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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]Alright, sooooo…. A certain Sav is in need of a roleplay partner, because she obviously needs more excuses to procrastinate![/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]...And to put off catching up on my replies..[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Anywho! That's completely besides the point! :D Now.. Allow me to begin my...[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hello, my dear readers! Thank you most grandly for clicking my pitiful ad, to aide my search for partners! First off, I suppose it'd only be polite to introduce myself![/BCOLOR]
    Le Introduction (open)

    Le Introduction (open)

    [BCOLOR=transparent]1. Who is Savannah-Clause?[/BCOLOR]

    Who am I..? Well, that's simple; my name is Savannah. Though, most know me by 'Sav'. I'm a fairly simple small-town girl, who absolutely adores all life(That.. sounded hippie-esque.. o-o). I have an unmatched fondness of writing, and though I'm a mere adolescent, I have already accomplished many a novel(which, I've been speaking to publishers about getting them published! :D), and even a few comics and children's books. My hobbies consist of.... Writing, roleplaying, acting, gaming reading, singing, volunteer work, sketching, practicing stage/special effect makeup, baking, and more. So... There you have it, folks.

    2. How active am I?

    Welllll.. I'm actually on fairly frequently, most of the time. However, just like everyone else, I do have other things going on in real life. Although, I am most certainly not one to vanish without a trace(unless I die. ._.); though I may not message you directly about an absence, I will at least update my blog when things come up, as soon as I get the chance. So I recommend, if I vanish, that you check my blog to see why I'm not replying. Okay? Okay. Also: I reply on a frequent basis... So long as I don't have writer's block(it happens to even the best- Though, I'm not the best). If I do have it, I'll let you know, so that you don't think I've abandoned you.

    3. If any of you have any other questions... Ask away.

    Really, that's all I've got. .-. If you happen to have questions.. Go ahead and ask! "Ask and you shall receive," as the saying goes.

    Now... Onto my ideas/requests! :D
    Be warned.. I have some crazy ideas. .-.

    ~Pairings(be they romantic or not)~
    -The one in each pairing that is highlighted is whom I'd like to play(though I will gladly discuss with you and will be willing to play the other part if you prefer); the ones without highlights are open for you to chose who to play. And lastly, those that have asterisks are the ones I'm eager to do.-

    Mutant x Human**
    Mutant x Mutant

    Werewolf x Werewolf
    Werewolf x Vampire

    Prince x Servant
    Knight x Noble
    Hero x Anti-hero
    Internet friend x internet friend**
    Anddddddd pretty much anything else you throw out! :D

    ~Fandom List~

    Marvel Universe(Classic or Cinematic)
    The Caster Chronicles
    BBC Sherlock
    Once Upon a Time
    The Hunger Games Trilogy
    Harry Potter(I'm re-reading the books 'cause I hadn't read them in forever.. So I'll be a bit rusty)
    The Mindjack Trilogy
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Marvel v Capcom
    Super Smash Bros
    The Maze Runner
    And I probably forgot quite a bit. ._. If you have a fandom in mind, let me know, and it might be something I know.

    Now... Onto plots!

    -Same notes apply as with pairings-

    Born to be wild (open)

    Character Age Range: 15-19
    Pairing: Half-human x Human
    Gender Pairing: M x F, M x M, F x F
    (C1) had never been what you could call an 'average kid'. She stuck out like a sore thumb, at that. Which, wasn't a good thing, considering the fact that she wasn't normal. She was a shapeshifter.. A shapeshifter with lack of full control over her ability. Which, led to her being forced to lay low. She went to small schools, never ate out, moved frequently, and generally stuck to the house. This changed, however, upon her latest move; where she met (C2) at her new school. Her parents had sent her to live with her aunt and uncle in this new town, and Lord only knows how long it'll be before her secret slips out. After all... Wild animals aren't easy to keep a secret.

    The following plots are IN PROGRESS and have NOT been filled out yet!

    The knights of the not-straight table (open)

    I'm open to any other plots you lovely folk may have in mind, as well! c: I shall also be adding plots and pairings as they pop into my head. ^_^ On another note.. I'vegottagoreplytoeverythingnowsoIcanhavemoreroleplaysandtimeforwriting,sinceI'msick.PMmeorreplytothisthreadifyou'reinterested!


    Disclaimer: This request thread is currently closed. So many of you showed interest, and now I've got a bunch on my plate.
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  2. I'll do something Marvel related with you.
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  3. I'm down for that! PM me with anything you have in mind. :3
  4. I'm interested in a lot of these! PM me if you want and I'll let you know which ones I like. :)
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  5. Most of those ideas sound amazing. If you're still looking for people send me a message! ^^
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  6. OMG, SAV SAV SAV! We should do a modified steampunk version of Sherlock!! PM me and I can give you much more details
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  8. i would do anything marvel...Oh hey Sav!
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  9. Hooray! Hello again, old friend. :3 PM me and we can work something awesome out. :D
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  10. I hereby submit my candidacy. Should you consider me a worthy candidate, please let me know. *formal dragon bow*
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  11. If you're still looking for some more RP partners...! I'm quite interested in Bestest Worst Enemy plot, and some of the other pairings as well! :) Shoot me a PM if you're still available!
  12. -Raises my hand- Question: are you still open for a Vampirexhuman plot or the stalker/stalked plot?
  13. Hero X Anti-Hero seems interesting. I call dibs on Anti-Hero!
  14. Mhmm! Both are open. Send me a PM idf you're interested! ^^

    Awesome! Shoot me a PM and we can discuss! ^^
  15. Would you be up for two strangers who decide to band together in a zombie apocalypse, or some variation?
  16. Hi there! If you're still looking for a partner, I'm interested in the "A Tail of Old" plot and the "The New Kid in School" plot. ^w^

    Couldya please PM if you're interested in roleplaying with me? Thanks!
  17. Sav dear, I have a good idea for a Sci Fi werewolf RP. PM me when you get the chance.
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    I hope everything is well. Sorry I've been so MIA, I've been sick and traveling so bleh.

    I'd be interested in doing a Hero/villain plot with ya. What parings do you do?
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  19. Doing better! ^^ How about you? How's you? :D

    No problem. I know being sick sucks. :p

    Awesome! Shoot me a PM and we can discuss. ;)
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