Roleplay Thread: Part One: Arriving

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  1. Belladonna Fitzherbert

    Belladonna sighed flipping her hair behind her as she gave one last glare to her parents. "Mom what's the point in this? I want to find love." She tried to argue for the last time before her father stepped down from the carriage her mother following suit.

    "Belladonna, I know you don't like the idea of this Marrige but think of it this way maybe he'll be the love of your life and your soulmate like your mother is mine." Her father said and she looked up at him tears brimming in her eyes.

    "What if he is resentful and takes his anger out on me. What would happen then.." She said as her mother kissed her head.

    "Then you have a right to be angry with us but you need to give this a chance." Her mother said

    Victor Fontana

    Victor looked over at his father as he hopped out of the carriage and looked at the carriage. His oldest sister who had accompanied them here got out and hugged him. "Sis, I'll be fine I guess." He said with a smile.

    "I know you will but promise me you'll take care of yourself. Make sure that you act like a gentleman to your bethrothed,." His sister said giving him one last hug.

    "Alright sis." He said smiling before walking towards the castle he'd be staying in for a while.

    Lucas Ali

    Lucas looked at his mother and father crossing his arms in a spiteful and upset manner. He really didn't like this idea and his mother of all people should understand why he doesn't want to do this. "Well I guess this is goodbye, I'll see you in a couple of months mom." He said hopping out of the carriage and sulking towards the front gate not giving them time enough to respond to him.

    He heard his mother yell a goodbye and I love you to him but he just ignored er and waved his left hand in reply as he sat on the steps of the castle and took his drawing pad out and started to sketch something.

    Leon Falicer

    Leon sighed and played with his hands he had arrived about an hour previous and his father had told him to make him proud. The only thing his father had said was that. He wrings his hands before he starts to hum some random tune.

    He sighs and stands as he sees more people approaching.
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  2. ~Violet Cheshire~

    Outfit: Here
    Location: Her Home----> The New Castle
    Mentioned: @Meggie Leon, Lucas, Victor
    Interactions: @Meggie Leon,Lucas, Victor

    "What a bore. I hate this already."

    Violet was staring at the carriage that had arrived at her house. It was old looking, and was drawn by horses. It was bad enough that she had to go marry some idiot form the good side, but now she was being shoved inside some musty old crème colored carriage from the mideval ages. "Can't I just levitate there?" She turned to no one. Her father hadn't seen her off, why would he? He was probably drunk anyway, it wasn't any use trying to find him. Heaving a sigh, she stared back at the carriage, taking a deep breath as she stepped up towards it. "I feel like I am stepping back into the mideval era." She complained, the snake around her neck hissing in reply as she stepped into the rustic carriage. "Let's get this over with!" She called, slamming the door shut and kicking the wall in front of her, or behind the coachmen. Leaning back in her seat, she kicked up her feet. "Someone grab the some brandy." she grumbled under her breath as she chewed on her gum, staring out the windows, the horses slowly pulling the pissed female along the road.

    As the wonderland gardens started to pass, Violet groaned, and she reached over to her bag. Grabbing a water bottle out form her bag, she took a long swig, smiling as she felt the liquid burn her lips. "Ahh, the old liquor in a water bottle trick. Classic mischief." She mumbled, leaning back and putting the water bottle back. "I hope I have enough alcohol to last me this bloody marriage. Or enough bleach to cover up the bloodstains." She grumbled, going back to staring out the window.

    Several boring hours and a few cat naps later, Violet finally arrived in the stupid kingdom where she would meet her betrothed. As soon as she saw the castle, she got up off the seat, feeling the carriage come to a stop. Shoving the door open, Violet walked out, making sure to keep her snake around her neck as she walked up towards the step. "Barf, it's so traditional." She grumbled as she walked towards the steps, her hand smoothing down the scales of her snake. Walking up to the guys on the front steps, she looked between the two of them. Well they were cute, they had that going for them. "Well hello." She stated, petting her snake as she looked at the three boys.

    |Michael DunBroch|

    Location: Scotland ----> The New Castle
    Mentioned: @Meggie Leon, Lucas, Victor and Belladonna
    Interactions: @Meggie Leon, Lucas, Victor and Belladonna

    Michael sighed as his parents said their last goodbyes. "I'll be fine mother." He said, holding his mothers fidgeting hands as they tried to brush away nonexistent dust from his chest. "I promise I'll behave." He mumbled, pulling her in for a hug to calm her. Looking to his father, he gave him a quick hug too before climbing into the carriage. It smelled weird, and he didn't think anything would smell good until he returned to his native land of Scotland. Thank goodness for the fact that they let him bring his horse an bow with him, or else he feared he would die of boredom. He was supposed to be a king soon, and take over the kingdom his father ruled, but he didn't know how. Adventuring was so much better than being some stiff king all the time. He was setting himself up for trouble too. He was supposed to take back a bride, that had been arranged prior for him. And yet they wanted a villain to rule at his side.

    Heaving a heavy sigh as the carriage pulled up to the castle, Michael slowly got out of the carriage, looking around the area. It was much warmer down here than he was used to, but he would learn to live. Wearing a traditional princely suit that his mother had insisted he wear, with a little bit of leeway for him to decide what color it was, Michael looked around the steps. So far there was one woman dressed in vibrant hues of blue and green that stuck out like a sore thumb, a woman with blond hair and two dark haired males. 'She must be from wonderland.' He mused silently as he stared at the woman with vibrant makeup, shaking it off as he walked up the steps towards the men
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  3. ~ Lizzy Hook ~
    Outfit of the day: Beginning Look ~ Present Look

