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  1. Greetings everyone! I'm completely revamping this thread because... Well... I'm really pissed off right now. Not at anything or anyone on here, something completely unrelated. So how does this involve roleplays? Well, you see, when I get really pissed, I write. A lot. So, this request thread is now dedicated to finding me a few roleplay partners!

    While usually I don't do this, because I'm in the writing mood, I feel like putting some requests. I'll still rp with you otherwise, but this is what I am really wishing for:

    1. A multi-paragraph responder, or at least someone that doesn't mind reading multi-paragraph responses, since that's what I'm in the mood to write.

    2. Someone who will... *takes deep breath* Correct my writing. I am going to use this as an experience to better myself, so I will actually be needing this despite how much I usually dislike it. To keep myself from getting irritated, however, I would appriciate the person who will correct my writing not to do things like: 'It's too not to' and instead say I have the wrong form of to, or whatever the error is. If I need you to clarify, I'll ask, but try not to act like you think I'm stupid. (and it'd be nice if you give me time to read it over after I post, I know I should proofread before I send and often I do but just rereading after I send I usually find something I missed, so there). x.x Also, I will not bug you about your grammar unless you too request it.

    I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of any atm. Anyway, here are my plots, all new and updated just for this post. I am, however, open to suggestions.

    The Fake Princess
    Once upon a time there was a commoner and a prince. They fell in love. Life was good. The royal family, however, was not in favor of this marriage. So they decided to take care of the problem. (You can take this as you like). Life went on with the prince in his place, the commoner in hers. As the prince got older, his feelings for the commoner did not change, but the chances of the two of them reuniting are slim to none. That doesn't stop several people from entering the castle, claiming to be the prince's lost love. He turns most away, for he knows better. As time continues even more, however, he finds himself incredibly lonely, and with the pressure from his family to choose a bride, he finally caves in to one of the female contenders, one who claims she was really a princess the whole time and just never told the prince when they were younger. It's a lie, he knows it, his friends know it, the family knows it, but it doesn't stop the marriage. Meanwhile a young dressmaker is called in to make the bridle gown (this can vary, it could be a cook to make the food, a person to handle decor, whatever you like pertaining to the wedding). Since the prince is not very psyched for the wedding, he himself does not visit often. His fiance does, however, as does the prince's butler. The fiance starts coming up with very accurate information about the prince's lost love. Little by little the prince begins to wonder, has he had it wrong, or is this bride-to-be the real deal? The butler, however, does not think so, and goes to do some digging of his own.

    Join My World, You Won't Be Sorry
    A young female is a frequent visitor of a very old and almost dead website. The fact that she seems to be the only one on most of the time does not phase her, as she's never been much of a talker anyway. Then, one day, she gets a message. A simple hi from a new user. Some young male who seems to be new to using the internet, he constantly makes typing errors and the female can't help but laugh at some of the things he's done so far. She decides to respond, feeling the need to teach him the ways of the site and of the internet. Time goes on, and the female comes to find the mysterious player is absolutely dazzled by the internet, and that simple fact, accompanied by the rest of his personality, is enough to make her actually enjoy not being alone on the site anymore. Then one day the male says something that shocks her. He declares this site ahead of the times! Now, it doesn't take an internet expert to tell that this site is just about as old fashioned as they come. Just where exactly does this guy live, anyway? When the female goes to ask him, he gives her the craziest name she ever heard. Understandable, she supposed, if he lived in a different continent. That would definitely explain some of the weird things he's been known to say. So she tells him where she lives. He's confused, to say the least. It's a name he's never heard of before! The female doesn't understand, the name is very common. So she asks his continent, and that is when she is met with the weirdest response she's ever seen. It's clearly a joke. Such a continent doesn't exist! The only other explanation is... he's an alien! Ha! But when the man starts trying to get her continent out of her, the female becomes more and more certain that she isn't being joked with. Could her newest friend and developing crush truly be out of this world?
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  2. I would love to do the third one ^^
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