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Kidnappable?: Of course. *Grins*
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Playing Habits: I check Iwaku every night usually, even if I don't have time to chat or post but just cause I am curious. *Rolls her eyes* But I will reply at least two times during the week, if not more. XD. However I do expect the same out of a partner.

Gender You Prefer Playing: I do not mind playing either sex and am good at play either, though I usually play a female because most have preferred such.

Favorite Genres: I love Fantasy, Sci-fi, Futuristic, Horror, Romance, Action, Adventure, Erotic, Medieval, and especially Mythical.

Genre You DON'T Like: There are none at this point. . . Except. . . *Looks for Asmodeus* . . . Mass-Role-plays. I feel the more people, the less intimate and the harder it is to actually finish a thread. Of course, this is from prior experience, though this is always eligible for advising. (Wow – my work even shows in my writing.)

Playing Style: I am an aggressive writer, but I can be submissive. XD.

Plot Candies: I like a lot of unexpected plots and I prefer to not use character sheets and instead have the details slowly unravel in character. I also like a lot of action and so far most of the threads I have been involved with have some sort of romance to them.
Character Stereotypes: I most typically play distant, cold females, who like mind-games, some form of an addictive substance, weapons and are aggressive and sassy. XD But I have been asked to play otherwise and do well at other more innocent characters.
Character No-Gos:

Random Notes: I expect to be role-playing with partners who are good and looking to challenge me and looking for me to encourage and help them. I want to write to be better, and to inspire. I suppose, you can say, I am seeking Muses.

Scene Sample:
She pressed her black curls over her shoulder, and crosses her legs, smiling at him with her green eyes, her lips painted a bright red. "So Mr. Deligado..."
She sat, confident of her charm, leaning in so close to her target, her words smooth. She hadn't the slightest hint that she had been compromised until she was knocked from her chair by a swift facial contact from brass knuckles. Her thoughts seemed to have been scattered on the floor with herself, inquiring how he knew, what she should do. She gathered herself quickly though and pressed herself up quickly only to be grabbed from behind.
"What the fuck what that for!" She found herself exclaiming as she slipped from the mans arms. He tried to take her down again, but she was waiting for it and ducked, slipping from her boot her knife and slashing his face. A grin fell over her face, as she took a few steps backward. She challenged them, knowing their tactics were limited in a public place, probably too cocky for her own good.
"What the fuck was that for!?" She exclaimed again. This time she was answered. <o:p></o:p>
"You know better than to get involved with your marks, this is the last time you will fuck up and bring me shame Vega. Take care of her boys."
Her eyes flickered over him, her own target, eliminating her before she could him. So he did not know after all, he simply was fearful of his name catching the wind. Too bad, it had already and she had been taken under their wing, in exchange for his elimination.<o:p></o:p>
She looked for an escape route, she had not expected this, nor was she prepared for it.

'God Damnit', she thought. She felt dread overcome her, she always found a way out, but they were never suspecting. Her eyes fell over the man before her, he looked like he was in pain, and she couldn't help but laugh. She swung around him with force, towards the door, her hand nearly grasping the knob when her entire body lit on fire, being slammed into the wall.
She heard some crisp snaps in her chest, the pain causing her to cry out. Her body reacted, her mind spinning in revolting pain. She began to slide down the wall, unable to draw in a breath, her knife falling from her hand. She swung at him, swearing she had inflicted some equal measure of breakage to his chest, until his fist came down upon her jaw like a bear claw.
Her body quivered with the pain, but she still attempted to roll over, to get back up, to fight till the end, but his boot smashed into her ribs. She thought she would chock on the sheer pressure from his boot, and she thought this would be the worst of it but his boot lifted, and as she gasped for a breath it came down harder. Time after time, the heavy boot and sometimes a thick paw, smothered her into the floor, like a man rubbing the red ash of his cigarette into the concrete until the it was dust and fading smoke.
She could feel the blood, the warm liquid. It felt like she was covered in it, like it coated her internal body and her skin. Perhaps, she was delusional. The world became sweeter, her black curls spread out along the floor of her view, her blood dripped around the room. Her hair seemed to melt, like blank fingers outstretching on the floor, slipping through the red puddles.
The pain enveloped her, like a blanket of warmth, and she felt like her internal pain was on display. For the first time, she wore her pain, unable to hide it, to escape it. She had finally lost the control, the upper hand, which scared her, and she thought for a moment to fight back, but it was almost as if she had sold her body. It belonged to this darkness now - this desperate, sluggish dream of pain engulfed shapes and sounds seen in the smooth air around her.
Her mind seemed to be free, thinking of all things, and finding no refuge from her true inner desires and cries. Flashes came before her, looks others gave her in the heat of the moment, their faces as they lay struggling beneath her, her face in the mirror, her first kill, the horrid emptiness she felt when she woke from the taking of her virginity to find a cold, empty bed, how she made her first mistake, the drugs, the liquor, her life before, him…. The pain that seemed to course through her kept her still and light headed.
Her mind felt like it wandered the darkest realms of unconsciousness, but she felt bound to her body by fire. The sheer flames that grew within her earthly shell melting her soul to her skin, searing them together as one, condemning her to stay, to endure it, knowing she had lost, that she had failed. The fire driving her insane, so real and exquisitely brutal, making her wish she had the will to lift her head, to hit it into the floor until she left this world. But she hadn't the will, her body was not hers, her mind had no filter, she had no escape.
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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Yup.
Playing Habits: Weekdays - Everyday. Weekends - 50% chance of posting.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Either. Though, I haven't played any male characters before (but on the bright side, I have written stories from a male's perspective). I'm willing to experiment!
Favorite Genres: Any except for Yaoi; just not my cup of tea.
Genre You DON'T Like: Yaoi! As previously stated: not the kind of cake I would buy in a cake shop.
Playing Style: I'm can be both Passive and Aggressive, though I lean towards the Aggressive (especially when the story stalls or grinds to a halt). I like it medium paced and am full of plot ideas. I will never take over a story and will always ask for permission when wanting to introduce plots etc. I would rather everyone be happy so we can have a happy role play!
Plot Candies: Interaction between characters - I love it. Whether it be romance, action or whatever; the more the better. That said, I probably won't be suited to RPs that involve too many playable characters or RPers.
Character Stereotypes: I'm cool with any kind of character, though I like characters that have an equal amount of strength and weaknesses or more weaknesses than strengths. I don't like to put a lot of detail into my characters because I like to 'grow' into my character as the story progresses.
Character No-Gos: The boring ones! Like the ones that have heaps of power and kick ass! Or ones that have no creativity... I also don't do homosexual characters; sorry! I'm not discriminative towards anything of the sort. It's just that I wouldn't be any good playing them.
Random Notes: Currently open for a modern fantasy role play that involves animal/human hybrids.
Scene Sample: *maybe later... I'm too hungry now :3*
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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Feel free to kidnap me. I'll probably be fine with it. XDDD
Playing Habits: Depends on my course load usually, but I should active on a weekly basis at least.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Male
Favorite Genres: Sci-Fi, Modern, Magical, Supernatural, and Fantasy. Usually I like a mix of a few of them. Sci-Fi Horror, Sci-Fi Fantasy, etc.
Genre You DON'T Like: Yaoi....that's pretty much it I think....
Playing Style: I usually play passive. I'm still rather new to roleplaying, but I can learn to try an aggressive style of playing.
Plot Candies: Not really sure, anything that falls into Sci-fi or fantasy I guess. Mostly mixing technology and magic together. Super powers or special abilities are another hook, too. Oh, and Warhammer 40000 is another hook for me.
Character Stereotypes: Usually a guy with many gadgets or a fascination with technology. Sometimes the calm and cool person that you see in the movies, the one that tries to come up with a plan.
Character No-Gos: Don't really have a character no-gos, as far as I know.
Random Notes: Always looking for a new RP to join. I'm still learning and
Scene Sample: *coming soonish or as soon as I can think one up*
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:

Before the server explosion:

Grim Luck as Allister Tang
Night Tactics as .... can't remember....will have to check later.
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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: As long as I have the time, sure. >:)

Playing Habits: My times can be pretty erratic due to assorted reasons both in real life and teh nets, but I am most comfortable posting once or twice a week. Gives me time to construct the post and make it worth reading, if perhaps a bit longer than most. However, if I somehow throw myself into a really active RP (by this I mean posts are usually up daily), I can try to adapt to post every two days.

