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  1. Yes! Flashy, as I have been so affectionately named, is desiring a few roleplays here. :3

    Idea's can be dreamt up here, as I love being creative and mixing my ideas with others. However, I do have a few base ideas in mind. Here are the basic ideas:

    • A Ghost To Haunt Me. A ghost haunts the Earth, wandering until unfinished business has been dealt with. Sometimes, in rare circumstances, business can be made that binds a ghost to this land. Love is one of the terms that can chain a ghost to the Earth, whether this is a curse or not, remains to be seen and judged.
    • Birds of a feather.
      Birds have long been the face of Freedom in many lands. To fly is to be free, yet to fly is to be weary and risk-sensitive. Bird-keepers are known as the Freedom Keepers, handling birds being their greatest honour bestowed to them by God. However, with gifts must come responsibility, and with responsibility there are rules. Freedom Keepers are to keep alone, isolated, from those of any other nature. They live to serve the nature of their birds; love only their birds. However, times are changing and with the coming of winds a birds feather will tip the scales.
    • The sins of flesh.
      The Dancers of the Desert are an exotic group of elite dancers, trained in the beautiful art of dancing as well as the deadly skills of armed combat. These skilful and professional assassins are a governed organisation of ravishing assassins. Will you fall prey to their charm or will they fall prey to you?
      [This one requires a female character as the Dancer, this can also have some romance in there as a plot twist. >3]

    Next is a list of things I will do as a usual subject of roleplay:

    1. Anime: Just ask and I shall reveal ones that I know.
    2. Television series: I only know a few select few, so ask.
    3. Movies: Plenty of these. :)
    4. Books: This one is iffy, depending on the book I might just do it.
    5. Various others: Eg: Fantasy, StudentxTeacher etc. [You know the ones.]

    As with many of my roleplays, I am not fussed as to who I play, what gender I play or what personality is required. That being said, I will specify if I wish to play a certain gender or personality etc. I also require a few things from my participating roleplayer:

    • Literacy: More than a couple of sentences! I do love me some good details to chew on. >3
    • Notification: If you are wanting to no longer participate in a roleplay, some notification would be appreciated! :)

    With that being said, I also must state what I, Flashy, tend to do in roleplays at times:

    • Absences: Often if I'm absent for a few days [as I had been lately] it will most likely be due to blasted homework! I can also be a little stingy with roleplays that are not well thought out, but a quick message and kick up the backside usually kicks me into gear. Though, I'm sure that won't be an issue here with all you lovely, creative people!
    • Lack of posting, me no like: When people do not wish to post, that is fine, but unless discussed earlier I do not stand for people messing me around with roleplays. 3< Flashy is no pushover! However, if issues have arisen etc I will understand and you can even talk to me! :3 I'll always lend an ear if you need it.
    • I am not a fussy person: As stated, I am not a fussy person when it comes to pairings, genders, personalities etc. Actually, I like to think I'm quite flexible. :)

    I'm sure that I have stated everything now, so go ahead and post. :3
  2. I would love to do the ghost one and be a girl if thats ok with you
  3. Would it be too much to ask to play in the second rp: Birds of a feather? Playing the part of a reincarnated spirit (or cursed man) put into the form of a peregrine falcon? I promise that I love writing and love writing a lot!
  4. wait would you be playing the female in the sins of flesh one because that one sounds good but i can only play female ((unless you want a really girly guy that is most likely gay))
  5. @ ArtsLover11 - I would love to do it with you. :3 I can play a guy for you, that's not problem~ PM me and we'll talk about it more.

    @ReptileSkin - The second idea? Awesome! I like the idea of the cursed man being put into the form of a Peregrine Falcon. :3 Once again PM me and we'll discus~

    @nightingale - Hmm I did want to be the girl in the Sins of the Flesh one :/ Lets discuss it more in PM kay?
  6. :'o What anime/movies have you seen?
  7. @Chirokochan Hmm I have seen quite a few Animes actually...Small list time!

    Hellsing Ultimate
    Vampire Hunter D
    Samurai Champloo
    Afro Samurai
    Tiger and Bunny
    Spirited Away
    Death Note

    As for movies, well, I have seen so many! List some and I'll see if I know them :3
  8. Ooh Hellsing would be fun...Now for movies

    Nearly all Pokemon movies..xD
    Space Jam
    Foster's Home

    I think...that's it....My mind is hazy x_x
  9. @Chirokochan

    Hmm I believe Hellsing is our best bet then :3 Though, I am planning to see Avengers soon! >w<
  10. All right then~ and please do oAo Avengers is awesome <3
  11. @Chirokochan I so want to see it! >w<

    So, what plotline should we have with our Hellsing thread, also, are we going with the original characters and OC's?
  12. If you're still doing this, then I'd love to try Birds of a Feather with you :) I'm not picky either
  13. @Cookies Need Love

    Awesomes! :3 PM me and we shall discus this further~

  14. Maybe we could do a parody :U Like different characters but the same storyline?

  15. So, Uh, this is really random but... I'd love to do an Avengers RP with you. If you wanted one. I saw it this weekend and loved it :)
  16. @Chirokochan

    That sounds good~ ^^
  17. Lol!~ Sure! :'D I'm quite all right with that~

    @DominoFlash All right~ ;D PM?
  18. Hmmm...Sins of the Flesh sounds cool, if you're still on for it...
  19. @Chirokochan

    Yush! Drop me a PM so we can discuss~

    @Lily of Ice

    I am indeed still up for it~ :3 As with the others, drop me a PM so we can discuss it~