Roleplayerguild Refugee

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  1. So, I am from rpg. My site seems to have disappeared into the abyss of the internet. Anyways i like scifi, fantasy, well just about anything with a good plot and players. I hope yo find that this will be a good replacement and that I will be playing here a while.
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  2. Welcome! I'm sorry your old site died :( I'm sure you'll be happy here though! There's LOTS to do without roleplaying; I can easily spend all day on here. There's the content boards with fun exercises to hone your skills and stretch your imagination, there's the blogs where you can create your own or read other people's stories and musings, there's the groups where you can join up with people who share your hobbies, the chats where you can yammer with random members or roleplay at a faster pace, and if you're still bored after all that, you can PM me for a chat!
  3. kukuku... 'sup? I'm from the guild too! You can call me senpai... or... over-senpai... or... overwatch. ANyway, the guild won't be permanently gone. the data was wiped, and they are running on a backup guild.
  4. We have a lot of people here from the guild, so maybe you'll run in to some old friends! <3 Welcome to the community!
  5. Hello out there to all of you from RPG! This is Aisling. I hope that those who were in Caldwell's join my version here.