Gender You Prefer Playing: Both. I seem to prefer females lately but I did a character census and I have just as many guys I regularly use as gals. o_O

Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, and Horror are the big 'uns. But ultimately, whether or not the RP itself interests me decides whether or not I may favor it.

Genre You DON'T Like:
Again, it isn't so much as a genre I don't like, since I try to keep as open minded as possible while maintaining preferences. It's more if the RP plot itself is interesting to me - and if it ain't, well there you go.

Playing Style: I've done passive and aggressive RPing styles, and I still do use both.

Plot Candies: Twists. Not too many, but enough to keep the players guessing and interested throughout the RP. Should be effectively executed, with good timing. Also, I like inner conflicts; like while everything seems swell on the surface of a country, the King/President/Emperor/whatever has to deal with people who are out to usurp their position, or simply want to see them out of the picture for assorted reasons. Or, if the RP has robots, people would be fearful of them due to the advances they've made that put them superior to humans in general, even though they are required to follow Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics or something. (For anyone who isn't sure what this is, feel free to check it out on wiki; it has its own article); or in a superhero RP, laws and acts may be passed that tell superheroes/powered humans how to live, act, love, etc.

You get the picture. All in all though I just like a plot with brains in it.

Character Stereotypes:
Hmm... I might want to think about this one. I'm sure there's a trend somewhere, but I think at this point I've created a broad spectrum of charas, like a fatass self-concious NEET to a tough, seemingly fearless (but indeed fearful for her own life and those of her allies) woman who, either intentionally or simply because of her more dominant personality, becomes generally accepted as the group leader; a former knight, bodyguard of the royal family and battle-hardened war veteran of the kingdom who, due to his own slight misunderstanding and misinformation, wishes to bring down the current king and replace him with a "rightful leader", to a naive and gullible little girl who can be easily manipulated. Weak men and strong women, strong men and weak women.

Though as I typed this, I did browse through my recent characters and noticed that I do indeed give them a trend, that being their fears. Usually, these fears are linked somehow to their own past. In addition to fears, or if I decide not to add a specific fear, I try to give my character a physical or mental handicap of some sort. They might be obese, in addition to being very small in height, they could have a deformed or decapitated limb or a blind spot, or they could just be really ugly. Maybe they could have a dsiablity like A.D.D., or they simply have a bad personality that repels them from other people. (But this isn't usually done unless they will in fact interact with others; otherwise it's just a cookie-cutter type of loner)

Ultimately, for the more in-depth and easily attachable characters, I try to give them as many weaknesses as they have strengths.

Character No-Gos:
More than anything else, cookie cutter "Mary/Gary-Sues" are my biggest no-no for obvious reasons. Also, I slowly lose faith in a RPer's abilities when they are... constantly (by which I mean seemingly all the time)... making the same type of character, personality wise, especially when it seems they've modeled the charas' behaviors after their own, down to the catch-phrases. Makes it feel like they're just out to do some "wish fulfillment", as I call it (where a RPer is developing a character into something that the player wishes they could be - like super strong, beautiful/handsome, intelligent, etc....). So yeah, I try to avoid doing any of that myself. If I find myself creating a character that seems similar to one I already have (if it isn't a cameo appearance, anyway), I tend to halt progress on it and look at other options I haven't tried yet.

Also: I NEVER give my charas amnesia unless I write out their background beforehand and why they'd have it, and I NEVER approve of a character with amnesia unless the same has been done to them. Otherwise, that's just laziness and the people who do that know it, even with the "but it adds to the mystery of his character as he regains his memories" arguments.

Random Notes:
In case no one realized, I have a habit of making things longer than they should be. >_>

Scene Sample:
Taken from a Final Fantasy Tactics RP Writing Sample:
Morning's pink parasol opened above the tufts of clouds, and cool breezes wisped through the docks. Gulls let out hoarse cries from the shores, silhouettes swooping across the dark bronze waters of the ocean.

As he sat upon a crate, he watched as a ship pulled out from the sea, and expanded as yet another miniscule silhouette to a massive and detailed being with sails guided by salt air, large blankets of canvas which bore the symbol of their country of origin swelling as they were pushed forward, pushing the ship along with them. Moving beside other ships among the port and fastening its anchors, there was movement upon the deck now, for the crew prepared to load and unload cargoes of foods, spices, livestock, fabrics, and other vast assortments of foreign goods. He could smell the scents of the foods and spices, and listened to the cursing of sailors, both which he had grown to admire as time passed. It was a luxury that would likely never be his, and perhaps in some sense he did grow a little envious of the sailors, but when it came to the country that awaited his future, 'twas a small price to pay.

As the ramp extended and its other end met the stone floors of the port, men exited from the ship, some noticing Blaise and acknowledging his presence with a greeting, others pretending not to notice, the rest in fact too focused upon their duties to notice him at all. After a time, he found himself speaking with a foreign captain who would oversee the management of the spices, and took his rest in the shade of the crates beside Blaise.

"Good morning," Blaise said. "May your passages be free of storm and shipwreck, and may the gods grant you safe harbor and a good market for your cargoes."

The captain nodded, seating himself upon a crate after opening a bottle of wine he had held in his hand prior to his departure from the ship.

"Thank you, kind ser," he said. "Though I may pray to the gods of the Churches of my own choosing, I accept the blessings of any and all. One can certainly make use of blessings, especially a seaman."

"Had you a difficult voyage?"

"No more or less than what one would expect," he said. "Storms come a-raging without waver, striking our ships with hail and thunder of the gods once again. Goods damaged to the point of losing any use they would have had are discarded or saved for making new goods, and the men still spin tales of mermaids off the coasts of Ordallia."

"Ah, so you sailed from the south!"

"Aye. Midgar, beside the West Bugross Sea. The winds were good this trip, although perhaps that was the main reason why it managed to carry much more hail from the East than we had ever anticipated. For four days our ships were assaulted by thick orbs of white, damaging food and livestock, and leaving our heads sore and our hands chilled and blistered from taking turns sweeping the ice off our deck. It was as if we had invaded the home of Shiva and she meant to slay us. See how the wear of the hulk and the fresh canvas seem out of place? Those sails actually make for our fifth… no, sixth set of replacements. Unfortunately, hull replacements do not come so easily, although I do plan to have it repaired before we make our way back home. You should have seen the holes left behind after the storm that made our sails into nets – not to mention the amount of bawling the men had made during the thanksgiving after we passed the storms!"

Blaise made a faint smile at the notion, and leaned to one side, eyes drifting to better examine the vessel. "And how fared the waters?" he asked.

The captain shrugged. "Not especially troubled. However, with how we had swum through curtains and blankets of ice, the small waves were troubling enough. At one of our stop points, we hastily moved to reinforce the hull with even more protection against them. At that time, during our adjustments, men wore enough armor to feel protected against the continuous assault of a seasoned knight, which even then we will have to pay considerable sums of Gil just to have the equipment repaired. Still, it was a good call – I had come to realization that three ships had been sunk by great waves of ice during the past month, and if we hadn't made such adjustments – and had enough luck to avoid any large waves – there would have been a possible fourth." The captain leaned back, sipping his wine. "So, as I say, a sailor can always use blessings."

