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  1. I have quite a few years of role-playing experience, and a friend showed me this site so I think it might be a nice place to find an RP buddy or two ( or ten X3 ). So I'm looking for people to one x one roleplay with~

    I love fantasy, powers or realistic either one is fine by me. Actually, I'm pretty much open to anything but magic and science interest me the most.
    - Hybrids
    - Vampires/werewolves
    - demons and dragons
    - Curses and magic
    - You get the drift~

    As for realism (meaning no magic worlds and shit), I am totally into:
    - Zombie apocalypses
    - Actually, any apocalypse type roleplays
    - On the run type scenarios
    - Pirates?
    - Message me if you have any other ideas, I'm really open!

    I don't mind sexual themes/relationships but I really don't want them to be the main focus of the roleplay. As for length, I can work with anything. My replies are usually from 5-15 sentences long but I am about quality not quantity. I am a rather frequent role player and would prefer a RP buddy that could get more then just a few replies in a day.
    I mainly play my one female character ( Isabella Strifer ) but don't care of the gender -or amount of characters- you want to bring in -be warned she is strait though. Be warned, I love to screw with characters minds and break hearts. I love violence, torture, and making people cry with the occasional sweet moment~
    ( Hope that doesn't scare anyone off )

    Message me with questions or suggestions and we can talk, nice to be here and make a whole bunch of lovely new friends~
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  2. Im new too. In search of a roleplay.
    All my information is on my page message me so we can get somethin started. Maybe?

    Over and out
  3. Hey! If you're still looking for a partner PM me so we can work something out?
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Not open for further replies.