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  1. Nah here! You may call me Jessica, if you would prefer it. I'm rather new here, so I'm in the process of figuring out how everything works here still. I would love some partners to assist in getting me started roleplaying on this site. I'm certainly not new to roleplaying itself though. I've been roleplaying on various other sites for the past six years.

    Romance is welcomed in most of my roleplays. Unless otherwise stated, I'm open to working in some sort of romance in my plots. I'm also fine having no romance involved at all and sticking with friendship, family, rivalry, etc.

    I'm comfortable playing female, male, transgender, and non-binary characters. The only straight characters I will play are male or transmale. When it comes to romance, I'm sometimes willing to play the female in MxF, but my character would be bisexual. I will likely be more particular with MxF pairings than I will be with other pairing types. I've had a lot of terrible roleplay experiences with the MxF pairing type. I'm open to all pairing types.

    Expect to participate in the planning process. I do have ideas in mind for most of what is below, but I rather not just list my ideas off and then we just go with them without discussing or adding onto them. The only exception to this being what's listed in my signature. I have formed plots for those, and though I do welcome discussing those plots further, it is not required.

    Length of starters or replies is not something I fuss over. The quality is what matters. As long as the reply moves along the plot, I'm happy. My starters average at four to six paragraphs, and my replies are typically around one to three paragraphs. I try my best with grammar, though I do make mistakes as everyone does.

    I'm online most during weekends and will be able to reply more often then. On weekdays, expect a post a day from me. If I can't post for an extended amount of time, I will be sure to make my partners aware of this.

    Celebrity(OC) x Fan
    Alien Hunting Group
    Serial Killer
    Superheros and Villains
    Rich x Poor
    Rekindled Romance
    Tutor x Tutored
    Best Friends
    Transman x Transman
    Boss x Employee
    Stepmother x Stepdaughter
    Stepfather x Stepson
    Professor x Student
    Celebrity(OC) x Bodyguard
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Single Parent x Babysitter

    Fandoms - (for based off of, you don't need to know the show/movie, just ask me to explain)
    Orphan Black (based off of, with OCs)
    Sherlock (Canon x Canon or Canon x OC or parentlock)
    Switched at Birth (based off of, with OCs)
    Resurrection (OCs)
    The Middle (based off of, with OCs)
    Orange Is the New Black (Canon x OC or OCs)
    Wentworth (Canon x OC or based off of, with OCs)
    After Earth (OCs)
    Due Date (based off of, with OCs)
    Bloomington (based off of, with OCs)
    Now You See Me (based off of, with OCs)
    The Big Bang Theory (based off of, with OCs)
    There's also what's in my signature.
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  2. Hi! I read your description, and there's a possibility I would be interested in a Sherlock canon x OC roleplay, or a Harry Potter roleplay that you mention in your signature.
  3. I'm completely happy to play out any of your original ideas but the Single Parent x Babysitter, celebrity x bodyguard, roommates, rekindled romance and the superhero/villain caught my eye. I'd love to do any of those with m x m or f x f or if you want to play a trans character. Whatever suits your fancy.
  4. Hello! These all sound fantastic, but the runaways, assassins, and the single parent x babysitter ones particularly caught my eye! I'm comfortable in playing any gender so whatever pairing you feel would work with those concepts, I would welcome doing. It's all good, for me!
  5. I'll PM you about the Harry Potter one.

    Awesome! I'll PM you with what I have in mind for single parent x babysitter and celebrity x bodyguard, and you can choose which you'd rather do.

    Let's go with runaways. I'll send you a PM to discuss the details.

    I'll check it out. If I'm interested, I'll PM you.
  6. Alright, thanks!
  7. Hello dear,
    I am Mav, and also new here,
    and just looking for a few partners to rp with.
    I am interested in your Rekindled Romance or Professor/Student topics that you have there. :]
    I am able to match writing, though, since I am a medical student, I can sometimes be slow on posting.
    Though, I try to get at least one post out a day.
    If I am not able to, I will warn you in advance, especially when I have major exams coming up.
    If that is okay with you, and you can be patient with me,
    Then I am more than happy to be a partner. :]

  8. If roleplay is what you seek, perhaps Logos is what you need.
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