"If you are in need of equipment repairs, I would be more than happy to offer my services until you are ready to depart to your homes. I wouldn't exactly call it a profession, but I run a small business as a blacksmith and repairman. I cannot guarantee a hull as fine as what you may have had before your departure, and there are surely men in this port who are more experienced than myself in that area, but I can at least repair armor and other steeled equipments. All I ask for in return is a hammer, as mine has grown dull during the years I have used it. What say you?"

"Perhaps," said the other, "but who are you to offer such a service?" As he spoke, he leaned forward slightly to better examine Blaise.

"My name is Blaise. My father in Gollund holds the same occupation for a living, and has for a very long time."

"How long is 'very long'?"

"Come the following twentieth day of the Gemini, I shall be thirty-one years of age. He has been working as such before I was even birthed. My childhood knew little outside of fires, hammers, and fencing with my own shadow with the blades he would forge, and occasional drops of blood from mistakes in my play-fighting. One could even say they were all my brothers at some point."

"Perhaps," the captain repeated more softly this time, still staring intently at the man beside him. After a few moments of silence: "While it is such deals that border on thievery I do tend to stay away from, we could use the opportunity to save money and better spend it on more important needs, and you appear honest enough. Where might I find you if I make the decision to take you up on your offer?"

Blaise twisted his body back to face the city that stood at their sides, and raised an arm toward the main street.

"From there,"he replied, "keep to the left until you come across Kytes Street, the fourth street down. Follow it past two streets more, and turn right on the third. My workshop bears a black iron sign engraved with a sword and hammer, something simple yet enough for many to recognize."

The captain nodded, memorizing the words. "We may stay for a few days longer to make repairs while doing business. Should I decide to accept, I will bring you a new hammer for your work, unless you need one right away. I will think over it, but I need to return to my own duties."

"Not at all. What is your name, captain?"

"In this port, I either have no name at all or a false one – and I see no reason to lie to you. Good day, Blaise."

"Good day, captain. Thank you for your words."

Blaise rose, stretching his limbs and departing the harbor, disappearing into the streets of trade and business and heading back toward his home. When he arrived to the house, unlocking the door, entering, and closing and locking it back up, he felt something smooth slide between his foot and the floor. He stepped away and looked below to find a letter that was slipped through the crevice beneath the door. He bent down to pick it up, and on the envelope seal was a royal crest that Blaise recognized. He opened it and unraveled the parchment that was inside. He read the words carefully, for they spoke of new orders from Ordallia.
Inactive Roleplayer's Resumes

Kidnappable?: So long as I think I can handle it, why not?

Playing Habits: Can go online almost everyday, most of the time during evenings (local time -- corresponds to mornings over there). Might not be able to post immediately, and response times can range from minutes to days. Prone to short bursts of activity.

Gender You Prefer Playing: Male. I hadn't played any female characters before, but I am open to the possibility of playing as a girl.

Favorite Genres: Modern, though I hadn't played RP's long enough to really say a particular genre is my favorite.

Genre You DON'T Like: No idea as of yet, though I think I won't be able to handle RP's which would require me to describe action in much detail....

Playing Style: Mostly passive, though I sometimes lead my partner to situations thru suggestions.

Plot Candies: Randomness. Random thoughts and dialouges.

Character Stereotypes: ditzy and scatterbrained. overly paranoid. predisposed towards being depressed over anything and everything.

Character No-Gos: Hot-blooded guys, musclemen, and the like.

Random Notes: Since I am just new to the RP'ing scene, I tend to play as myself and hence, lean towards characters that are more or less similar to me.

Scene Sample:
Yoruichi snorted while Itoshiki was making his speech. "Unite, huh? When it comes to a traitor, it doesn't matter if you can fight or you're powerful. But at least we could start with that. In this case, I think power of reasoning is also most useful and being united as well. The killer will have no chance unless we can track down their movements. Remember Oro's reminder?"

Itoshiki fell silent with this subtle reminder from Yoruichi.

"So what do we need to do now? We only have very little evidence, and what little evidence we might have might still be planted to frame an innocent", he said facing Yoruichi.

Gintoki and Dias looked at each other.

"Did it ever occur to you that the killer might actually be a girl?", Dias said as he started cleaning his fingernails.

"What made you say that Dias?" Gintoki asked.

"It's the necklace... I just thought that it would not befit a guy to wear a necklace.." Dias explained.

"And what made you think it is actually a girl who wore that necklace originally?" Gintoki asked, "This might also be a trap, you know, to get us thinking that it is a girl who did it?"

"But what if it is a trap within a trap?" Dias quipped, "to get us thinking that it is not a girl who did it because we might think that the killer is thinking that we will think the killer is making us think that it is not a girl who did it!?"

Itoshiki facepalmed as he couldn't get what Dias is saying.

"You know what, all this talk of traps makes me think that it might be a trap who did it?"

"WHAT?" Gintoki and Dias suddenly interjected. Yoruichi almost dropped the milk carton she was holding.

"A trap..." Itoshiki calmly said.

"What made you say that?" Yourichi calmly asked, her attention focused on the milk carton as she played with it.

"The strength of a man, and yet the sensibilities of a woman, or something close to that...." Itoshiki explained.

Gintoki, Dias and Yoruichi looked at each other. It's a crazy idea they all agreed, but....

note: except for Yoruichi's first quote, I've literally shoved the words into all of the characters' mouths... [yes, i was being incredibly agressive at that time]

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:
Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Very much so.

Playing Habits: Most Weekdays and nights. Weekends are a little off and on for me. I may be on. I may not.

Gender You Prefer Playing: I'm up for playing both.

Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Romance. I'm totally up for new things though. Ask me about it!

Genre You DON'T Like: I'm not a fan of Mass RPs. Simply because I find it a little overwhelming and hard to keep up with.

Playing Style: I'm okay with either.

Plot Candies: I'm a fan of romance, just because I'm pretty good at writing it. lol I like random plot twists and just a bunch of sheer insanity, too. ^_-

Character Stereotyp
es: Murderous, sarcastic females. or Characters with a hidden side to them. Lately I've been creating more sassy, tomboyish characters. I am willing to try most anything though.

Character No-Gos: one-dimensional or characters that are too much in the background. If I'm going to be a part of a role play, I'd like to be noticed. lol

Random Notes: As you've noticed, I'm pretty much up for anything, and it's true! Just tell me about what you have in mind and I'll see if I like it!

Scene Sample:
<style type="text/css"> <!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> </style> [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]You could feel the room grow darker as Aurora stepped into the room. Her presence was as icy as winters night, and could place a path of seduction wherever she walked. Her cold stare and white-blonde hair didn't help her case either. Picking out a seat to sit in, she flicked her robes behind her and sat down.[/FONT]

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:

-Project Genesis
-Kingdom of Seasons
-Alyss's Mirror

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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: If you have something you think I might be interested in, I would be glad to hear from you!

Playing Habits: It fluctuate GREATLY. Between work, school and social shenanigans I can be quite busy, but I might have nothing going on for extended periods of time as well!

Gender You Prefer Playing: Male, I suppose.

Favorite Genres: Dark fantasy, futuristic space shenanigans, horror, historical (1800-1950), Warhammer (of the future) and some military role-plays strike my fancy.

Genre You DON'T Like: Romance could be alright, I suppose, but I'm not as into the whole cuddly anime scene.

Playing Style: Being completely honest, I'm a passive player.

Plot Candies: Epic moments, desperate battles (which are only more awesome if they are in space), realism and a pinch of humor and wit all wrapped into a role-play that holds no punches and has memorable characters!

Character Stereotypes: Some eccentric fellow in his 20's or 30's.

Character No-Gos: Really young people or animals, I suppose. I'm not really crazy about role-playing things that aren't human, more or less.

