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  1. Since I couldn't delete this.. This is no longer open. I tried liberteen for a brief period, but can't get into it like I thought. My apologies!
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  2. Stable-boy x Noble***
    Angel x Human starting towards hell***

    I'm interested in both of these ideas!
  3. Interested in step brother x step sister if it's still open!
  4. Awesome! Shoot me a PM and we can discuss! ^^
    Sure is!
  5. What about an scp fandom
  6. Scp?
  7. Yay for once I'm not the clueless one I would like to thank...
    Its an acronym for secure contain protect
    Its like creepy pasta only more...realistic?
    You can Google it if you need more info
  8. Ahh.

    I typically don't delve too far into more horror-based themes, due to having high-anxiety issues. I wouldn't mind working out something else with you if you'd like, though!
  9. Depends if you do every day life in the compound instead of containment breaches its not really horror and more comedy
  10. I guess that could work. Shoot me a PM!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.