    " Drop the anchor , lads! " Lizzy called out in her ever constant commanding voice as she looked down to the men from the upper deck. " Aye , Aye Captain!" A slow smile crept against that of her lips at hearing the fine obedience from that of her crew. She turned slowly as her coat whipped behind her in the process as she looked out towards the large castle port that laid close to the school... To her doom. She sighed softly as she went down the steps quick as the crew scattered back and forth as they prepped the ship for unloading. To be honest she had no great want to be here. If she had her choice she would have stayed ship bound and never have left for such a petty reason as this one. Marriage.. The words felt like venom burning within her mind and body as she cringed at the thought. Why in all the bloody hell did she have to marry a man she didn't even know? What made it even worse was her betrothed nonetheless was that of a Hero... Stuck up little pricks. A frown furrowed more against that of her features as her eye's all but hazed.. She parted her lips to bark out a command when another voice.. A more commanding and terrifying voice echoed from the recently set up loading plank. She didn't have to turn much or watch the fear strike quick against her men to know that none other that Captain Killian James Hook had come to grace her ship. At that she lifted her hand in command to her crew to scatter and make themselves scarce as she turned to flash her father the most charming of smiles." Hello there , Daddy dearest... Do you have to scare the living hell out of my crew ontop of ruining my life as well?" Her eye's remained held to that of his nearly black one's as he smirked but a tad before running his hook slowed over the outer railing of the ship." My dear girl.. You are doing a job to our kind. You would think you'd be honored to take up such a task to gain never-ending riches." She huffed before laughing." You must take me as one foolish daughter who would love to give up her ship and ocean for mere money and a collar around my neck." Her father's laughter all but filled the air in his hearty tone as he snapped his fingers with his good hand. In that instant her gaze followed to a trail of "Coming Captain." Repeatedly being stuttered.. Mister Smee.. Reddened cheeks and stubby little body running up. " Mister Smee.. I assume you have my daughter's outfit for this grand day?" Mister Smee nodded quickly as he hobbled his way over quickly to her as he extended forth a large ribbon wrapped box before she shooed him as he fled back to stand behind her father.

    She brushed her hand slowly against the silken ribbon as she could all but tell this was an assigned outfit from that of her dearest mother. Lizzy lifted her gaze once more to her father." As long as this isn't a bloody ball gown I'll wear it.. Understood?" Her father watched her with great amusement as he nodded with a sweep of his hooked hand." Why of course , Deary.. Those are all but to come later on since your mother has already seen to having nearly twenty chests sent to your dorm." He gave her a slow shake of his hand."Now go ready yourself and meet me at the carriage." He turned to walk down the walk plank with Smee in tow before he stopped in his tracks." And don't go dare attempting to escape for I feel no wrongs in sinking this ship down to Davey Jones Locker , Deary.." She bit her lip as she nodded slowly before letting the words fall hushed from her lips." Yes Father..." At that her father vanished away down the plank and she retreated to that of her quarters to ready herself.

    Several minutes later she emerged fully changed as the red silk of the dress brushed against that of her legs. Her hair she had chosen to leave loose and had matched the outfit with a pair of leather heeled boots with a leather jacket in tow. With a slow breath and heavy steps she made her way forward out her door's only to be greeted by her crew as they lowered their hats in respect to her as their captain. The young cabin boy came forth and offered a rose to her as she all but felt herself weep inside.. This was her happiness.. These people were and now she was having to give them up for a marriage.. Oh the hell she'd make this man pay for this and her current sadness. With that she accepted the token with a soft smile as she tucked it into her long wavy locks." Don't you worry my matey's... I will be back for you all and my ship.. Marriage or no marriage we shall sail the sea's again! " They cheered with a sense of proudness in their eye's as she went down and found her way into the carriage. Quite a bit later they came to a halt outside the School ground where other students were gathered. Her gaze slowly met that of her father's as he nodded to her slowly from the confines of his darkened carriage. She pressed her hand against the rose choker as she slowly stepped down from the carriage as the driver held it open. With that she descended forth to mingle among the others gathered about as she kept to herself with an angered look still etched to that of her face as she attempted to keep from being bothered.

    ~ Arianna Telvarie ~
    Outfit of the Day: Beginning Outfit ~ Final Look

    Arianna wandered the gardens of their castle near the school as her hair played against the breeze. Today was the day.. The day that had been plotted away for since the very day of her birth. She wandered her way over to the pearl white stone of the balcony as she rested her small hands delicately against the smooth top. Her gaze skimmed over the oceanside than off towards the school as she watched carriage after carriage begin to arrive at the school. Her pastel silken colored skirts tangled against the wind as her mind seemingly wandered off elsewhere away from that of the very present time. Today her mind was occupied with the single thought of knowing today she would no longer be a single carefree kind of girl. Today marked the day in which she would become fully betrothed and in a sense settled down for that of the rest of her life. She would be meeting her husband and most would be giddy and joyful... Ready to cuddle up and love on that individual for as long as they would have them. Her feelings were the complete and utter opposite of that. She wanted to run and run far , far away from this all. She wasn't ready to be married and unsure whether she'd even make for a good wife as is. Her elder brother Alec had already been married off nearly two years ago. He at first had felt no love for Princess Alissia and nor had she him as all could tell. Yet , from what all could witness now... He was the happiest with her and madly in love with her.. Not to mention they were already expecting their first child. Why couldn't love be found as easily as that for her as it was for her brother and parent's? Was destiny to not be as kind to her as it was to that of her brother , mother and father? Her lips parted as she pressed her hand daintily to that of her lips as she calmed her thoughts within that very given instance.