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: Right now I'm in "Hargonstein Asylum", "Project Genesis", "Dead Animosity" and "Dark Heresy: The White Chamber"
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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Sure, you may have to pull up in a run down van and offer candy but you'll still get me maybe

Playing Habits: I'm on nearly every day/night. And I post almost as soon as it's my turn to do so

Gender You Prefer Playing: Usually just stick with male characters

Favorite Genres: Fantasy is my biggest one, horror is fun too. I'm trying to expand into sci-fi and more futuristic genres as well.

Genre You DON'T Like: Not a whole lot i don't like, but I tend to lean towards action oriented threads.

Playing Style: From my own point of view I can play both well

Plot Candies: Anything REALLY epic. I'm talking God of War, Final Fantasy size things. The bigger the world the better. Swords, knives, magic, armor, knights, dragons, rediculously sized monsters, oh and Ninjas....i have a thing for ninjas...

Character Stereotypes: Typically assassin-like characters but I like to play around with their personalities. Some I like to have as a total badass, and some have a more "hero" feel to them. I don't mind being the lead guy but i try to stick with someone more in the background as support, you know, someone who does his part and moves on.

Character No-Gos: Wizards, political/intelligent types, and animals. Not comfortable with those kinds.

Random Notes: I love anything on an epic scale with swords and armor. I'm more into "realistic" skills rather than crazy magical skills/gameplay. I don't play any real RP's so I won't join those threads, more so because i don't know how to play them (maybe later down the line, who knows)

Scene Sample: OPTIONAL. (Coming Soon)
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: (Coming Soon)
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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Sure, why not? Just PM me!

Playing Habits: I'll only join an RP if I find it very interesting and worthwhile (I'm picky like that) and I usually post once a day when my brain is working.

Gender You Prefer Playing: Male.

Favorite Genres: I'll play just about anything. My favorite genre include romance, horror, and supernatural.

Genre You DON'T Like: I have srs difficulty with super duper happy fluffy love unless our characters click right from the start.

Playing Style: Usually aggressive but I'm willing to be passive.

Plot Candies: YAOI!, angst, romance, violence. I'm a twisted little girl.

Character Stereotypes: The murderer, the rapist, the psychopath, the loud-mouth punk, the seme. Usually my guy has an explosive personality, though I sometimes get the urge to play the helplessly sweet uke o_< only God knows why.

Character No-Gos: I struggle with playing a girl. Yes, I'm a girl but I've always been 'one of the guys'. So please don't ask me to play a neko girl in a maid outfit because I'll smash your face in with Maya's hammer D:<

Random Notes: I HAVE A SRSLY HUGE ADDICTION TO PLAYING VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES x___x;; Also, be aware that I use Japanese celebrities for names and faces for my characters.

Scene Sample:

It's actually a log from an LJ RP - school theme.

I can't stop thinking about you...

Aki paced back and forth in his room, hands twisting the piece of paper that had once been the speech he was about to say. He was nervous, no doubt about that, and there was a lot riding on this appology.

Really, he didn't think he stood a chance. Nevertheless, he just had to try, especially now that he'd finally, definitely accepted the fact that he was completely, utterly, positively in love with Mao.

Since the fight he'd had with the younger back in the nurse's station, he hadn't been able to get the blond from being at the top of his thought-pile. Everyday he wondered what the other was doing, if he was okay, if he was hurting... He'd tried to take Mao off his mind by seeing other people. But every time the situation turned sexual, he'd lose interest and find himself wishing it were Mao there with him. And when he wasn't awake, he dreamed about the boy. There were times he'd wake up with dried tears on his cheeks, his heart feeling like a lead weight in his chest.

He had to do this... he had to try and fix things with Mao. The final straw, the one that had him decide, was when he gathered up the courage to look at Mao's sketchbook.

To be honest, he'd cried.

And now, he knew the only thing he could possibly do right was to tell that beautiful little blond the reason why he refused to let anyone into his heart.

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:
Dream Idols (Invite Only): Found in the Modern section
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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Sure just remember to ask before you yoink.
Playing Habits: I'm pretty reliable on posting as long as the RP remains interesting. If it starts going down a slope of boredom then I will jump ship most of the time.

Gender You Prefer Playing: Both and then some

Favorite Genres: Sci-fi (Top) Fantasy Modern (Middle) everything else I can do but not stellar.

Genre You DON'T Like: Do not invite me to a Mary Sue fest of goody goody two shoes...I WILL go insane on you.

Playing Style: Mainly Aggressive though if I am feeling lazy I am fine with doing passive.

Plot Candies: I do appreciate a bit of romance in my RPs as it means everyone still has emotions. Apart from that I'm pretty much go and everything.

Character Stereotypes: A lot of my characters are revenge based. Not sure why but they always have some sort of dark past they are looking to take care of.

Character No-Gos: I'm pretty adaptable can't think of much to put in here.

Random Notes: Bewarned. I am not afraid to hijack things. Let me know ahead of time if you have something against that. While I'm no where near as bad as I used to be old habits die hard.

Scene Sample:

"Attention, all personnel on Themis, we are currently docked in the colony Prometheus to load up the rest of the supplies necessary for our journey. We will leave in exactly three hours from now. You may enter the colony and unwind a bit if you so choose or stay on the ship if your job requires it. Those working in the Security have to stay at their posts right now as we have received several threats, it's a precaution we must take. Lastly, you all must keep in mind this will be the last time we'll get a chance to say goodbye to our families as after this we will be too far to receive any messages from Earth once we depart from Prometheus. The doors of the ship will be opening shortly and you can leave from there but you must be back in time, we will page you to call you back if need be. That is all."

Cyrus heard the announcement from his position on the Themis and let out a slight sigh and frowned. One of his men looked to him questioningly before snapping back to attention at a mean look from Cyrus. The head of security was dressed in his tactical armor and had his officers hat folded up and attached to his belt next to one of his pistol holsters. Most of his men were in full combat gear ready to fight to the last man if necessary. He paced the line once again before turning to face his men.

"Listen up!" They snapped to a tigheter position, "For the next 3 hours we shall be the ones who determine if this project will succeed or fail. It is our duty to make sure those who wish to see their families can safely do so but also to make sure that this ship remains uncompromised. I know some of you wish to get out and relax but remember that you all volunteered to give up your rights as members of security. Right now the entire earthsphere is a hell hole that wants nothing more than to see this ship go up in smoke! But let me tell you one thing, I have seen what lies if we do not launch, I have lived it, Therefore for the future of not only the United World Government but also the entire Human race we will succeed and we will find not a new home...but a continuation of earth...a continuation of our race. Dismissed!"

"YES SIR!" the men replied as they made their ways to their positions.

Cyrus watched as his men filtered out of the room before double checking his own equipment. He was about to exit when he stopped at the door and smiled before turning around looking back into one of the corners.

"You can come out now Hanako." Cyrus said with a smirk.

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In:

Machina: Death of the Galaxy (Sci-fi/Horror): Tsukabasa Korincho/GM
Iwaku World(4.1): Lorian Scipius
Cbox(BEST RP EVAR): Soldato/Mass Produced Soldato
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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: If you ask!

Playing Habits: I check up everyday, but only post when prompted to do such (someone has replied).

Gender You Prefer Playing: Male. I have little knowledge of this..."female" thing you speak of.

Favorite Genres: Modern by far, usually in interesting locations or situations

Genre You DON'T Like: Can't do romance. Can't do furry.

Playing Style: Solely depends on the character. I'm mainly passive but if my character is more leader-like then I play in an aggressive manner.

Plot Candies: Zombies and modern and/or unique weapons. Unique plots and ideas always get my attention.

Character Stereotypes: Either very new-guy like characters (are constantly in need of help, have trouble fighting and doing basic things, etc.) or well-rounded, leader-type characters.

Character No-Gos: I can do grunt/badass characters, but I never really feel like I'm doing them well. Generally a no-go for me.

