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    For the most part, you can find a partner for a one on one experience of just about anything out there, but it's often a little more difficult to get a group roleplay going, whether it's because you're not sure how to GM such a thing or you just can't find enough people interested...​
    So, if you could wish for your dream-come-true group roleplay, what roleplay would you get?​
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  2. This is a good question. >:3

    I don't have a dream plot or setting, so much as I have.... elements. It could be any of the great plots in my folder, so long as I accomplish ALL of the following things in the roleplay:

    - Developing the plot arc of every single protagonist. Where the characters each grow, change, and accomplish something. And somehow each of their journeys gives something important either to the main plot as a whole, or aids the main character in their mission. In a roleplay you have the opportunity to give EVERYONE their moment. >>

    - A romance that is believable and develops through natural chemistry, events in the story, and actually means something to the bigger picture.

    - Betrayal to happen to someone somewhere, because you can't always trust people and I really want to reflect that in the story!

    - A villain who is terrifying not just because of the awful things he/she does, but because you can see yourself in them and almost understand their reasoning. One that skirts the line between irredeemable and understandable.

    Hmm... I know there's some other things, but I can't quite think of them right now. D:
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  3. My dream group rp, Star Trek. Star Trek would be my avorite but it'd have to be like Next Generations and not like DS9 because although being on a space station allows for jump in's and such, it takes away from the exploration to me.

    it'd also have to be non canon building where Voyager left off. or the gap between DS 9 and Voyager.
  4. My dream roleplay would be some sort of a sweeping med/fant epic. I'm thinking kinda ASoIaF-style. Lots and lot of characters, each one with histories, goals, secrets, friends, enemies, lovers... and a plot with more than one major theme. XD
    I'm thinking there would preferably be 4-7 players, each with a minimum of two characters. I would love to play 5+, so the focus can shift from one to the other depending on location, plot, etc.
  5. At the moment, the roleplay that would be my dream roleplay would be a game of Werewolf the Apocalypse. I saw that there's a Vampire the Masquerade game around here, and while I adore VtM, I'm in quite the WtA kick right now. And while I'd be somewhat willing to run a WtA game, it would take more work than I'm willing to put in alone... *sigh*
  6. I've always wanted to do an epic quest roleplay, cliche as all hell with dragons and knights and wizards and elves and fairies and dwarves, but I'm no good with group roleplays; either I don't have the time to keep up, or the story gets sidetracked with characters who just want to focus on themselves instead of the story, or I can't find partners that I'd get along with (eg: ones who can write a descriptive post, use proper grammar and spelling, etc). I guess I could do it as a one on one, but I'd want a big, variable cast, and it's hard to find people who can play multiple, fully-fleshed-out characters :(
  7. What i really want more than anything is a bite on my Esper rp. I've spent good years of my teen years working on it and wanted to use it as an rp before i started making it into a book.
  8. It kind of just depends on the mood I'm in or something...
  9. I'd really like a superhero RP, but not like the ones where it's ll fighting and explosions - and not the ones that are 90% "MY PARENTS ARE DEEEEAAAAD"
    I'd play the part of the cynical hero - jaded and hateful, with some of his actions making it hard to tell who's the villain and who's the hero.
    My partner would be a perfect foil, able to argue their outlook, and do it effectively.
    Eventually, it would come to blows, and though one would manage to beat the other down, neither would really come out the victor.
    They'd never get around to making up.