    As she regained her thought process a slow silken voice came to ring behind her." Well.. I have to say I have never seen my daughter with that kind of far off gaze.. Going to tell me what is rumbling in that mind of your's?" Her head whipped around quick only to come and settle her gaze to that of her tall dark haired mother , Megara. A slow casual kind of smile came to hold against her lips as laughed a bit." You know me.. I have moments where I shockingly do worry about things... Demi God's do have those moments." Her mother laughed in her silken alluring flare as she came to stand by that of her." Well sweetie.. I'm sorry to say that is a trait both Wonder Boy and I passed down your way." Megara let her piercing lavender eye's hold to that of Ari's own." With that look though I can already tell that your thinking over this Betrothal business." Ari's head lowered to look at the ground only to have her mother step forward and hook her hand light under her chin as she brought her gaze back up." We all have our duties and as Hero's we must do such things to protect our people and all who we love. Wonderboy did that amazing thing and I didn't do to shabby myself if I say so." Ari found herself smiling slowly as her mother made a small fist and gave her chin a lightened tap as she smiled in that constant easy going nature. " I guess your right.. I really have no choice and duty is duty." Her mom nodded as she draped her hand against her shoulder." Well than , I say we don't go keeping Wonder Boy waiting in the carriage any longer. At that Ari gave a small nod as she feigned a content expression to her face to mask her anger and true disappointment in what she was being still forced into doing as they exited that of the gardens.

    She sat within the confines of her carriage as her mother leaned with a happy smile against her lips to that of her father. She watched them with a soft smile. What they had was something that had been fully taken away from her grasp in a matter of moments. She longed for what they had and now she'd be forced to marry a villain who would probably all but see her as a pesky annoying Hero whom he'd toss away in an instant with much care in his heart. The carriage came to a quickened halt as her father exited as he smiled up to her with his hand held out to her as she smiled back and placed her hand within the confines of his. He brought her in close as he hugged her tight as Ari all but found herself burying her head against his broad chest. He whispered lowly for all but her to hear." Be brave my sweet girl.." She kept the tears from falling from her eyes as she nodded as if she was but a little girl still." I will daddy... I will." With that she left his side as she spared not a glance back but walked forth with her head held high as she smiled to the hero's she knew with a smile as her skirts flurried against her as she stood on the top steps to lean against one of the pillars as she watched the arrival of the other's.

    ~ Princess Melody Virella ~
    Outfit of the Day: Current Outfit

    Melody wandered down the halls of the school behind that of her parent's and several of the teacher's and headmistress. The skirts of her dress breezed against her legs as her heels clicked against that of the ground with each given step she took. Her hands wandered upwards as she adjusted that of her crown whilst she kept a happy gaze held to that of her eyes as her mother glanced back at her with that constant cheery smile of her's. She listened as they spoke on how they would monitor and watch over the betrothed couples during their time her up until that of their wedding's. Her gaze wandered elsewhere away from the talk as she pondered the notion of her upcoming marriage. Of course this was her duty as a crowned princess yet there was far more to it than that. She also had a great amount of burdened duties upon that of her shoulders. Her parent's were the highest ranked of the Ruler's. They were the one's who had brought forth this agreement between all villain and hero's alike to bring peace to all through the marriages of their children. She herself had heard the rumor's that her betrothal had been arranged to be to one of the most powerful villain's children. A villain was destined to be her husband.. Her eye's trailed to the floor at the thought of that coming future in her mind. The man more than likely would toss her aside or cheat on her with another woman. Her life was destined to be one of sole duty to her kingdom , crown , family and that of all her people. In her mind she would have to put on a brave face and do this because it was something her parent's expected of her and that she as the Queen to be would have to bring herself to allow. She wanted love more than anything in the world. Yet , that was no longer a choice in her life to be had. Of course she would want to try and guide her Fiance down the right road and show him that not all that is good is bad... That she wasn't bad.

    They all came to turn down the hall as she watched her father nod with a smile to all before dismissing them. As they came to pass by her they all bowed and curtsied in respect to her as they exited the space to make the final preparations. She glanced out the window towards the onslaught arrival of carriages , cars and etc. It was than her parents came to her side as she smiled warmly to the both as her father began to speak up as they began to walked down the grand halls." Now Melody , My dear. Today marks a great day in our kingdom. Your mother and I are greatly proud of how easily you have accepted this duty. You know we love you and we only want the very best for you." She glanced off to the side at her mother as Ariel offered up a warmed smile as well." Your father is all but right , My darling Melody. Your our are world and we only want the best for you.. I'm sure you'll be able to make a change of heart in the boy because you have the heart strong enough for such." Melody smiled softly as she nodded briefly as she eased her arms around their necks to hug them both tightly." This is my duty and I will do it with a happy heart and smile to my lips.. I can only hope that I will ever have a chance to find a love like your's.. Villain or not I will be my best for him whether he likes me or not." The words she spoke were entirely genuine and meaningful as they fell from her lips. With that she stepped back from her parents as they said their final farewells before departing. It was more than likely that the next time they met it would be time for that of her wedding or ceremonies beforehand.

    In that moment she glanced in the mirror that hung nearby the entryway as she took a slowed breath as if to brace herself." This is my duty and I shall bare it with a smile constant and give my all to my... To my fiance.." The words seemed nearly hard to utter for certain.. She wanted love more desperately than anything and it rivaled against her sense of duty. She quickly shook the thoughts from her mind as she turned to the doors and braced her hands to the solid oak as she drew the doors open to step out. It was than she walked down the aisle after aisle pillars as she stood at the top of the steps to greet all with a smile and welcome them to what some would take a doomed life , a duty or simply just happily which she would would assume those would be far between.
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  4. Callaway Joseph Tremaine ☣ Senior



    Books? Check. Glasses? Check. Looked like a prep? Check and check. Callaway Termaine was on his way to his new school where there he would also meet his future wife. Honestly, this was just all so stupid and pointless, but he could never go against mommy dearest, especially when she believes that this arranged marriage can give them a high prestige. After all his sisters failed to do that, though Cinderella managed to marry a prince and though he would never voice it, he was happy for her. She deserved it. But he was the child of a villian, of course he couldn't say that he was happy for his step sister so of course he swallowed his feelings.