Random Notes: I try to RP HARD and BE AWESOMELY DESCRIPTIVE. But I still suck. Please note that I'm not the best at RPing no matter how hard I try.

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: None because I suck.
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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Sure. Getting me to say yes is another story.
Playing Habits: I'll be generally on most of the day, but I like taking my time with my posts. I can do more than one in a day if needed, but I'd prefer a slightly slower pace.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Every character I make, I switch genders as a personal challenge.
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Sci-fi
Genre You DON'T Like: Steampunk, Mass RPs, Pure Romance stuff
Playing Style: I'm fine with both rolls, but in my experience I tend to go towards being an aggressive roleplayer. Not always by choice.
Plot Candies: Anything with a cool sounding story.
Character Stereotypes: Gunslinging mercenary chickadee with a bad temper.
Character No-Gos: Anything too overly concentrated on just romance.
Random Notes: I do have a bad history of not posting often. Most of that stemmed from writer's block due to depression, and hopefully I've gotten past it - why I came back after all. However, it may still crop up at times, leading to a few days of no post. At the same time, I do also have an IRC roleplay on almost every day. Due to the pace of those, they tend to get first priority for getting posts - not that I can't multitask, but they just need more attention.
Scene Sample:
For the city of Thorns, this was a day with no light. After a century of peace under the control of the Scarlet Empress, their unwanted liberation had come at the hands of a Deathlord by the name of Mask of Winters. His army of undead abominations and Deathknights poured out from the underworld and into Thorn itself, overwhelming the Terrestrial armies and sacking the city. The Dragonblooded, the self-proclaimed guardians of the Realm, had failed both it and it's citizens. Death fell among the people of Thorns, and the Mask of Winters laughed as all fell according to his plans. Within the city, a dozen dramas of glory and cowardice played out at once as the people attempted to escape. Our story only concerns but one of them.

Within the alleys of Thorns, Terra Aarden wove her way through the city, dodging both survivors and the armies of the undead. Behind her, holding desperately onto her hand, was her mother. Terra had drug her and her brother Ralen from the burning ruins of their home before the undead descended upon them, escaping into the ruins of the city. But their options to escape were running thin, and their chance of survival even thinner. The fleshy plat of the undead's footsteps were just behind them, surrounded on all sides by screaming and flames - little hope remained in their heart.

What hope remained dashed when they turned the next corner, skidding to a halt. The last of a small band of Dragonbloods fell at her feet, jade daiklaive skidding out of his hands. Before her laid a small group of undead, blood fresh on their weapons from slaying those before her. Terror gripped her heart like never before - but at the whimper of her mother before her, so did valor. She reached down and lifted the massive sword, holding it at the ready as best as she could. Terra wobbled under it's great weight, and the undead came towards her, some missing limbs and flesh, others an amalgram of bodyparts from both man and beast. But she would not yeild.

The Mask of Winters wasn't the only one with his eye on Thorns that day. Up in his seat in Yu-Shan, the Unconquered Sun took a moment from the games of divinity that dominated most of his time. It was him who decided who would become the Solars, demi-god like champions of his might. And another had caught his eye. As Terra stood defiant before the undead under the sky of Thorns, a shaft of light opened in the clouds above her and shone down. To Terra, the shaft of light was a hand, one of six reaching down to plant itself on her head like a father would a child. With it came the knowledge of what she was chosen to be, and the power that came with it. A Twilight. One of the Copper Spiders, smartest and most powerful over the occult and artifacts of the Chosen of the Sun. The power to protect her mother, her brother, all the citizens of the Realm from what stood before her.

Essence flowed into Terra, through her arms, and into the weapon before her. The sword became light in her hands, the artifact reacting to her essence. On her forehead, her caste mark flared into existence, the half filled circle shining as bright as the noon-day sun, causing the undead that approached to falter in their charge. The shaft from the sky dissapeared, but the light of the sun was not lost. It formed into her anima, the essence-made banner unfurling behind her into it's full glory, a solid wall of technology and soldiers, all standing at their combat positions with tower shields raised. The illusionary banner stood between Terra and her mother, as Terra let out her first breath as a solar. "Come forwards if you dare, monstronsities! This Daughter of the Sun waits for you!"

Her blade found them wanting.
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: None yet.
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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Go right ahead.
Playing Habits: I think I would be on Iwaku more if they made a neuro-jack to plug into my brain. Otherwise, I couldn't be on more.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Wait, Both? What? Er, Male.
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, some Wacky ones. Eh, Furries? Sure, if you need some disembowled or killed in other gruesome ways.
Genre You DON'T Like: Ninjas, Samurai, anything Japanese. Not that I don't like Japan, but having it shoved down my throat continually by two of my friends and the rest of the internet, GAHHHHH!!!
Playing Style: Mostly Passive, if I do end up being a main character of one eventually, I suppose I could do Aggresive.
Plot Candies: Not that I'll ever have the guts do it, but romance with the right person.
Character Stereotypes: I'm not dark, in reality. But I have plumbed the depths of Stephen King and the Black Metal from the darkest pits of Finland. I have consorted with black magicians and seen the minds of the criminally insane. I LOVE being an evil, insane, shock troop of darkness. Sorcerer's, Assassin's whatever floats your boat and dissolves your enemie's entrails. I have shit scalpels.
Character No-Gos: Not mentioning names, but the super-happy, bubbly type, without sarcasm or cynicism really grinds my gears. I don't mind a smart-ass or a optomist, but leave your cheer-leading sparkle at the door.
Random Notes: I'm really trying to avoid butting heads, and would prefer advice of any kind you could offer. On the current RP, or roleplaying in general. I also grovel for admins only.
Scene Sample: OPTIONAL. (An example of how you would typically post in a roleplay. Just a way to show your playing style.)
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: Atlantis, Tegan Kematian, IW, Dead Animosity, This is Prolly Gonna Suck. Last Guard too, if it every begins.
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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Hell yeah!
Playing Habits: It's pretty random, I don't have a lot of time on my side
Gender You Prefer Playing: BOTH
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Magical, Horror, Romance, Yaoi, anything goes
Genre You DON'T Like: I don't think I've ever found a genre I don't like. I'll tell you when I do.
Playing Style: (Passive or Aggressive
Plot Candies: I love romance, darkness in laced with a touch of elegance. I love the quirky and upbeat attitudes in the plots. And above all, the connection!
Character Stereotypes: The bad guy who's actually not that bad. the girl with a mysterious past, the sweet innocent angel, the dark and twisted demon-vampires!
Character No-Gos: the sadistic evil who is evil just because. Characters that aren't believable, and is just plain boring.
Random Notes: I think my Rp style is kinda poetic no?
Scene Sample: This is from a completely different RP (not on the site) About a vampire named Delano Leonhart who had just found out that his mortal beloved was alive after all the time he thought she had died. She did and then was brought back to life-but her memories of him has vanished!

"This is...not real..." Ever said, she held the poem in one hand and a picture in the other. She shook her head, and fresh tears streamed down her porcelain face. The picture was of her and Delano, posing. He held her close against him, she beamed happily.

Behind the pic was a date: Never Forget 1st, April 2007. Her fifteenth birthday.

She trembled, then glanced down and rummaged through the rest of the papers and pictures that Delano had kept in delicate jewelry box.

"It is, I believe so," Delano told her, he sat besides her and watched her as she went through a series of emotions. From curious and a bit skeptical, fear and confusion, to shock and tears.

"How...why did I forget?" she asked, reading another of the many poems he had written for her. Poem number 90.

"I don't tell you the truth I was just as shocked when I saw you alive at the pet store," he softly replied.

She saw the pain in his eyes, and felt horrible.

"Are you okay?" she whispered.

