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  1. Idea 1

    A is barely legal, and like most teenage angst she hates her parents and is looking for a way out. A’s mother is marrying someone half her age, and A insists the guy is only in it for her money but her mother won’t listen. In fact..she hasn’t been listening for a long time, and the crumbling relationship has established hostility in A. Out of spite A makes a rash decision, meeting an older man at her mother’s wedding and establishing a sexual relationship with him. Hell, if her mother can fuck someone younger then she should be able to fuck someone older. Their relationship consists mostly of bickering that leads to sex, A is waiting for the right time to drop the bomb on her mother. However, when strings start to attach A fears she might actually be falling for B, even though he continuously explains he’s not here to be her savior. B on the other hand finds himself caring a lot about the younger girl, and when she starts doing reckless things for his attention he’s quick to bail her out of a situation. They both seem to want out of the relationship, but they keep finding themselves in each other’s bed. What happens when her mother finds out? A’s convinced she won’t even care, and B’s afraid of what his friends and family are going to think,

    Idea 2
    Muse A and Muse B are two criminals on the run. They rob banks, but they’re not typical hold up the bank robbers. They infiltrate, use fake names and fake resumes to get jobs and work inside the bank, learning the codes and the people, sometimes it takes weeks, but they eventually learn the codes to the safe. That’s when they return at night, sneak in, nearly empty the vault and then leave town after a night of drinking and gambling only to repeat their crimes in another town. Will they get caught?

    Idea 3
    Muse A works at a little book store, they love working there, it suits their quiet personality and books have always been their best friends. One night they forget their phone at work and head back in opening the door in time to get covered in blood as their boss murders someone. They discover that the business has always been a front for more illegal dealings and now that they know their boss wants them shut up. When Muse A runs off, their boss notifies the police and pins the murder on them.
    Muse B is a bounty hunter and gets the call about Muse A and goes after them. Muse B is the first to track down Muse A. They easily capture Muse A and start to take them in. Muse A tells Muse B everything hoping that Muse B will believe them and help them. Muse B does believe the story and decides to protect Muse A. They go on the run from both law enforcement, other bounty hunters and Muse A’s boss and their associates.

    idea 4
    Two rich people who just don’t care about being rich!! They just want to spend time with each other and laugh about the big shots they hang out with and have McDonalds "friend dates” and go thrift shopping and donate to charities because they just don’t care about money as long as they have each other. And Muse A is so in love with Muse B, and Muse B is so in love with Muse A – but they’re so oblivious. But it doesn’t even matter because they’re both lost in blissful ignorance and they make each other sohappy. And you can see it in their eyes how much they love each other – and the happiness they share is bestowed upon them by the other half. And they’re always flirting during fancy dinner parties, sneaking away while everyone bores themselves with business talk and petty gossip to wander around on the beach wearing a tux and an evening gown.
  2. Are you still looking for RP partners at all?
  3. yeah
  4. Awesome~!
    In that case, your first idea seems pretty cool? Unless you had a craving for any of the others, that one sounds great c:
  5. we can do that one :)
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