    Mum's the word.

    "You must look sharp. Sit up straight! Straighter...straighter...straighter! I swear Callaway, you sit up straight that I can tape a ruler to your back or so help me!" His mother yelled, giving him a steely glare. "You're going to be meeting your partner today, so of course you have to look good. Don't you dare embarrass me, you got that?" Lady Termaine questioned with a sharp tone. "Yes Mother." He replied back. "Be on your best behavior." A pause. "Yes mother." Silence. "Do not speak unless spoken to." Pause. "Yes mother." Another sharp look and a straightening of his jacket. "And most of all, make mother proud." A long pause. "Yes mother." Callaway answered in a monotone voice.

    It had always been like this, ever since he was young. His mother would tell him to do something and the only thing she ever wanted to year was 'yes mother' and if she heard anything other than those two simple words he would get a sharp lashing. And whether it was physical or verbal; well that just depended on her mood. Callaway was raised to obey his mother, listen to every single word and never talk back, even if he believed what his mother was requesting was impossible (and most of the times they were) but he didn't want to face her wrath. Turning his gaze to look out the window, he tuned his mother out (something he learned to do) and agreed when needed, answering with a mono tone yes mother. Though there was a certain sentence that brought him back to reality once more.


    "Should you fail, I will not recognize you as my son. You will be just like those useless sisters of yours." Lady Termaine's tone was sharp and unforgiving, steely and cold. "I am sorry, what?" He questioned, earning a hard slap on the knee. "Listen to me boy! I have raised you better than that! I might as well dump you as it is." His mother yelled, scratch that, raised her voice. A proper lady never yelled, neither did a gentleman, they were firm and strict. "I am sorry mother." He said, low and soft, caramel colored eyes moving to look at the floor of the car. "It will not happen again." He gulped, waiting for a response.

    "It better not." Unbearable silence, the kind of silence that made others uncomfortable and it made Callaway feel like there was a giant elephant in the car that was preventing him from speaking. Callaway knew that his mother was harsh, after all he grew up with her, but he couldn't help but let those words cut deep into his being. Though he knew that she gave him "tough love", it still hurt to think about the fact that she would practically disown him if he failed."Now go make mother proud, and remember, do not dissappoint me." He nodded. "Yes mother."

    Before Callaway knew it, they had arrived upon where he would be staying and he sighed as he got out of the car, standing at six foot four, the young teen towered over most things, including Lady Termaine. "Make me proud." His mother called out before she headed off and Callaway gazed at the retreating car before turning his gaze back towards the entrance. "Time to get this over with." He muttered under his breath as he set off for a new (and might he add) unwanted adventure.


    Astrid Alexandra Thatch Nedakh ❀ Junior


    Outfit she arrives in
    Outfit she later changes into

    A young female with bright blue eyes and sometimes looked as if there was a tint of purple depending on the light, sat in a car, a stubborn expression on her face. To say she was upset was an understatement. Young Astrid sat across from her parents, Kida and Milo and refused to speak to them. She was upset that they were putting her through an arranged marriage and they of all people knew that she wasnt ready to be tied down.

    There was so much to explore, so many other things to see and things to do, things that she felt she wouldnt be able to do once she got married, especially if she married the son of a villain. "Dear...please talk to us." With a huff, Astrid crossed her arms over her chest and turned her face away from her father, ignoring the way his face fell just a bit. She couldnt look, if she did then she would feel bad and give in. "Please?" He tried again. Astrid's father was always the gentler one of of her parents and of course being a daddy's girl, he was soon going to break her. "Stop being so stubborn Astrid." Her mother's voice was firm and under her father's voice she could hear him mutter 'wonder where she gets it from.' "Milo." There was a warming tone in Kida's voice and Astrid shifted her gaze over towards her mother before she quickly looked away again. "We aren't putting you through this cause we want to. It's to keep the peace." Her mother said gently and she fixed a glare, looking at both her parents.

    "It does not matter!" Astrid countered, pointing a finger at her parents. "You of all people should know that I do not wish to get married! I want to find love on my own like you and father." She said, throwing her hands up with a growl and falling back. "This is not my princess duty. Why can they not find someone else to fill in? She complained, letting out a long sigh and her parents did the same. "You are too young to understand how we must keep the balance." Her mother said as she reached over and patted her on the knee. "We're sorry that you're so unhappy Ash, but there are sacrifices that must be made." Milo added and Astrid gritted her teeth. She heard this spiel over and over again, now was not the time to hear it again.


    Shaking her head, she leaned back against the seat and looked out the window. Astrid really didnt want to end on a sour note, but she couldn't help it, she was just too upset at the moment. Upon arrivial, she looked outside and then back at her parents, the nerves starting to kick in. "Please do not make me do this. Please." She begged her parents and they both gave her a sad smile as they got out, a sullen Astrid following. This was going to be it for awhile and she wasnt sure if she was ready, but she knew that she was going to have to make the best of it.

    "We love you and you can always just call us." Her father said as he tugged her into a tight hug and the sixteen year old hugged him back as if she was never going to see him again.

    Taking a deep breath, she let go and hugged her mother tightly. "I will do my best, but I cannot make any promises. If they do not like adventure then they must suffer the consequences." Astrid joked, seeing a trace of a smile grace her mother's lips. A few more hugs and kisses on the forehead, Astrid bid her parents a farewell and turned to look at the place she will be staying before taking a deep breath. "It is all or nothing." She muttered under her breath as she headed towards the entrance.

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  5. Terrance "Tokota" Rolfe
    [BCOLOR=#993300]~Current Outfit: link~[/BCOLOR]

    He eye'd the small crowd with a mildly uncomfortable expression as the carriage that had been on loan to his parents pulled along the final few feet of it's journey. He hadn't know quite what to expect, but now that he was here his stomach was in knots. Not because of the people- oh no -he craved the new connections and friendships. He was all about people. No, the thing that got him was his own attire. He whistled non to softly from where he sat in the vehicle, "Talk about being underdressed for the party."