"With you, I am more than okay..." he said, edging closer to her, he reached down and took her hand. "All this time when you were gone, I was broken and bleeding, and I tasted the feeling of losing someone...I don't want to feel that again, so please...stay with me," he begged, placing her hand against his chest.

"I'm so sorry, you have suffered so much because of me," she said. Inching closer to him, she kissed his lips. She kissed him deeper and felt something she had never felt before, the missing part of her life. Was him.

"I will not leave you, I won't" she promised.

"Will I see you when I open my eyes?" he asked as sleep fell heavily over him like a silent veil, pulling him into a world where there was nothing to feel.

"Yes," she said, holding his hand, she watched him fall asleep. The two laid in his king sized bed.

Was this a dream...? No, it was real.

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: I was in one but it died so I won't list it. >P
Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Oooomaiiigeeeee. Kidnap me please!
Playing Habits: I can post almost everyday, it depend's if I'm working or not. But I will be on the computer sometime later during the night.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Females, but I can play a Male here or there. (just not that best at it.)
Favorite Genres: Modern Fantasy, Modern Sc-fi, Modern(school settings, just the typical thing you see from day to day life) Fantasy, and Sci-fi. (just as themselves without the whole Modern part in it) I'm also a big fan with horror, and Romance. (And I do love couplings too)
Genre You DON'T Like: N/A
Playing Style: Alittle in between, I can be both aggressive and submissive, but I prefer being submissive.
Plot Candies: Romance, Gory violence, Drama Drama Drama. And bunch of other things. But these are the tops.
Character Stereotypes: Driven females, mature, quiet, but can speak their mind's. Kind but can have a temper. seductive, and a hopeless romantic.
Character No-Gos: Overly bouncy character's, happy-go-lucky, children, and teenagers. I grew accustomed to playing young adults to adults.
Random Notes: Nothing really. But I'll add more later since I need to go to bed.
Scene Sample: This is from a roleplay I was in awhile back with two of my friend's. It was about a world with psychics but they were outlawed and sometimes killed, or used for the military....

A smile pierced through Page's lips, she giggled slightly and looked at the sleeping co-workers, she had to have the time to focus, to make herself the guy, she didn't know what else to do.

But she realized it would have to be a lunch time setting, a break room. She looked at Book, smiled as she brushed a black strain away from her face her eyes black as ice she turned to the co-workers and grinned, she only hoped she was doing this right. She didn't want a screw up, ever. No death, Anything.

Her body relaxed, and she breathed in and out slowly for a few minutes, as she brushed her hair away from her face. She was fairly a nervous person, scared by her tactics more over scared for her death. She didn't want to screw up, but she knew if she followed by this letter, she wouldn't see death, only hope.

Her eyes then turned to white, clear, no more pupils, or color, but her body was conscious she knew what she was doing...

There they were in a small cafeteria people all around herself, who was Ronald, and Michelle. She smiled slightly as her lips curled together as she fixed herself the coffee, and looked at Michelle smiling.

Her hands were manly. But she wasn't used to them like her own fragile hands. She took the glass and sipped on the coffee. There was awkward silence, but the chatter among other colleagues were unbearable for Ronald. She sighed, as he sighed and she looked into to window to see his reflection, graying hairs, gentle eyes, he looked into his late 40's.

His eyes closed as he continued to sip on his coffee, and they reopened, and he looked at the folder laying down on the counter. explaining: Project Chaos.

"Michelle, explain to me.", Ronald smiled, his arms crossed. "I've always been curious about this project. I want to know more about it, Because I heard so many rumor's, about a guy right?"

He had always been mischievous, and that was one of the things that had sturck him, he had heard about it more on, and he smiled.

Michelle look impressed, she herself did not know about the rumor's, she herself had always been confined into the lab's with Chaos, his guard's behind him so she would not get hurt.

"Well...He's not natural, a super human of some-sorts. He always had been-", She sighed sipping on her coffee, Ronald looked even more curious. He was never the one to ask for such information but his had intrigued him.

"He's what---?", He pressed, and she smiled twirling one of curl's of blond hair.

"His name we given him was Chaos. Well, we experimented on him...Training with Thomas, then all of this unless experimenting. He was rather a rough character, sent here during his child hood. I believe he has no parents. I haven't heard the full story, I just worked in the labs, remembered him being brought there." She watched Ronald sipped his coffee and he smiled, nodding his head.


"Well, You see, he grew more furious But then around in his twenty's he had been known as a failed experiment. I don't know why but he had, they sent him to isolation, until he broke out. killed two guard's..". She interrupted.

Ronald smiled, he or Page only had hope this was an enough information But she knew there was more, so she waited, her manly hand's placed among the counter as he brushed few of the graying strains through his hair, and he looked at her as she continued to drink her coffee, when she finished she has sighed.

"Well now you see, he's in our Placed in Sensory Deprivation Isolation. The SDI for short. I do believe you know what that is?",

Ronald quickly nodded his head.

"Well. He's been there seen he broke out, guard's everywhere, constantly surveillance, it's armed mind you."

Ronald smiled. "Shelley, I think this is enough, I know more than I needed. I just wanted to know if the rumor's were true you see."

"Understandable. Like I said I never really stepped foot out of the lab's. I'm rather a hermit", she giggled.

and he smiled.

"You should get out more then"

"Maybe, I should."

Her whites of her pupil became back to normal, her head turned to Book, and Page had smiled. She knew everything. Chaos. His name was Chaos. She looked at Book, her arms crossed, her hand's neatly on her lap, and she sighed. She did it correctly. Everything, the Dream Walking, she had never experience being a male, it was accelerating.

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: A quick list of roleplays you are in, or have been in!
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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Yes.
Playing Habits: I'm a bit busy, but I try to post at least once-twice a week.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Prefer female, but I will play male.
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, supernatural.
Genre You DON'T Like: Romance, real-life (especially high school).
Playing Style: Mostly passive, maybe a little aggressive.
Plot Candies: Good, solid plots. And rich settings. And variation!
Character Stereotypes: Mysterious-yet-average.
Character No-Gos: Super sweet and innocent girl in need of constant protection.
Random Notes: I like almost all RPs, but will get bored if it starts to get slow.
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: Exhaustion and Madness, the Lethes.
Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Of course! Wherever anyone wants me, I shall be there!
Playing Habits: Fast-moving, or even slow. I can post whenever it's needed, since I am online every day.
Gender You Prefer Playing: I am generally better with females, but I can also play males.
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, Western, Post-apocalyptic...
Genre You DON'T Like: Anything really fan-based, furry...
Playing Style: I am happy doing both.
Plot Candies: Guns, Drama, school stuff- I pretty much can play and handle everything.
Character Stereotypes: Gunslinging badass, tragic princess, love interest (male or female) Protector, teacher/student.
Character No-Gos: (Happy-go-lucky characters. I can only bear to do those every once in a while...!
Random Notes: I'm open to play most characters, and can handle even more than one at a time.
Scene Sample:

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: Euphoria, Desiderata: Resurrection. Past games: Marsayas, Brooding Darkness 2
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Twinks' Resume

Kidnappable?: Oh, please do. Try to be gentle D;

Playing Habits: I'm available enough for Roleplay, though I tend to take a while to post (a few days usually), of course, this varies with the flow of my muse.

Gender You Prefer Playing: Both.

Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Social, Mystery.

Genre You DON'T Like: Ah, I wouldn't say I don't like any genre in particular, as I'm here to experiment. However, I have to say I try and avoid intense battle scenes, as I find them hard to keep up with.

Playing Style: I'd say I do a little bit of both ;D

Plot Candies: Good description, sarcasm, lengthy posts. Hrm... I like to play with the inner and outer portrayal of self, so scheming bad guys are always fun to write with. Power struggle's another thing I suppose. Oh, and bring on the aggressive/dominant men.

