Roleplayers Wanted, at least three more partners, only.

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  1. Hey there, let's start off with a little about me. I'll make it short and sweet. I write detailed posts, sometimes ranging from two paragraphs to a lot more depending on the story. If that is not something you are into please look away. I usually get on here when I can, I may post more than once when I'm online but don't expect it all the time, work consumes my time. There will be days when I am not here, I apologize in advance. Not here to make you feel in any way because of spelling errors or posts short, you do what you can, let's make an awesome story together, and I make errors too-no big deal. As I mentioned above I'm looking for three more partners to start threads with. I put this in the mature section for reasons things just happen in threads so better safe than sorry. I prefer MxF or MxM if there is a good plot involve and not just the usual Seme x Uke roles. In MxM I want equal partners to help one another as well as possibly love one another. If you have plots you want me to hear, write here, I'll be sure to send you a message. Oh, also, no one under 18 please.

    I have some plots, which of course are open to have ideas thrown at them, things are never just set in stone. They're always changing.

    The Last Sanctuary-Need a male character (FILLED)

    In a barren future, the seemingly impenetrable metropolis Danasphir, has been plunged into chaos, the Head Council Minister was just recently assassinated by known rebel groups. In the uprising the Minister's wayward son, takes the position as leader. His goal is to leave the people to their own devices while he maintains his riches. This causes a break in the city itself, people are starving, killing one another, trying to build cities in the sky to escape the madness. Through it all, YC(Your character) and MC(My character) meet, trying to find shelter, more importantly food. They strike a bond together, a friendship, maybe within time much more. As things in Danasphir grow worse, the chaos hits an all time high with the metropolis being destroyed, and our characters the only known survivors. They must prevail forward, find food, survive, and most importantly find shelter: A Last Sanctuary.

    The Last Pirate-Need a female character. PM me for details, if interested.

    Spots on the Wall-MxM-need a male character. PM me for details, if interested.
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