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  1. Alrighty hi! I'm The Writing Owl, but I also go as Starry Inks. :) I am looking for even more rps because I am addicted and can't get a big enough fix. So yep. Might as well give you info.

    • I am a very casual roleplayer and minimalist writer. I don't like describing things though, I will write 3-5 sentences per post if writing at least a paragraph is that important to you.
    • I am on at least once every day. I tend to be addicted to these types of sites.
    • I usually play female because I cannot for the life of me play male.
    I can do fandom, but not well. Here's a few ideas that I'd like to try:
    The world has fallen into chaos. Life outside of the small dome created by the American government is uncivilized and dog eat dog. Those within the dome live without fear of death before their time and disease. The people on the outside have to fight for their lives, though they have developed 'abilities' from the toxins in the air. A young man ventures out of the dome's safety, finding himself in a world he didn't expect.

    A young fortune-teller is visited by a distressed man. He has lost his family and is left alone. He seeks some type of direction, so he asks the fortune-teller for help. The fortune-teller sees him with a strange woman who would save him from committing suicide, but does not tell him, afraid that he would try to commit suicide just to see the young woman. The two grow closer together as the young man tries to get the fortune-teller to tell him what she saw.

    A young alien, sent from her home planet, crashes on earth, sparking world war III. America, Russia, and China all want the alien for research. The alien is confused by this and hides in a veteran's home. The war vet must decide whether to hand her over and stop the war or to help her get home.
    So yeah. If you have your own idea and just need someone to roleplay with you, I'm all ears! I hope to roleplay with you soon! :D
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  2. I'd love to RP the dome one with you-- please do shoot me a PM if you're interested and we can get plotting! ^^
  3. The first one sounds kind of interesting for something I'd like to try... Rather than a collaborative story focusing on two characters interacting, perhaps its just your character-interacting with the world, in which case I play the world? If its as crazy as it seems I could play a lot of little characters rather than making a big character sheet for one character. I'm pretty good at make-it-up-as-I-go-along which I could very easily with a full huge world to play around in. It looks like you already have another taker too, so its okay if I'm a bit late and you say no :3
  4. I'm sorry, I already got a roleplay with that plot going.
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