    In retrospect he should have kept his mouth shut. Suddenly his Father, who had only been calmed moments before, was rustled up into a panicked tizzy. He watched as Rolfe reached up to grab his own hair and pull, turning with wild eyes to his wife.

    "I told you, Pocahontas! I told you! I love you, I Do, and I respect your culture, but it's not respectable for a young man to be gallivanting around barely dressed in front of women who are not his betrothed! We should have dressed him in proper english men attire-"

    "Technically, I dressed myself this way," Tokota's interjection went unheard.

    "-We want him to make a good impression, Love! A good one! Not come across as some-"


    His mother interjected in a light, almost uninterested, tone. His Father went white as a sheet (as he always did when the 'S' word was brought up) and quickly assured to her, "Darling- No! You know I didn't-"

    His mother laughed softly, no malice in her, "I know you don't John. The shock is good to bring you back to your senses." Tokota could see the tension leave his fathers shoulders, all at once, like a sigh of relief.

    "Or the shock could have given him a heart attack- his blood pressure's rising in his old age." His good natured sass once again was glossed over with nothing more the a sharp annoyed look from his dad.

    "He will not hide who he is, change who he is. I did that once and it was the wrong thing to do."

    His mother must have been getting to him cuz his face softened and he tried one more effort to get his mother and his son to agree to at least wearing a shirt, "Who will his betrothed think?"

    "She will think he is respecting his culture."

    "What does it matter what she thinks?" He suddenly asks, feeling a small angry bitterness rise up in his chest at the mention of this girl he was to be forced to marry. He had tried to stay positive but now and would boil up in out bursts like this. "This is all a farce- it's gross. Disgusting! I can't believe you'd Allow this!"

    He turned, angry, to his mother. He knew he should bite his tongue. Should stop. After all, this whole thing wasn't their idea... But it had already started to spill over- and he couldn't stop it till it was done.

    "After your father tried to do the same to you! After all those people tried to Use You! And now your going to use me!? What the hells gotten into you!"

    He snapped his mouth shut the second he saw the guilty expression on his mothers face, and the angry one on his fathers. No matter how many times he saw it- it never filled him with the sense of victory it should have.

    He melted in on himself and sighed, "...I'm sorry. I didn't mean that."

    Silence enveloped them. Awkward- tense. In a word: Heavy. Thankfully his mother took mercy on them al and gently touched his jaw. She whispered softly to him, using her native tongue, "I know little one. You are right to be mad. Your first duty is to your heart, and your heart says this is wrong. My sweet Tokota, it seems bleak now- but keep listening to your heart as you always have. It will work out."

    He did not realize his eyes had watered until his mothers careful touch brushed the salted liquid from beneath his eye. He replied to her in kind- speaking the language of their people.

    "I love you, mom."

    She snatched him up into a fierce hug and breathed, "I love you too, little cub."

    His father, who had never been gifted in languages and had no real grasp on his wife and sons first language, gave a confused look. "I have no idea what just happened- but it's safe to say I love you too, Terrance."

    As his mother pulled away the carriage pulled to a stop.

    He wasn't ready.

    He got out anyways.​

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  6. [​IMG]
    ||Tate Kellin Grimhilde||
    It was difficult to accept what was coming.. His hazel eyes scanned the scenery of wherever they were currently.. It was uneasy to think about how he was being forced into a marriage with someone he didn't know to maintain a peace that was just fine before and had little to do with him. The anger in the pit of his stomach boiled and Tate scoffed aloud, the woman sitting next to him pretending not to notice. Tate tried not to act as bothered by it as he actually was.. It'd be hard to continue his life as it was now with some bothersome do-good-er watching his every move. Of course, this future wife of his couldn't stop much, as Tate wouldn't dare give up his constant flings nor would he willing give up any of his other habits. However the constant bickering Tate imagined happening, this girl would undoubtedly cause Tate to snap of irritation. "Wipe that scowl off your face, boy." The woman grabbed onto Tate's shoulders, as she began to examine his face.

    "Mother, please," Tate pleaded, wriggling out of the young blonde's grasp -er, well- his mother pretending to be a beautiful blonde. Her cold fingers wrapped around Tate's arm, and he began to get impatient with his rather persistent mother. "Let me have another look at you. No son of mine is going to go out looking like a heathen. You're a Grimhilde, so start acting like one," Gwendolyn exclaimed. She held firmly on to Tate's jaw, turning his face to each side as she examined him. Tate found this statement rather ironic, as his mother's bad nature along with her peaked jealousy was all anyone knew a Grimhilde acted like. "Mother-" she shushed him, and finally let go of him. Gwendolyn nodded but looked disapproving at Tate's clothes. "Maybe you should try color for a change.. All that black is quite intimidating," she said, bitterly, tugging at the sleeve of Tate's jacket. He was quick to pull his arm away as he gave his mother a smirk, "What's this? The 'evil queen' is intimidated?"

    "You shut your trap, boy. Or I'll shut it for you. I may not look like it but I'm still your mother. Show a little respect," Gwendolyn snapped, only resulting in a chuckle from Tate. "Oh! Before you go, promise me you'll say hi to that wretched Snow White's daughter for me." Tate frowned, a bit irritated with his mother. This obsession she had for that princess and her family was a extremely unnerving, and quite difficult for Tate to understand. And it irritated him that she often tried to push this obsession onto Tate. "Your enemies aren't mine, Mother. And I thought you and that pale bimbo made 'amends' or whatever." He'd have enough enemies of his own, he didn't need his mother making matters worse.

