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  1. *blushes happily!*

    Aw, I love you too! <3
  2. This gave me diabetes.
  3. @neobullseye For following me from RP to RP, and always being a consistently active RPer who's always around to bounce ideas off of and who never causes any problems whatsoever. <3 ^o^
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  4. Awwww. Ozzie. I've been courting you for a year and a half, marked yesterday, and we still don't have our first roleplay going. You sure I qualify for that list? :tongue:

    Shout outs for @unanun @Kaisaan @DotCom @J_"Kraken" for being there through thick and thin, for well over half a year now, and some much longer.

    Kudos to @Sansa Stark @Gryal @Ashlio @babyletsplay @BKenScout @CJ Liston @Lady Alainn for being my running partners for this month, and hopefully much longer.

    And a hat tip to @WhisperingWillows @Dullahan @Astra @Nydanna @Tinder @Astaroth @Grumpy @Diana @fatalrendezvous one way or another, sooner or later, be it next week, next month, or next year, I will drag you into an active roleplay. :D
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  5. @Inati and @Nydanna you are both such excellent writers and so very patient. I am glad that we're RPing together.
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  7. @Seiji

  8. NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo..... *explodes in pixelated pewpewpew*
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  9. Valentine's is already over for me :c

    But @Danger and @Hana the baes spiritually married with 500 kids no regrets.
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  10. @DotCom ~ To the partner of two years and multiple roleplays; you are fantastic! I am so incredibly grateful you saw my long-given-up idea and decided to PM me. That simple request to RP started an epic journey of laughter and tears, such inspiring characters and good times between us that I can only hope I never forget. Our personalities and writing style go so well together and I could never have asked for a better partner. The stories we write aren't bad either. ;) Keep being just who you are; an incredible writer, a loyal partner and an exceptional friend. <3

    @Lady Alainn ~ To the partner I got to meet in person; you are a friend I never expected to find! We talk about everything under the sun, something that doesn't come easily to me and you hold such a passion for life that I don't always understand, but will forever appreciate. Thank you for accepting my request. I love the characters I got to create for our stories and absolutely adore yours. I look forward to talking to you again when your life slows down and it is my deepest prayer that we remain friends for a long time to come. <3

    @Nydanna ~ To the partner who gave me a chance; a thousand times thank you! I don't always feel like I measure up to your level and skill of writing, but man you make me want to become better and that is a challenge I love! Our RP is one of my absolute favorites and whether we are replying rapid-fire or taking days or even weeks between, I always know it is there, waiting, ready to leap back into. Thank you for being patient with me, for always letting me go with my crazy ideas and for kicking me in the butt when I need it. You are a great partner and I don't wanna lose you anytime in the near or far future. <3

    @Peregrine ~ To the partner who challenges me; it's in a good way, I swear! You are a delight to plot with. I am always seeing things from different angles when we talk and your characters really make my mind work, trying to discover all of their many facets and quirks. It is so much fun to read your posts and figure out responses for them. I am so incredibly flattered, even now, that you were willing to be put on my 'wait list' to RP with me! That's the first time anyone has ever done that and you will always stand out in my mind for it. I hope our RP goes all the way to a happy ending and that we continue to plot many more adventures in the future. <3

    @catalyst ~ To the partner of most-started and most-finished roleplays; man you have a long title! It's so true, though! I think out of everyone here, you have been the one I have started the most stories with and the one I've finished the most with. It is an honor to RP with you. I know you are a popular partner around the site and am so glad you took the time to consider me one of yours. Our RPs are always so fast-paced and surprising, I love the variety you provide for me when we write together and your creativity when we plot so evilly. Thank you for being my partner and being such a loyal one. <3

    @Saren ~ To the partner I can nickname 'boomerang'; it does seem like no matter how long we spend apart, we always end up finding each other again, doesn't it? Thank you for yet another awesome RP! We always did know how to create a story that fit our scheming minds and your obsession with dragons only makes it that much more 'a match made in heaven'. You are a partner I always love seeing a reply from and I love the depth and character development that goes into your work. If we ever part again, do come back after a while, please? It's always great fun when you do! <3
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  11. @Astaroth, you are too sweet. <3. Shoutout to you, dear sir. <3.

