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  1. Hello there, how are the chickens?

    I am looking for a onexone roleplay. I do not mind having more than one character as long as there are steady main ones. I do mostly supernatural although I am open to modern life style too. I need to get a character for that actually...

    My characters are original (and I am not looking to see if people steal them really) and kind of crazy. Sanity is no longer fashionable. Even though they live in the actual time they can be roleplayed way back in time.

    I do not really like to roleplay in the actual word. I like to mix times, fashions, ideas and morals. I am open to everything within the site's rules (how many people write this?). I like my partner to be explicit as long as they are comfortable with the scene we are roleplaying. I do not mind if you do not reply at every minute. I will not be doing that too. I have a life out of roleplay and I enjoy it.

    The plots need to be discussed. I do not mind simply starting one but I need a guide line so I do not mess my characters up. Please do not mind giving ideas and saying what you do not like.

    My characters can be found on my album.

    Thank you for your time!
  2. Hey there, I've been looking for a laid-back RP. Life keeps me busy at times, so it's nice to post at my leisure. I've queried several people as well, so multiple RPs might slow me down. If that doesn't bother you, Dumah Aoghus and Cadeyrn Erebus seem like fun characters to play opposite of.
  3. Hello! I know what you mean. When I rush I have the feeling I forgot something and it's a bad reply.
    I am awful with group roleplays. I get lost so many times I lose the interest in it.
    Well, choose either of them. Does any ideas pop in your head? What character are you thinking of playing with?
  4. Ugh, I had to take preventative migraine meds yesterday, so the world was dead to me. Give me some time to create a character, and I'll decide which character she'll play opposite of best.
  5. No problem take your time. I hope you are better now.
    PM with the character, please.
  6. Hello! I am interested in roleplaying with you, if you're still open.
  7. hey! Thank you for taking the time and see my post.
    I am always open for roleplays. Would you please PM me? Tell your ideas if you have any.
  8. Hey, i'm intrested in roleplaying with you! I have an idea for a teen romance kinda thing but with supernatural stuff, such as werewolves, vampires, witches and the like.
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  9. Hi!! Oh? Well, I have not done a teen romance for a while so shoot the idea. Supernatural is always more fun.
  10. Okie dokie, i'm the most sappy of saps though so is romance okay? If not I will happily scrap it and we can discuss the plot.

    Also glad to see someone shares my love for the supernatural :)
  11. hahahah I do not mind romance. As long as it is not repetitive and with supernatural nothing is repetitive... unless you have zombies. They always come out the same way...
    So Pm? And we can move to deep waters!
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Not open for further replies.