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  1. So, it's hardly a secret that Iwaku has had a spike in new members mainly due to Roleplayer Guild's inactivity, with myself being a new member. At first I came here thinking that it was going to be a temporary fix to short-term problem, but it's quickly becoming apparent that that is no longer the case.

    It's now officially 2014 and the site is still down. The better part of a month. I know for certain that when I return that the RP I was GM'ing is going to be dead. Very few RP's survive a month of inactivity and come back from it.
    So I am officially quitting RP Guild.

    Anyone else feel the same?

    There are people here who I was RP'ing with back in the Guild who have come here, too. I'm wondering if you all intend on restarting your RP's here or when (/if) RP Guild gets back up, whether you intend to copy-paste where you last left off and continue the RP on Iwaku or whether you'll be going back to the Guild?

    Anyway, I for one welcome our new Iwaku Overlords and hope I see many old faces soon.
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  2. I was out of RPG since September-October ish due to school and all that and when I came back about a week ago I found it down so here I am and I've really no problem staying here, which I most likely will, since the RP I was GMing is loong gone.

    I also doubt I'll return when it comes back up, whenever that is, though I must admit the community there was pretty awesome - but Iwaku beats 'em in that point by a mile from what I could see.
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  3. YAY! I'm an evil overlord! 8D

    *throws sparkles at all the people!*
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  4. I just want it to be known that Diana ate the server Role Player guild was hosted on.

    Consumed it whole. Even had a little parsley on the side and everything. Covered it with a sause that she called "Gigabit Gravy". I'm on a diet, though, else I'd have helped.

    (Welcome, new members! All of us welcome you!)
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  5. Yep, I've been searching for the perfect rp site to join since it shut down, and while there is a ton to take in when you first come to this site, I'm lovin' how it's set up and the community. You know, from the lurking I've done so far. ;) While I'll go back to my rps when the site is back up, I'll be sticking around here too. So glad I finally found it.

    The only bad thing is I was on the guild for so long that I knew a lot of the usernames, who I liked to write with, who I didn't like to write with...and I've lost all my sample posts! It's like I want to say "I promise I have a good reputation and can write good long posts, I just can't show you!" xD
  6. Don't worry about it, we'll take your word on that! :D

    I know how it feels to not know who to RP with anymore and all that, but take it as an adventure and a way to meet awesome new people, innit!
  7. Hey, back when I was an angsty little something or other who deserved to get punched in the face daily, I got banned from the Guild. That was like four years ago.

    Welcome to Iwaku, glad you could come.
  8. Like many others, I too came here for a quick RP-fix when the RPG went down. I figured that I would only do jump-in roleplays, that way there wouldnt be a problem if I had to leave when RPG came back online. However in my few weeks, I've come to love the Iwaku community and its roleplays, even joined a couple of really good ones.

    When RPG's back on, I will of course continue my rps on there if they're still active. (oh god I hope they are, they were amazing.) I'll still dedicate time to the rps I've joined on here. I've met some really cool people and I have no intention of letting them down.
  9. I just heard about this website today. o.o

    It's the only one that seemed somewhat similar to RPG. I'm a large softy for that website, but I think something weird is happening on it. Last year something like this happened, where it was down for a while, but I can't remember if it was this long. Whatever the case, this website looks just as good, and I'm hoping to start up some roleplays on here that might actually survive. :D
  10. Yooooooou.
  11. I was literally about to join that site the day it went down and I've been waiting but I don't see a return happening anytime soon. Though I shall hope for the best!
  12. I just joined Iwaku today, but so far, I love it. I think I might migrate here completely.

    But I'll still hold out hope that RPG comes back soon. It's not the site that I was attached to so much as the people I was RPing with. I want them back, and I haven't seen them anywhere else yet. >.< So I'll try to be patient, and in the meantime find other awesome people to RP with here.
  13. I'm still on the fence. I was never expecting this to be a permanent home, but there are some things about Iwaku that I love. Primarily the general communication systems, and the ease of entering the community. As I go on, and slowly get more familiar with things, it is feeling more like home.

    At the same time I really hope the Guild comes back up, and not only so that I can back up my thousands and thousands of words and get the email addresses of a few closer friends. I have a lot of active stories on that site, and since most of them are 1x1, I'm not sure they will be over. And I am honestly a little worried about whether or not I will be able to find enough partners on this site, because I spew out ideas weekly, and only so many people are going to want to roleplay with me.

