Roleplaying with drawings?

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  1. I've had this idea bouncing around in my head and I decided to see if there would be any others interested. I'm pretty skeptical about this but why not give it a shot? So the main idea is that one can write, or one can draw out their posts on a piece of paper and use it. Like, one person writes out their post because they don't want to draw, and the other person is an artist and creates a comic style post in response to theirs. I wanted to introduce something that can challenge drawing skills all the while letting those that don't like to draw participate.

    Do you have to be a professional artist? Of course not, hell, Or if you don't want to, writing the posts is allowed for this reason.

    Does it have to be perfectly detailed or digitally colored? No. Whatever floats your boat really. Pencils and highlighters can be the medium, as long as we understand what the drawing says and what's going on.

    Do you have to be a speedy artist or in need of drawing backgrounds? Nope. Describe the surroundings in writing and draw your character doing whatever you planned for them to. Or, write out your post then insert the drawings.

    What kind of pictures are we talking here? Whatever kind of thing your character is, backgrounds aren't necessary, and it will usually take at least 4 or 5 small drawings to make out a post. They can be clean, messy sketches, or doodles in one's notebook.

    Would anyone participate in this if something like this went up? It's just a little idea I haven't seen around here yet, and I was just curious.
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  2. I think I'd be down, though I'm by no means a "professional" artist. All pencil/pen and paper doodles here.

    But hey, I could totally use the practice.
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  3. Thanks for your interest~ Now we await and see if anyone else would participate.
  4. I really hecka want to join this~! Draw draw~ (warning: so as long as it's understandable right?)
  5. Mhm, as long as it's understandable~
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  6. This sounds very interesting. I like drawing.
  7. @KayLove Thanks for the interest~ If more people are interested, we can start thinking of a group RP plot and incorporate this into that.
  8. ((Forgot to mention, there is no limit to the style. So Anime, realism, semi-realism, it's all accepted.))
  9. I would very much like to see this. Perhaps I will join.
  10. Oh yeah, did you have any plans for what sort of plot and setting we'd be going for?
  11. I was thinking of a Fantasy one to give people creative freedom on their characters... But I'm not sure how many who stated interest would be for that. As for plot, I'm still undecided.
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  12. I'm way down for Fantasy, but dunno how I'd do drawing the crazier stuff. Still, it's practice!
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  13. I need a challenge for my drawing for I'm all in for anything
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  14. Okay~ Well, how would you guys feel about Gods, Goddesses, and those that control spiritual creatures? The conflict I need to decide..
  15. Sure, sounds cool
  16. I'm all down to anything~
  17. Okay! Well, I'll get to drawing my own character(s) and making up the story~ Would anyone like to be the co GM?
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  18. Will you guys be making Character sheets soon?
  19. Oh I'm sorry, I forgot about this. I'll make a CS soon.
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