    Gwendolyn gave her son a disdainful look before nodding. "I suppose you're right. Although being pushed off a cliff can leave one sour." Tate turned away from his mother, quite frustrated with her now, and began to rest his head against the car window. "As can being poisoned by an ugly, old hag in the woods," Tate pointed out, and Gwendolyn glared at her son. The brunette looked out the window of the taxi cab. It seemed they had arrived. "Get out of here, Tate," Gwendolyn demanded, and Tate smiled at the blonde. "Love you, Mother," Tate challenged, and Gwendolyn only mumbled a few curse words before pushing Tate out of the car.

    His mother continued to grumble as she closed the car door, and even as she began to drive away.. It was nice to know that she wouldn't constantly be on his back for a while. If anything, that's the only thing he was looking forward to about this whole arranged marriage thing. Tate thought back to his plane ride, his mind not allowing him to take his mind off of the awful experience. God, he hates heights.
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  7. Quya Huamani
    [BCOLOR=#666699]~Current Outfit: [BCOLOR=#666699]link[/BCOLOR]~[/BCOLOR]

    She let herself be lulled into a state of half awareness by the drone of her mothers voice and the sway of the canopy they were under. Her mother had insisted the traveled on an upholstered plank hefted by Kronk and a few other men. Quya had argued they wouldn't make the whole trip. It had turned into a bit of a row ending with the agreement that they would spend most of the trip in a car and the last of it in her mothers preferred mode of transportation.

    "Are you even Listening, Quya?"

    Her tore her eyes away from her feet to gaze at her mother. She knew she had been caught, he defense- as always -was sarcasm, "Of course I am mother. I love your riveting pep talks and plans. They don't make me nervous at all."

    Yzma scowled, "Sarcasm doesn't suit your pretty face."

    "The controlling stick doesn't suit yours." She barked back.

    It did the trick, her mother softened at the mention of her (nonexistent) beauty. She reached out to card her fingers through her child's hair. Speaking softly she approach her 'pep talk' once more.

    "Your manipulate your words like the best of them, Daughter. Do not forget to do so when it isn't me. Don't screw this up- this is your shot-"

    "I know. Mom. I know. This is my shot at a crown."

    "Your rightly deserved crown," Her hand dropped from her hair, "Huamani women deserve power. Authority is in our blood. You will marry the prince and when you take power. Through you I will take my rightful place among the rich and power. Then you can do whatever you wish with the man. It will be easily enough to cover our tracks-"

    "Mother. This union is about peace."

    "For Them!" She suddenly snatched Quya's chin in her talon-like grip. Using the bone appendages she force her to look her dead in the eye. Quya noted that her eyes were a bit crazed. Sharped by there insanity. Her mouth twisted into a snarl in Quya's direction for the briefest moment.

    "For them this is about peace. For me? For you? This is about survival! Taking our rightful place. To long we have been kept in squaller- mere servants! Out ancestors were queens- our ancestors were goddesses! We deserve so much more then what we were given. You will marry the Arendelle boy, you will claim the crown, and you will earn us our place. If peace is a by-product, so be it."


    "So. Be. It."

    Silence stretched between them. Both sat tall and proud, glaring the other down.
    A power play.

    "Do not disappoint me as Kuzco did. You are my flesh and blood- I expect more from you then so royal blooded brat I raised."

    Quya's head eyes dropped, unable to tilt her head down due to the tight grip on her chin, "Yes, mother."

    Suddenly she was released and her mother way fiddling with her hair again. Lying it just so. She hummed softly before diving into instructions, "Make sure to stay out of the sun when you can. No tanning. It'll damage your skin. Never towel or blow dry your hair. Keep you face clean. Preserve your beauty-"

    "-It is my greatest weapon." She finished the mantra as the runner below them slowed to a stop. She gathered her skirt as they lowered the pallet down so she could exit. Pulling the draping fabric she pulled it aside, only to have her mother stop her. She turned to ask just what she wanted now- only to be cowed at the emotional look in her mothers eyes.

    "I would be honored if the future queen of Arendelle would write to her dear mother."

    Smiling softly she inclined her head, replying in a cheeky tone, "If her busy schedule allows."

    Her mother croaked out her laugh, "Go, brat!"

    Quya climbed from the pallet...and directly into the chest of an emotional Kronk.

    "miss you,"
    Little sob,
    "So Much!!!"
    Loud nose blow.

    With a laugh she reached forward to hug him, "It's not forever, Kronk! You'll see me in a couple of months!"

    "It's just so hard to see my little buddy growing up so fast!" He was nearly squeezing the life out of her. It only caused her to laugh harder (if not a little strained for air).

    From the pallet her mother bellowed an annoyed, "Kronk!"

    Almost instantly she found herself free of Kronk's grasp. He spoke very quickly then, telling her to get in contact if she was lonely or hungry- and to always believe in herself. He rushed back to Yzma after one last hug and a tearful 'i love you' spoken entirely in chipmunk.

    She fixed her ruffled clothing as she watched Kronk snatch up the front side of the Pallet..and then the back. Lifting it up on his own he carried her mother off, leaving the other men to run after. She was really gonna miss that guy.​
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  8. Damon Hail
    Son of Hades
    A dark Chariot carried a tall man with flaming blue hair and a much smaller band. With red hair that could burst into flames like his father. This Chariot belonged to the one man who ruled the under world. Hades was Taking His Son Damon to his last year.

    " My boy remember this is your last year make it count, you must help keep the balance." He said. Damon rolled his eyes." I know, Dad but I want to find my own love not an arranged one." He said. His dads Hair grew" WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE ATTITUDE... sorry sorry lost my cool there" he said.

    The Chariot Landed in the school grounds and he opened the door for his son." Behave Damon, try to get along with others. You chip off the old block" he said and bumped his sosns shoulder with his fist gently.

    Damon got out and grabbed his bags as he started to walk away from his father. He sighed as he looked at the school. He looks back as the death Chariot leaves.

