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  1. I have a few plots in mind, but no one to Roleplay with! I have the basic standards that most roleplayers have, so here they are. Also, if you have any plots that you want to try out but you have no one to try them with, I'm totally open to any ideas!

    • I can post multiple times a day, unless the replies are longer than 4 paragraphs, then it'll take me a while longer due to the thought process.
    • I usually try to rely with the same amount of paragraphs as my partner, unless I literally can't find anything to write about.
    • I don't like it when I can't understand anything that someone replied with, so please try to have good grammar!
    • I only rp through PM, just because it feels better to me.
    • I don't mind sexual themes, but it wouldn't be all that good to make the entire rp about that.
    • I can use anime and real people as a face claim, or character sheet.
    • If you're dropping, please tell me! It would make me feel a lot better.
    • If you want to add anything, whether it be to add a new character, or a plot twist or anything that intensifies the drama, please do so. I love drama filled roleplays!
    • Don't be scared to ask me anything if you really need to!
    So that's basically it, hope it's not too much. PM me or comment if you're interested!:D
  2. {I'm interested! PM me some of your ideas.}
  3. I am also interested! PM me some of your ideas!
  4. I'm certainly interested! Pm me!
  5. ive been looking for new people to roleplay with im so in the mood deffo count me in pm me :3
  6. Just pm me if you want because I'm interested
  7. if you're still looking, I'm interested :)
  8. If your still looking than I'm totally interested.. PM me sometime and I'd love to hear your ideas! ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.