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  1. Roleplays that I started but my peoples left me. You got times like that send them my way and I'll play with ya! =3

    Okay so the the first one: I
    a high class vampire finds a mermaid beachs on, well his beach and takes her into his home and puts her on display for others of his kind to see.

    Second: I

    A Siren that has lived many centeries decides to take her hunting to the main lands and finds an unlikely compainion.

    Thrid: I

    A shifter is accused of killing one of his kin and is running from the Hunters, he let himself get caught and sold to a local zoo where an unfortinate zookeeper finds out his secret.

    Forth: I

    A killer on the loose crossed paths with an Unseelie being, the being takes interest in the killer and wisks them away into the Fae lands

    (Fifth and Sixth are insest)


    Brothers born from the same mother and father, the older brother, when he hit puberty started to gain a demonic sense. As he cared for his younger brother he didnt want others to have him.

    Sisth: (Yuri)

    Two sisters seperated by their parents divorce reunite years later. The older sister owning a book and coffee shop and the younger in her last years of high school

    Seventh: (I would like to play the female)

    A time traveler's device get's broken in a storm knocking her back before the time of tecnology being found by a the Lard of the lands she landed in; can she fix her device and go home? Or will she forget her time for the man who sweeps her into his domain?
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  2. Would you be willing to teach me in the ways of Yuri?? I have never done a Yuri roleplay before so why not try something new? If your willing.
  3. we could do the rp with the human and demon that we wer talking about a Yuri one XD or if you want we can do something else
  4. That works :) Who would ypou like to play if both are female. I can play either.
  5. demoness please!!!!
  6. Okay, you you have time to make the roleplay. I am on my phone cause my laptop crashed. I'm currently rebuilding it as we speak, but I will get to finding a picture and such.
  7. that's cool! ^w^ i'll send the thread to your profile page when done
  8. is interest in last one
  9. I'd really like to try the Yaoi one if you don't mind.
  10. the sisters one?
  11. sweet I hope you dont mind me being the older sister though XD
  12. I'd actually prefer that >.>
  13. sweet! threads are cool right? do you do character profiles? Can you start us off?
  14. I'll pm you my char later
  15. cool beans
  16. still looking for rp buddies!!! =3
  17. I like the second one. Does the "unlikely companion" have to be human or can they be something else? Also can it be yuri?
  18. yes they can be something else and yes it can be yuri
  19. All of those are great ideas!
    I can't decide which one would be the best for me, so I will think about it and get back to you. ^_^
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