    Elana Snow
    Anna and Kristoff

    Elana sat in her carriage with her parents as she looked out at the scenery it passed quickly. They had taken a two day row trip to get to the school. She hated being confined in the walls. She looked over at her parents. She sighed, they were so funny yet an odd couple together. " I do not wish to go, I want to go have an adventure see the world." She said crossing her arms." This s an opportunity to find your true love." Her mother said. Elana rolled her eyes." Yes but when it is a forced marriage it isn't true love now is it." She snapped.

    When the carriage pulled up, she got out and took her bags. Her dad helped her. She thanked him and sighed as she ugged him." Bye dad, bye sven no more carrots for you." She said as she patted the reindeer. She walked up hugging her mom and waved as she walked away from them. She sighed as she looked at the school this was her junior year. She sighed as she trudged for the school.

    Dallas Heart
    Queen of heart's

    Dallas peaked into his mother's throne room." Off off with his head." She said. She heard the creak and looked over to se her son." DALLAS my Heart what is it my dear." She asked him." Oh um mother I must be going to school" he says." Of course my dear come let's get you to school. She waves her hand at her advisors and calls for her carriage. Dallas puts his things on and gets in. She smiled at her son."I am proud of you." She said as they bumped along the road.

    Once at the school he looked out then at his mother." Well go on have a fabulous year my dear." She said and nods to him. He hugged he and walked out grabbing his bags. He huffed as he looked at the school. At least he was a senior and who knows maybe he find log like his mother and the school wanted.

  9. [​IMG]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]Li Shan[/BCOLOR]
    Current outfit (red)
    Interactions: None
    Mentioned: Everyone there.

    Shan rode his horse towards the school, five guards riding near him carrying his luggage. He insisted on leaving them behind and his mother told him no. What was with that women and never listening to him? That was the only reason he was happy to go to this school, he was miles, upon miles, away from his mother and father. Far enough to have a life for once. Having the wind blow through his hair, Shan looked back at the guards and smiled before flicking the reins causing Scorpio to sprint out from the pack of guards. "Sir! Please slow down, the horse can't keep up with the luggage on them." A guard called after him. Shan laughed and called back. "That's the point!" By now he was leaving ear shot range, and soon was gone out of sight.

    Upon reaching the school's stables, the surface men that would take Scorpio to the stalls were waiting for him. Dismounting, Shan smiled before brushing the sides of his pants. Looking at the male getting ready to take Scorpio Shan questioned. "Do you have a place I can change into something more appropriate?" The stable boy pointed out a restroom right inside the stables. Shan thanked the boy and went in to change. He wasn't a prince so he felt no obligation to wear something princely, and he didn't like tuxedos so he went with a totally different outfit, along with putting half his hair up into a bun.
    After freshening up, Shan made his way to the meeting stairs. Walking up to them, he surveillance the area and them. One could not be too careful when evil was lurking about. That was also the part that helped make his decision not to dress fancy. He didn't want to marry, so first impressions didn't matter to him. Staying quite, he went towards the stairs and leaned against a pillar. He didn't know if this was everyone.

    [BCOLOR=#800080]Nashira Rashm[/BCOLOR]
    Current outfit
    Interactions: None
    Mentioned: Everyone there

    If there ever was a day that Nasira would love to miss, it would be today. Just the idea of an arranged marriage put her off, but her father, Jafar, wished it. Your wish is my command. That was how she felt upon agreeing to this connubial disaster. How could he even think that she would marry a... hero? The thought disgusted her. Goody-two-shoes pissed her off because they seemed to always act like they were better than she was. She was human to, well with powers of course.
    Looking at her father sitting across the way from her, Nasira frowned. "Father, its not too late to tell the coach driver to return home." She told him. The look that spread across her father's face told her "no" a thousand times, so she sighed and looked down at her dress, feeling the charm on her head band leave her face, she remembered the night her mother gave her this dress. It was to be the dress she met her beloved in and Nasira couldn't help but think she was wasting it on this man she knew nothing about.
    Was she crushing her mother's dream of her wearing it for the man she would love? How could she know she would love this guy?
    "Throw your worries out the window, my daughter." Jafar told her. She forced a smile and returned to her thoughts.

    Upon arriving at the school, Nasira began to feel a knot tighten in her stomach. Why was she so nervous? Maybe it was the fact she didn't know who would be her future husband, or even if she would get along with him. Who was she kidding, he was good and she was evil, there was never going to be a connection between them; just a political move set up by their parents and school board. Letting the footmen help her out of the carriage, she looked up at the school. "Wow." She whispered. The school was luxurious and marvelous, almost like her palace. Standing there for a mere moment, Nasira saw the footmen struggle with her bags. "Ugh, can't you do anything by yourselves?" She complained. Walking to them, she smiled and lifted the totes. Each time she did they began to float into the air and follow an invisible path to their new "home." Thanks to her mother, magic came easy to Nasira; however, she could only do spells, curses, and enchantments along with seeing into the future and commanding people to do her bidding against their will. Turning, she walked to the others by the step, holding her head high. Examining the ones around her, she noticed the son of Aladdin and Jasmine drawing a 'pretty little picture.' Ugh so sweet, you're a dork and stupid. She thought. Looking at the others, there was a few cuties here and a weirdo girl.

    [BCOLOR=#339966]Kristen Gothel[/BCOLOR]
    Current outfit (dress is cut above the knee)
    Interactions: None
    Mentioned: Everyone

    "Mother please leave my hair be, it's fine!" Kristin cried as she tried to adjust herself away from her mother's grasps in the tiny carriage. Her headband was slipping and she doubted she would have time to fix it if her mother kept trying to fix what wasn't broken. Besides her white dress was going to wrinkle if she kept scooting away from her mother. "But, darling, I just want you to be perfect, after all mother knows best." She said, again trying to fix the headband. Kristin swatted her mother's hand away from her. "Mother stop, you don't wish to make me angry do you?" She asked. Her mother frowned a huffed out some air before slamming her back into the carriage seat. "Fine, but don't blame me when this man doesn't love you cause your appearance is poor." Mother Gothel said. Kristin rolled her eyes and looked out the carriage window the rest of the way to the school.

