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  1. You ever have a Roleplayer moment like:
    • Getting really excited about a roleplay and not being able to express your excitement to the non-roleplayers in your real life

    • When you're bored and all you do is develop your characters and brainstorm plot ideas

    • When you take on more roleplays than you can probably properly handle but the plots are so good you can't just leave them!

    • When you have so many twists saved for a story and it dies before you can use some of them and you feel a deep sense of loss.
    Or in a more broad sense, anyone else have times like:
    • Wow, I just spent a half an hour designing this character's apartment, and the story's never even going to see most of these rooms, let alone the arrangement of furniture in them.

    • I wish my players/readers could tell how much research I did to figure out what a beer would cost at this time and in this currency.

    (I call those worldbuilder moments!)

    They're moments where you realise how invested you've become, or how much time and effort you've spent on the setting, that other writers would probably have skimmed over or not found as worthwhile an effort. Share yours here!
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  2. Oh honey, this is my LIFE. Earlier today, I had six RPs that needed posts, plus my lone group RP that I've been putting off posting in because the founder disappeared to move in with his boyfriend, plus I've got a character idea that won't leave my head, and I can't seem to find a design that fits him JUST RIGHT, but I have one that fits him pretty decently.

    Plus oh man, I keep babbling with my partners about plot ideas, and planning where to go from here, and I have six wikis both online and off...

    My life, man.

    Also, near-physical pain that I can't go on and on to my WoW raid group about the character I raid on with them, because none of them are RPers, and one of them only JUST discovered that I'm a nerd.
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    I once spent 6 hours researching the etymology of the word/usage of "Adonis" just for one line of sarcastic commentary for a character. .___.;
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    • When someone looks over your shoulder and sees you drawing or typing something on your computer and tries to ask what it is, but you don't know what to say to them because you have no idea where to even begin describing the concept of roleplaying, much less the plot of your specific RP and the exact thing that you're drawing/writing about. (I always get nervous doing RP-related stuff in public because I'm afraid someone will ask and I won't know what to say. I could lie and just tell them "I'm writing a short story" but then they'll ask if they can read it, and, yeah...)
    • Daydreaming about scenarios in your RP that you know will never happen.
    • Thinking up minute details about your character that will most likely never become relevant, and then popping up in the OOC late at night when you're sleep-drunk just to say something like "yo I feel like my character would be the type of person who pours the milk before the cereal"
    • Thinking up more roleplays when you barely have the time to run the ones you already have, and knowing that you'll probably stop caring about those ideas a few days later so it really doesn't matter.
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  4. I wouldn't be too worried. I tell people I write/have written stories a lot and no one asks to read them. I have lot of friends who get the same.

    Generally unless it's your day job, people assume it's terrible and will change the conversation with something like "oh, thats nice..." Or ask to read "later" and never bring it up again.

    On that note

    • Dreaming of being a great author someday and having fans desperately googling your old RPs because they worship every word you write >8D
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  5. I do that "fantasize about scenes that are never going to happen" thing a lot xD
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  6. I hope to God this never happens to me.

    Anyway, On topic:

    Have the scenes play out dramatically in your head like a Movie trailer complete with music.

    Write expansive Lore just around one country/Corporation/World that will probably never get visited.
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  7. Discuss with partners ideas for additional 1x1's together, though you've barely scratched the surface of the plot in the first one.
  8. I once spent several hours reading about serial killers for a 1x1 RP, and watching a movie about it, that I only posted in one time as the partner disappeared. I've spent an insane amount of hours looking for just the right picture/drawing for a character, building or something else. If something feels just a little bit off I sometimes keep going, to see if I can find something that's better. I don't really want to know how much time that would be in total, but at least I like looking at drawings made by skilled artists. Or like now, when I have an idea for a group RP, but since I know what I tend to be like I'm putting it off just to make sure I won't get bored, that it's great and that I find the right place for it.
  9. OH! I thought of some more!

    This is for general writing, but:

    Studying immigration to the US in the Late 1800's through the 1920's, just for the background of a single character.

    Studying international Visas and Driving laws so you can have that touch of accuracy.
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  10. This physically hurts me

    Does the pain one feels when one puts an insane amount of thought and effort into a role-play that dies super quickly count as a role-player moment?
  11. I think it should. It happens too often.
  12. A moment of silence for all of the collections of notes and pictures, and all the lost hours on role-plays that never happened or died too soon :(
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  13. I feel that, though. I feel that. It's part of why I ask up front "What are you looking to see happen in this RP?" most of the time. :x It helps cut down on the amount of people who ditch by a lot, because then I know "This person wants a lot more fighting than I'm comfortable with." or "This person wants their character to be a BDSM slave to my very submissive villain." and stuff. :x Clears things up a lot so that we can either come to a compromise or part ways before we get too far planning.
  14. More often for me it's a case of lost interest. Mind you I'm always careful to discuss all of the above type thing before we start, so that I don't start with a partner whom I am not compatible with

    This reminds me of another one

    - Being super hyped about a role-play but not wanting to get too much of your fan-girling onto your more laid-back partner in case you scare them off :/
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  15. Ah. Lost interest is also sad. Super sad. It's actually part of why I DO get hyped up with my partner. I start slow though, sending pics and stuff and saying things like "Even though it probably won't happen, I kinda ship x and x..." and see how they take it, and then go into superhype mode. 8D Ahahaha!

    That approach has gotten me three best RP partners. *o* Also helps with the issue of trying not to scare a person off, cuz it starts slow, but allows you to express just how awesome everything feels!
  16. ^ Yeah, I was just about to say. XD Just discussing an RP with someone makes it way more likely that you'll continue, because it gets people hyped up and motivated and inspired. Plus, you feel a lot more invested and dedicated to it with all the work you've put into it and seeing how excited your partner/players is/are. A player who's only interested in an idea for like, a day before growing bored of it is likely to drop. But a player who really builds that interest and gets super excited for everything to come just by bouncing ideas around with you? They're a lot more likely to stick around. :P
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  17. haha yeah I know, it's just that I'm a pretty excitable / enthusiastic person in general, and when I get hyped it can be a bit. . . much for some folk :P I worry about scaring people off by coming on too strong, or by making them think my expectations for the role play's entertainment value are too high to be reasonable >.<
  18. I hear ya. Hence the easing I suggested. It lets you get at least some of the chest-bursting excitement off your chest, but doesn't melt the face off your partner.

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  19. OMG I have had all these moments at least once in my life (some even several times a day)

    Here are my moments;
    ~ Shipping two characters from a group rp and starting a whole 1x1 just for their ship, and not being able to wait for it to happen in the original roleplay so you can all go through it again!

    ~ Reading something character related that is so funny that you literally laugh out loud or sit around clapping like a retarded seal and not being able to express what it is to the outside world

    ~ Being asked whether my partner is texting me, because I am smiling like an idiot while reading a post in an rp

    ~ Wanting to strangle people for taking so long with replying, but forgetting all of that frustration as soon as you get a reply

    ~ Suddenly feeling very anxious/sad/mad or other emotions, because of what your character is going through (I have literally sat crying behind my laptop trying to write a post, because the heart break was so sad. Same thing for having a heart skipping beat when there is a love confession or things like that)

    ~ Seeing someone in the street and just wishing you could take a picture or film them because they are exactly like the character you have in mind or are playing with
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