Character Stereotypes: Usually some aspect of pride or sarcasm in my characters, as well as analytical. They tend to be a tease and twisted in some way.

Character No-Gos: Insolent pricks, the I-went-through-all-this-shit-so-feel-bad-for-me, and dull, expressionless characters.

Random Notes: I go a tad bit overboard with the description and the mental processes when writing; I also have the habit of not liking to turn in things that are less than 700 words, though that may change here. Ah, almost forgot; I like to wander around with themes, motifs, and imagery before getting back on topic.

Scene Sample:
[ // R E U N I O N ; ]

Family time was something that rarely struck in the modern world, especially in a place like Japan. There was too much going on in the lives of it's residents - money to be made, competition to eradicate, ladders to climb. Yet - somewhere in the occupied life of Aureusi Higane, there was a large frame of time that was to be dedicated to family. This was something rather new - her visits to the mansion had been rather scarce in the past few years. Something about not wanting her mother to get too much into the business of her training as a Quincy. If the woman would ever accept that fact or not was something to really question.

The wind flew through the slightly tinted windows of her expensive looking car. The sleek vehicle had sped through what highways there were in train-ridden country. There was something about the thrill of being at the wheel that drove Aoru to go through the trouble of purchasing such an object. Her fingers drummed to the light beat of the stereo, her golden eyes hidden behind shaded lenses, shielding the light irises from the blazing sunlight outside. It was a nice weekend - she'd intentionally book off her weekend just for this 'family gathering' that her father had phoned her about a few weeks ago.

As much as it was a bit of a pain to go through, she made the eight hour ride into Tokyo, heading for a place just a bit outside the modern city. ' I wonder what they could possible want this time - Not that much family to gather anyway ' With a bit of a tired sigh, she rolled her head to the side, stretching her neck. She let her foot fall a bit heavier on the pedal, the purring of the engine made a crescendo, becoming a growl for a few seconds, before falling back to it's former volume.

' I have a feeling this is going to be a long ride...'
// Many hours later, a bit after sunset
The silvery beams of the Mercedes SLR McClaren pulled into the driveway, wheels rolling silently on inlaid stone. Soft lanterns lined the spacious path that lead to the dark maple double doors that beckoned her inside. She didn't bother looking for her key - as she'd predicted, the door to the right glided inwards, and a man with chocolate locks not unlike her own held it open.

A relaxed but sly smile crept to his lips as his hazel-gold eyes held her gaze. A twinge of amusement crept over her own calm expression as she stepped inside. It was all so familiar - the musky scent, the cold lighting, the white and blue... The man before her; yet, at the exact same time, it was so different. She'd become a stranger to her own house.

&quot;It's been a while, Rushi. It seems like yesterday that you stepped out this very door.&quot;

&quot;I can't say you've changed much, father.&quot; Taking a last look around the entering hall, she took a step on the marble staircase her hand running on the cold stone handrail. Looking up, she found herself face to face with the pale skinned woman, ebony hair and same coral lips. Out of her two parents, she was not like one or the other, but a well blended mix between the two.

&quot;Oh, looks like you decided to participate after all.&quot; with a smile, Higane Hisui took elegant steps down to meet her daughter, raven black eyes glinting with cold amusement. "So it seems. the young woman answered simply. Her voice was devoid of emotion - there was no sign of turmoil, of cheerfulness - nothing. The stony indifference she displayed could make Kuchiki Byakuya look emotional. She graced the older woman with a lingering gaze, only to excuse herself and trod up the stairs in a mannerly fashion; restraining her urge to take the steps two at a time and get it over with already.

Anyone that might have seen Aureusi today that knew her from her life back in Karakura might have had quite the surprise. After all, Aureusi wasn't typically the type to really bother with looking 'neat and tidy' so to say. Tonight however, reflected the days where she lived back at the mansion, her body adorned with a crisp white blouse, buttoned just down just enough so that it wouldn't be considered provocative. Her hair was a tumbling waterfall of soft chocolate curls; classic black stiletto heels tapped lightly on the steps as she walked, a black pencil skirt outlining her figure, complimenting the sheer black tights on her legs. The hand that now rested on the railing was accented with dark red nails, as her face was framed by black vintage glasses. It was almost a once in a lifetime deal to see her as such. Too bad a certain Shinigami was currently too busy staring down at the hoards of Karakura citizens and missing out on this.

She bore the image of the CEO of some corporate company; an illusion chiseled out from her upbringing and the seamlessness of her acting capabilities. Why she wasn't already part of the industry itself was quite a wonder. Having reached the top of the stairs, she made a right, the sound of her steps trailing down the softly lit hallway as she made her way to her room. The Higane mansion was large enough to house several guest suites, as well as keep her fully equipped room separate and open, despite it's lack of use. This time, she took a left, her walking still as rigid and full of poise, even without the prying eyes of her parents. Alas, an abrupt halt. In front of her was a rich, cherrywood door, a round silver handle gleaming under the light of the nearest chandelier. Around it, a tiny antique key hung, it's teeth intricately carved into a unique design.

Slipping they into the knob, she unlocked her room, expecting nothing less than the perfection she'd come back to every day so many years ago. The hinges were soundless, regardless their age, and her estimation had... almost been correct. A few renovations had taken place. The walls had been painted a dark shade of red, giving the overall appearance of the room a more distinguished, sullen look. A new desk had been added, as well as a locked cabinet to accompany it. Books bound with leather covers stood within, one next to the other, like soldiers in a midst of an upcoming battle. Still keeping her facade up, she closed the door gently, locking it with a click.

She stared at if for a second, blinking once.

Not a minute later, she collapsed on the bed with a sigh, happy to rid herself of the annoying heels and the troublesome nylons. Her bag had already been brought up a while ago, and was sitting next to the closet. There was nothing really mentionable in it - simply some more clothing that she'd gladly shove in the back of her closet after the meeting, and some training clothes, lest she be able to persuade her father into some further education on the ways of the Quincy. Then, there was the clothing she could lounge around in while she was out of sight. Thank. God.

She closed her eyes, remembering the day that she left her family - left this life for a new one.

There was nothing to it really - she wanted to take hold of what she would do with her life - to step away from the shelter of the nest and spread her wings. Also, to start killing hollow for more than just training. It was annoying enough to hide her powers in front of her mother; but to have to hide her Reiatsu while fighting? Back then, it was despicably in the way. Also, there was a branch in the family that she wanted to take over - under their pretense of large companies and etc, the Higane and the Sullivan controlled a good lot of the 'underworld'. Not quite the same as what Blake dealt with; under the innocent exterior appearance, she was ... not so innocent.

Drug chains. Illegal dealings. Smuggling. Street gangs. Yakuza. She dealt with it all. The last group provided somewhat less cooperation than the rest ... or at least, less willing cooperation. After all, there were the few annoyances of being a mixed-race child. Especially with such a ... traditional gang. In the end however, it all came down to the same thing.

Gold. Guns. Girls. Drugs. Money. Filth. Killers. Rapists. Thieves. Swindlers. The whole damn cast. Funny that she would have such a conflict with the heir of the Moritaka family - then again, her father didn't quite want to introduce her to things that could be to ... risky. Her training as a child had taught her all the noble, lightened faces of the world. Her adolescent education was all about the shadows that lurked right behind those faces.

... maybe it was there that she'd learnt to keep her facades.

She'd learnt to manage what her parents had started, and she planned on surpassing the empire of power and fear they'd set. For now, she was but a chess piece. But she felt that day fast approaching. The day where she'd be the one controlling the pieces. Decided which one to wipe off the field, and which one to use next. For now loitering amongst those who were to die around her was fine. She would affiliate with anyone on her rise for knowledge, for independence.

Sighing, she contemplated the possibility of eating dinner in her "Karakura garb", gold eyes setting longingly at the dark suitcase that was but a few paces away from her reach. Comfortable clothing...

