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:heart:Hello! I'm Evelyn, and I'm seeking a romance roleplay partner!:heart:

-I do not mind talking OOC, but that is up to you!
-I require proper spelling and grammar, as well as being descriptive.
-Sexual themes will be used, and I do not like skipping or "fade to black". I prefer going into detail!
-It is your choice whether we make forms for our characters, or we jump in.
-I am open to both realistic, and anime. Although I prefer realistic.
-I would appreciate it if you took a look at my full resume, as it will help give an idea to what I'm looking for.

General Info:
-I am seeking a [one x one] roleplay partner to play the male in a romance-based roleplay. I prefer playing the female.
-I'm very flexible with plots, storylines, and content!
-Please feel free to leave suggestions, or send me a message.
-Although it is a romance roleplay, I'm open to a libertine roleplay as well!
-Once we choose a plot, I prefer expanding upon it!
- We can also combine plots, if you prefer.

General Plot Suggestions:
- Arranged Marriage
- Medieval Times
- Supernatural/Fantasy:
Vampire x Human
Demon x Human
Demon x Witch
Vampire x Neko
God x Human
God x Demi-Goddess
Goddess x Vampire
Goddess x Demon
- Alice in Wonderland
- Master x Servant
- Maid x Master
- Master x Pet
- Dominant x Submissive
- Friends With Benefits
- Best Friends
- Enemies With Benefits
- Innocent Girl x Bad Boy
- Player x Good Girl
- New Girl x Popular Boy
- Student Council President x Popular Guy (Based on Kaichou wa Maid-sama!)
- University
- University Roommates
- High School
- Supernatural School
- CEO x Intern
- Babysitter x Teen Girl
- One night stand w/ Celebrity (ask for details)
- Dominant Guy x Resistant Girl
- Sister's Boyfriend
- Older Sister's Best Friend x Younger Sister
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Hey i was wandering if there is any way i could get in touch with you to write a more detailed explanation


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If you don't mind that I'm a bit of a slow poster, I'd love to plot something with you. Go ahead and PM me if you're still looking, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!


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I will openly admit to craving a roleplay where I get to play a demon.


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Please PM me if you're still looking, you've got some of my cravings on here!
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