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  1. I've made a lot of requests I know, but I'm, still trying to find roleplays.
    Group Ideas:
    -A new roleplay in the summon universe
    -Rage zombie roleplay
    -Family Rolepaly
    -Fantasy quest roleplay
    -World War 3

    One On One Roleplays:
    -Superhero fighting Super villain
    -Rage Zombie roleplay
    -Taking Requests
  2. I'm cool with any of those, except maybe the summon. Just PM me any details I might need to know.
  3. I like the WW3 one! And maybe the Superhero Vs. Super Villain
  4. From the ones you suggested,
    A family RP might be fun. I've had a couple of attempts at rps like that.

    A superhero vs. super villain rp would probably be okay with me too. I've seen shows like Teen Titans, The Powerpuff Girls, Krypto the Super Dog, and Static shock, and the X men. So I might be able to do a role play like that pretty accurately.

    Ideas I've had for RPs lately,

    Anime RP ideas that I've wanted to do RPs of
    Pokémon RP
    FMA(Full Metal Alchemist) RP
    DBZ(Dragon Ball Z) RP
    Naruto RP
    Avatar the Last Airbender RP
    Inuyasha RP
    Yu-Yu-Hakasho RP
    Case Closed RP
    Rurouni Kenshin RP

    Other Ideas for RPs I'm interested in doing.
    Law and Order RP(I've had a huge inspiration to do an RP based on that show for a good while now.)
    Farm life/Frontier life based RP
    School based RP
    Hotel living quarters/business based RP(My inspiration for an RP like this comes from watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody show)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.