term RP)

    Imortal champions
    Alice queen of darkness x Aden king of light (high fatasy, multi worlds, mind games, extreame gore, fighting, war, romance.)

    More to come.
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