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    Welcome to my interest check!
    Firstly: What I'm looking for.​
    So. I'm a creative writing student and I've been writing since a very young age. I've read hundreds of books, mostly when I was younger, giving me a vast internal dictionary to work from when roleplaying. I do attend college classes at the moment, but very few so I still have much time and I'm at home a lot, so I need a partner that's very active and fun.​
    Here's the twist. I need someone for IM/Chat roleplaying and not forum (preferably). Please don't let my post intimidate anyone, I'm extremely loose when it comes to roleplaying. I just need someone who shares a passion for writing, is friendly, and open to new ideas. Now, I think I should get some things out in the open as one of them caused a downfall with one of my recent roleplay buddies.​
    About me:​
    -I'm almost always extremely friendly. There are bad days, but who doesn't have some?​
    -Roleplay is my escape and also a way for me to get many ideas I have out in the open. So, I do like starting new roleplays every now and then. BUT, if you ask me, I will try my best to stick with one for as long as I can.​
    -I'm not the most aggressive person when it comes to plot. But if you don't like that, just tell me and I'll do my best to contribute.​
    -I want a friendship preferably as well as a roleplay buddy. Just so you know. :3​
    -Please be on a lot...And if you'll be gone for a prolonged period of time, just please contact me before hand. If you can't for whatever reason, that's fine, but I'd appreciate it if you did. :)​
    -Also, I'd really enjoy if you could play both genders. One gender is so restricting.​
    Alright. So about my rp limits/ habits / preferences:​
    -I (almost) ALWAYS need something magical/supernatural in a roleplay even if it's a highschool set roleplay.​
    -I love fantasy and original ideas. I can do sci-fi but it's not my forte as I haven't done it too much. I'd be willing to try some ideas however.​
    -I do MxM, MxF, and SOME FxF depending.​
    -I can play males and females, although I do prefer males. It depends on my state of mind.​
    -I don't do smut. I have done it before and still do occasionally, but only with people I'm extremely comfortable with and know. So maybe, in the future, after a long while and if I'm comfortable enough, I may do a short scene. But please do NOT come to me asking for a purely smut or R rated roleplay.​
    -I do have a few pet peeves. Small some and bigger others. First, do NOT over use ... I can deal with three or a few more but do not under any circumstances do "......................" between sentences all the time. Second, don't try to control my character or make up it's past for me without speaking with me first. I'm very particular about my characters and that's mostly the only thing I am particular about. I may think of more in the future but this is all for now.​
    -If you have any questions, contact me via PM or here. Also, please state your favorite villain so I know you read all this. Sorry. XD-​
    Definite fandoms I'm willing to do:​
    Fem!Barnaby*xKotetsu (Tiger & Bunny)​
    Male!PantyxStocking (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)[Preference of character depending on partner and situation]​
    Male!PantyxMale!Stocking (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) [Preference of character depending on partner and situation]​
    * meaning I'd like to play that particular character. :) If you have any others you want to ask about, go ahead, I may have an interest.​
    I have many characters, and I may reuse them from old rps sometimes but I usually come up with original characters. I'm an Otaku, so I sometimes combine ideas from animes to create stories or characters. I can be a total fangirl, so be prepared~!​
    Great. So I sort of ranted...Sorry about that. I look forward to hearing from you!​
  2. Hello I am interested in your offer I prefer im over forum posting anyways. Message me if you are still looking and we can talk more if you wish.
  3. Bumpity​
  4. I would like to be your RP partner! <3 and my favorite villain... I guess I would say its a tie between Lex Luther and the joker (and not just because of the Heath ledger Joker, although he was good too)
  5. Definitely looking for some of the things you mentioned. Although IM/Chat RPing isn't something I do often, I would personally prefer a thread or PM's but I could potentially work it out.

    I have some very simple ideas but they can be worked on or perhaps a combination of one of mine and one of your could work.

    Favourite villain? Gosh I dunno that's a tough one...umm...I'm not a villains kind of person, Let's go with either Viktor or Marcus form the Underworld movies.