    I have no doubt that if I can become a social and active member of this community, find a way around my fear of embarrassment and put out a few social chats in the hub, then I will not only be sticking around, but make this my only site. But right now, I can say that I will be taking a very in depth look at the Guild when it comes back, because I no longer believe it is perfect.

    My opinion will probably continue to change with time...
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  14. I just got here after waiting for RPG to come back up but then thinking "I shouldn't be rping at all I have exams in less than a week ..." ... but I ended up here anyway ...

    I too was totally happy to just RP on RPG, some people need lots of sites I just need one good one to get my writing fix. However, I really like the atmosphere here. I'm really happy. If/when RPG comes back, I'll probably check in, back up a few things if they are still there, swap details with some old partners to get them on here ... I've been converted xD

    Its a shame it took the death of a good guild for this forum to grow, but, at the same time, this is a really great community, I probably wouldn't have stumbled onto it if RPG didnt go down.

    I hope whatever happened does get fixed though, Mahz put in lots of work into the site (not to mention all the other staff, and contributors/RPers) so its a shame for it to end as it did.
  15. Oi oi oi oi, I'm not giving up on the Guild this easily. As a loyal RPG member for three years (not to mention staff, and no, I don't know what's going on), and someone who's had plenty of positive life experiences and met plenty of friends there (not to mention I had a few really great roleplays going...), I'm not going to abandon it outright that easily. I've been keeping an eye on it ever since - and if it comes back up, then of course I'm returning. I don't want to ditch this place, either, but I'm not ready to consider it a replacement for RPG. It might sound weird, but that website's just done too much for me.

    You should see the huge, sappy post I put up on the day of my two-year anniversary telling how the site changed me so much... man I wish I had that backed up. Same goes for all my year-old roleplays. It'll be a real shame if the Guild never comes back - too much would be lost. Still, I'm not giving up hope just yet.
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  16. Well... I'm still hoping Mahz will get RPG back up eventually... and I think some of my partners will probably make an effort to help start things back up since this was an event out of everyone's control. But we will see. One of my old RPG partners I had contact with suggested I come over here, so that's one down, but there are still a couple of stories I dont want to let go of if at all possible.
  17. Ah, yes, Mahzkrieg. I hardly ever saw him post in my circles and when he did, it was a hilarious gif that we interpreted as us fucking up. You know, three years ago, my circles primarily consisted of that one section, what was it called, it was kind of like the insanity thread, which is all that remains of the once great Asylum. I forget. Anyway, said something too far out of line against Turt and ended up perma'd. Fumed for awhile, wanted to get back in the RP game, came here. Sometime last year, I made a dummy account to issue an apology before I got perma'd again for ban evasion. I felt fulfilled.
  18. See, permabans only occasionally make sense to me. There was a problem with a cyber stalker on the Guild that was being heavily (and dutifully, I might add. No criticisms here, they handled that to the best of their abilities) addressed. Permabanning the hell out of that guy makes sense to me. But in terms of effectiveness, it seems like it's merely a tool to remove an unsavory element long enough for them to leran some internet manners. Unfortunately, all that really happens is they come back with an agenda and a proxy.

    The other thing that doesn't make sense to me is, if the banned individual has actually reformed and become less of a troll, it doesn't really make sense to ban them for apologizing for their past behavior. It strikes me as odd, like a reformed thief being arrested for apologizing to the people he stole from. I don't know. Personal opinion, two cents and all that nonsense.

    Kaga-kun, what you say does make sense. I expect that there will be just as many returning to the Guild as there are those leaving it. I can understand the loyalty you have, especially as staff. I'm actually a 2 year member myself and the Guild was my introduction to a forum dedicated entirely to RP posts. That being said though, I kind of liken the experience to that of my first car. It was 'mine', it was awesome and I have many fond memories, but as time went by I started to notice little problems here and there. Nothing major, just quirks and flaws that add to its character.
    Then one day, my car breaks down for over a month. No one can tell me why or how long it will be until it will start working again, just that it might start working again. So I shop around and get myself a rental. Turns out that I love the rental. It has all the features that I loved in my old car and more. Suddenly I consider buying the rental and trading in the old car, because I need my car to be reliable. Sure, I can keep the old car as a backup, but then it just become disused, neglected. Why not let it go and let someone else benefit from it?

    But as I say, personal opinion, two cents and whatnot.
  19. This is something that deserves to get generally spread around, if you want to keep up-to-date with the Guild. Whatever you decide to do.
  20. :O When did this go up?
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