    And shout outs to @Red Velvet, @DawnsLight, @Esthalia, @Dawn, @Lstorm, @Tribs, @Red CammyPanda @Esthalia, and anyone else that I really enjoyed roleplaying with over the years but can't quite seem to think of because my concentration is shot. <3.

    EDIT: I just remembered a couple more people: @Seiji, @Alan, and @Time Turtle you guys are awesome. Welcome to my campaign. <3.

    Oh, and @jared555, @Kooriryu. I might not have roleplayed with you guys, but you're all cool. Yes, even if you are matanda, Koori.
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  12. @Astaroth Awww Soppy Rothy <3 Hahaha *Gives Coca-cola* you're a sweetheart. *Also threatens with hopeful school children.*

    I would like to shout out to everybody I have recently got to roleplay with @Alan @Dawn @Dullahan @Malkuthe Highwind @Lstorm @Seiji @Xnijmai @Kooriryu @Moonlit Blade @Anglkate @Grumpy @Tegan - and Asmo @Goldmarble @Limeypanda @Brovo @Snakey @Jorick @Drakel @Gwazi Magnum @F0X @WhisperingWillows @Time Turtle @Pastor ćhoi @unanun @Miglo @Mahariel @Tribs @Kehvarl

    To those who I have roleplayed with in the recent past @Esthalia @fatalrendezvous @DawnsLight @ReaperOfFlames @Zen @Kino @Tea Crusader @Wolfsin @Silvir @The Returner @ConstructPylons @Lovelessesbutterfly @Fijoli

    And to those who I plan to roleplay with but due to recent events, a full schedule and real life trauma I have not had the ability to converse with or begin an actual roleplay despite my desire. Whom of which I would sincerely desire to play with @Vay @Touch of Insanity @Rain of the Night @Malakyee @Jack Shade @Red CammyPanda @Renegade Proxy @Nino Notachat @Senpie @Hana @Yatagarasu

    and to some people whom were once roleplay partners in the past, if brief or a very long time ago @PigIron @Myrnodyn @Hirohashi @redblood @Church @Sakura @jagajac @Diana

    and I am more than sure there are plenty I have missed.

    I would like to say to every one of you that I thank you for your patience, your time, your friendship and for the opportunity to spend time with you. Every name I have listed here has been an important influence in my life in one way or another, if it's just helping me get through the day with some shitty joke or giving me a more valuable insight to the word or a viewpoint that I may not have understood before.

    I realise that I may not have been as good with my availability as I would like and I am currently in the process of freeing up my time; so to those who I have left with a heart of disappointment for whatever reason I am truly sorry. Feel free to kick my arse into gear about things, this past month has been tough and I would like to get back on track!

    To those who I used to know a long time ago, although some of them may not be around anymore I wanted these people to know that I appreciate and miss them.

    Every one of you is amazing, thank you for being in my life. I love you all.

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  13. AHHHH SENPAI MENTIONED ME. Love you too, @Astaroth ! <3 You're a kickass writer and a joy to be around!

    Once I'm on my laptop I'll write up some mentions. :D
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  14. And thank you, for putting up with my in & out, Boot Camp and back, crazy school schedule to plan what I hope will be the most exciting RP I have this year.

    Cheers to a long, and fruitful, partnership!
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  15. @Phantasm and @EquinoxSol for letting me obsess over Dragon Age with them. You are both an absolute pleasure to write with and I am coming to cherish our tales!

    @Peregrine omg you deal with my memory loss better than I do. Thanks for keeping up with me. ❤

    @Lillian Gray LOVE U HO. BABIES

    @Artorias for being social and friendly even when I don't feel like it :)

    @Astra My DA soulmate. You stuck with me long time. ❤ Here's to phone calls and long nights of nerding.

    I love you all!
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  16. @Sansa Stark thank you! I love rp'ing with you too!

    A special shoutout to my #1 rp partner, someone who I've been rp'ing with for almost a year and a half and who I've had so many great rps with! @Yuki40, you are my rp love, and I am so glad that we've gotten to rp!
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  17. Public displays of affection make me wildly uncomfortable, so I'm trusting you kids to know, @Peregrine & @Kaisaan, how much I love you without my having to say it. :embarrassed:
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