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Hi! Well, I guess I'll just go ahead and tell you my role play strengths and weaknesses. I can on get into things with a little romance in them. Other than that I'm open to anything as long as it has the romance. I like a role play that can go along for a long time, not just something that ends once we reach a certain point. I like twists and turns in role plays, for example, in romance when two characters fall in love. I don't want them to just be in love then happpily ever after. I want fighting, arguing, things to make the relationship something the couple fights for. Like, a stict father forbidding his daughter to be with her new founded love. Or an arranged marriage. Maybe, even a relationship that wasn't even supposed to be a relationship.

I need my partners character to be very...vague. If their too boring or formal then I in no way can get into it. They have to have a certain characteristic for me to be able to dive into. For example, an asshole. I can get plenty of ideas just off of that one personality trait. Maybe your character is stubborn. Just anything. It doesn't ,atter. Just have a character trait I can mess with throughout the story with my own character.

One last pet peeve of mine, don't end our role play just because you're not feeling it anymore. Tell me, let me know ANYTHING you want to do, or add, or change to make it more interesting for you. Were not role playing just for my entertainment, it's for both of ours. I have yet to have a role play that actually go's on for a long while.

On to the plots c:

Plot 1: Y/C and M/C are twins living in an orphanage or even an abusive house hold. They're treated very harshly. They're beaten, starved, locked in rooms , and verbally abused. They both come to a point when they decide to runaway together. They both have been there for each other and inseparable since birth. They care dearly for each other and would jump in front of a bullet for each other. So, they move away to (a location we agree upon) and they either move in with a group of runaway teens or alone (depending on what you want) and discover they're both in love with one another. (And we add on from there)

(Next one is kind of childish as I've never done a high school romance) C;

Plot 2: Y/C and M/C were childhood friends. Y/Cwas the "boy next door". They're parents happened to be high school friends, causing the reason of them becoming childhood friends. When they're in middle school they become best friends and stick up for one another wherever they go. M/C secretly develops a crush on Y/C in the 8th grade. When they get to high school Y/C is immediately swarmed by girls after trying out and becoming quarter back. Still, Y/C sticks by M/C side. M/C decides not to admit to her feelings as he goes through girlfriend and girlfriend, deciding to just be his friend and be there for him. For her, she never really dates, being the type to want to concentrate on school instead. So when she's asked out by one of the guys at school it stirs a lot between M/C and Y/C who had secretly developed feelings for M/C as well.

(More to come.) x3 /Can't write everything in one day/


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I'm willing to Role Play with you, feel free to send me a PM and we can discuss and create a role play and story point to start from along with characters. I mainly do Fxf or Mxf sometimes I'm willing to to even do Fxf with side of m.

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I'd definitely be up for the twincest plot! What post length do you like from a partner though?
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