She remembered the proud, icy eyes of her mother.

She opened her suitcase nonetheless. Inside was something less stern, but just as classy. It was expected of her to wear something elaborate enough anyway, wasn't it? She looked at the outfit, a small scowl already worming it's way onto her expression. Her eyes shot up as an abrupt knock at the door was heard.

"Aureusi-dono, your presence is requested in the dining room."

A hired hand who's voice was not at all familiar to the woman. Dinner already hmm? Just as well. "I'll be down in a minute." She replied evenly as she shot a look at the clock on the wall. Apparently, her little contemplations and book observation had been a bit over forty minutes. She shot one last glance at the outfit before her before shaking her head once and changing.

// RING ring, the bell has tolled it's warning.

tap. tap. tap.

Again the assault of soft steps down the stairs. This time, a black dress to compliment the heels. Formfitting and a flattering cut in the front, it was simple in design, but effective for it's use. The slit from mid thigh to the hem provided any movement that was needed - running in heels was always a bother but some things just couldn't be helped, could they? Pushing some stray locks out of the way, the Quincy proceeded in making her way past the main hall and into the dining room.

Rounding the corner, and standing next to the doorway, she made a slight bow, lowering her eyes as she confirmed the request that had most likely been made by her mother. "You called for me, Okaa-san?" Standing up straight, she looked up only to perceive the eyes of a stranger, sitting in her usual seat - that is , the one that would be closest to her father. The surprise was not at all displayed on her face - only the calm acknowledgement of another being in the house. How ... amusing that her mother would do such a thing. Except that there was one thing that was disturbingly ... off.

The man in front of her was definitely a Quincy. There was not a shred of doubt in her thoughts as she affirmed this. He was clad in the manner that would suggest his upbringing was one of riches and class; but the wolven air that he bore said otherwise. Or maybe - he was like her. The living facade that blended the lines between light and darkness.

No - couldn't be. She was overanalyzing. Quite the nasty habit to pick up. Something about prejudging was supposed to be immoral - then again, who ever had morals anymore? Definitely not the people that she dealt with. In the world of today, the currency was one of blood and of diamonds. The life of a human was but a dime a dozen. Things she traded away with the least bit of hesitation.

After all - it was what she was brought up to be. The cold, selfish interior she inherited from her mother was easily hidden away with the glamour coating she had draped upon it. Her father's personality practically radiated from her after all ; and plus, who would ever suspect a woman of her appearance to have any power but perhaps to lean upon the arm of a stronger man?

Her flawless performance would never be applauded. And that's exactly what she needed. A shelter in the shadows as she bore the mask in the light.

"Aureusi, I'd like you to meet a guest tonight. Jack Crescentia, this is my daughter. Do be kind to her - she's so young and unexperienced with life. I was hoping you'd be able to abide to our pre-discussed agreement" The older woman's smile was something that could send shivers up anyone's spine. The calm, soothing tone in which her clever words were phrased had such deeper, darker meaning, each definition convoluted upon complete misleading. Aoru watched, expression unchanging as she took note of her mother's little introduction.

She made no move to speak - only observing to see what more information she could obtain before having to pry personally. Her patience was rewarded rather quickly. "Oh - you might know him better under the name Jack Shade... I'm sure your days in Karakura might have lead you to stumble across that title, ne?" The pleasantness of her tone was almost revolting.

Jack Shade. She'd definitely heard of that name before. However, she'd strayed from the violence of the business quite a time ago - her fare share of the streets had been eventful enough that they had become rather boring; thus, she stuck to making sure that the right 'dogs' were fed, and the stray screams were silenced. An easier, less time consuming job that gave her more time for the more entertaining aspects of her city life. However, she hadn't the slightest want to divulge any information on herself, so all there was to it right now was to hold up the performance and perhaps, play around with a little bit of improvisation.

"Jack ... Crescentia? I do apologize, but I must say, I've never heard of such a name. I'm so caught up with all my school activities, I supposed I don't get to go out and socialize as much as Mother would like me to. I don't quite understand why I'd have to be given another name to identify someone! I'm sure that one name would suffice, ne?" she replied curtly, her voice tinged with slight girlish embarrassment. Any other occasion, and she'd avoid such an expression at all costs. This however, could potentially lead to a dangerous game of chess. Right now, acting as the clueless, ditzy, spoiled little brat of a rich household, unawares of their parent's operations would be the most useful. From that move, she could check the response of the piece that was presented with. How would he react? What kind of person was he? Rumors were one thing. The person in the flesh? Usually as different as night and day.

Which pieces would be moved next? After all... she was but another piece on the board, was she not? She waited, malicious intents covered by the mirage of an innocent appearance...

Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: D; None as of now.
Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Kidnappable?: Sure.
Playing Habits: Depends entirely on the speed of the roleplay at the time. I can post usually at least once a day, or more if a situation requires it.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Both.
Favorite Genres: Fantasy and scifi, mecha, and possibly romance but as a sidegenre.
Genre You DON'T Like: Furry, full-on-sap, anything overly retrospective. Also perhaps modern.
Playing Style: Either, depending on the dynamic of the group I'm in. I'm adaptable.
Plot Candies: Psychological twists, opportunities for character arcs, dark mysteries... and a bit of action too.
Character Stereotypes: I'll try my hand at anything: from the strong silent dude, to the sophisticated professor-types to the cowardly weasels who shine the others shoes. I like a challenge and I like exploring dimensions of characters different to myself - evil or good.
Character No-Gos: Moody teen-angst types, overly badass people (flaws are more fun :3), characters who take the spotlight.
Random Notes: I'm an tabletop roleplayer who's just transferred over into the internet roleplay scene.
Scene Sample: Coming soon.
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Re: Roleplayer's Resume

Playing Habits:
I can post multiple times a day.
Gender You Prefer Playing:
Male, starting to try female
Favorite Genres:
Fantasy, modern, yaoi. Not in that order.
Genre You DON'T Like:
Highschool, mystery
Playing Style:
Passive, must be urged for aggressive roleplaying
Plot Candies:
Yaoi (would like but not needed), a level of violence, some psychological messiness, maaaybe romance on the side.
Character Stereotypes:
Young boy that is kind of messed up, antisocial teenager, reclusive older male
Character No-Gos:
Chicks with dicks (you know the type), cute little maid girl virgin thingies, basically anything only made to serve fetishes with no real depth to it
Random Notes:
I take 1-3 days on a profile
Scene Sample:
Soulless watched this stranger and it made him somewhat sad to watch her suffer. It reminded him of his time in the Nerf castle, alone with only Saneless to keep with company.He watched her struggle with her inner demons, whatever they may be. His words only hurt her more, it seems, as then the confusion only rose to a breaking point. He didn't want to fight her, he only wanted to know what was going on. With that in mind he only spread his arms as she rushed at him, against the thoughts flickering through his mind that were not his- Saneless was always the kind to kill first, ask questions later.

The dagger plunged into his belly easily, the force of her rush causing him to fall over and in turn have her land on top of him, dagger still clutched in her sweat hands. He looked up at her, no pain in his eyes, just pity at her predicament. Happily he smiled at her, hoping she had let out whatever was pent up inside. This injury would give him some trouble... his blood seeped out of the wound and reddened his shirt. He only smiled at her weakly, his blood openly lifted off his shirt and gently tugged out the dagger from his flesh to allow the regeneration process to take place.

Leftover blood now began to circle around the both of their fallen bodies, Soulless merely smiling peacefully. "We won't hurt you. Calm down, breathe." He spoke, taking a deep breath himself to avoid the slowly rising panic he felt inside at the thought of that dagger and the building rage Saneless contained at the mere thought that this woman dared injure someone who meant no harm. To the more violent of the two, she was a thing to be killed, spat on, and then left to be eaten by whatever animals came upon the carcass.
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