    As she arrived, Kristin hurried out the carriage, not waiting for her footmen. She wanted far away from her! She walked straight towards the stairs. "Just a little to the right, Kristin!" Her mother yelled from the carriage, referring to the headband again. Kristin groaned and turned with a flick of her rest, the reins snapped against the horses sides and sent the carriage flying down the drive way. Sighing, she turned back around and finished walking towards the others. She knew her head band was perfectly fine, her mother just wanted to embarrass her, thankfully it didn't work. More than plunty of people knew Mother Gothel was next to impossible to live with. Either way she smiled and went straight passed them, up the steps. Taking a seat on a bench, she waited to be taken in with the rest of the crew.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Location: Carriage --> Front Entrance of School
    Disney Parents: Belle & Beast
    Mentioned: Her Parents, People standing at the Entrance
    Interactions: Melody (@Shayla )
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE

    Arabella Beauty

    The whole carriage was quiet. Arabella had taken to staring out of her small window for most of the ride, ignoring her parents. They sat across from her, watching her expression as the ride progressed. Only once had her countenance changed, and that was when they passed through a village and she saw the children playing. Other than that one instance- which had provoked a smile from the princess- her face had remained emotionless.

    Finally, her mother broke the silence. "We're nearly there," Belle informed her daughter, feeling Adam squeeze her hand. "We're going to miss you so much."

    Arabella's gaze turned to her parents for the first time that ride. "I'll miss you too," she replied, offering them a smile that did not reach her eyes.

    Her father frowned at this, reaching out for the hand of his daughter. "We're terribly sorry about this, Arabella," he said, his deep voice gentle. "If there was any other way..."

    "It's necessary to ensure peace is kept," Belle finished for him, smiling sadly. "You understand that, don't you?"

    "Of course mother," Arabella nodded, her loose brown hair bouncing as she did. "Perhaps I will grow to love my betrothed," she added after a beat, leaning closer to her parents. "Perhaps this is fate merely bringing me to my one and only." This earned a smile from her parents, which meant she was free to return to her window. Of course, Arabella wasn't one to believe in fated love. But, if it saying so comforted her parents then how much harm could the white lie cause?

    It wasn't long before the school came into view, and Arabella suddenly felt her anxiety begin to rise. Instantly all the worries she had been suppressing throughout the trip flooded her mind. What if they don't like me? She wondered. Will my parents be okay while I'm away? Ara closed her eyes, trying to focus on her breathing. Everything will be all right, she told herself, only opening her eyes once she believed it.

    By the time her eyes reopened the carriage was stopped outside of the castle. Arabella briefly glanced out the window, seeing several people already outside. Looking to her parents Arabella gave them a sad smile, which both of them returned. "I love you two," Ara told them.

    "We love you," Her parents said simultaneously. Belle quickly adding, "Do remember to write us. Regularly."

    "Of course, mom." Arabella exchanged a hug with her parents, and a kiss on her mother's cheek as the door to their carriage opened. She allowed the man outside to help her out, thanking him as he steadied her. Arabella turned, watching as the carriage door was close. She continued to watch as her parents were taken away, back to their kingdom. Deep Breaths... Slowly, Arabella turned to face the castle, her silver jewelry shimmering in the sunlight. She also wore her tiara, as insisted by her father. The edges of her gown touched the cement floor, her hands in position to lift the skirt once she started moving.

    Already, the place was busy. Several adolescents stood near the entrance, some of them talking. Arabella's eyes drifted over nearly all of them, seeking out a certain person. Only when she spotted Melody did Ara begin walking, raising the skirt of her dress. Her heels clicked against the hard flooring, but she hardly paid any attention- she had grown up wearing heels, and so the noise they made almost always went unnoticed by the young girl. In seconds she was at the base of the stairs and making her way up, carefully avoiding everyone who blocked her direct path. She didn't bother to greet anyone else, for there would be plenty of time for such things later.

    Once she reached the top of the stairs Arabella called out for her best friend, a sincere smile grazing her lips. It was the first time she had truly smiled since she found out about the arranged marriage. Somehow, knowing that Melody would be with her every step of the way made her feel less anxious about the whole situation. "Melody!" Ara said as she approached the girl, instantly wrapping her arms around her. "It's so good to see you," she said, squeezing tightly before stepping back.

    Arabella's golden brown eyes looked Melody up and down before returning to her face. "And I was worried I'd be over dressed," She commented, nose crinkling slightly as a soft laugh escaped her. Melody was dressed in a ball gown, which stood out among some of the other things people were wearing. Though, that wasn't to say there weren't a few oddly dressed people in the crowd. Arabella slightly turned, to look at all the people gathered near or on the stairs. "How many more will there be?" Arabella asked, looking at each of the males individually now. It dawned on the young girl that the very boy she was to marry could already be there.

    Location: Boat --> Carriage --> School Entrance
    Disney Parent: Elsa
    Mentioned: Quya ( @Justaddnutts ), Tate (@Yandere-Chan )
    Interactions: Elana ( @Satan's Mistress )
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE

    Prince Emmett of Arendelle

    The journey to the school had been long and lonely. Emmett's mother, Elsa, had decided to stay home. She claimed that she had to stay to run Arendelle, and also that it'd be silly for her to make the trip there just to return home straight away. But, Emmett knew better, he knew she just feared sailing the seas. That wasn't to say that he didn't understand why- perhaps he too would be afraid of sailing if his parent had died the way his mother's had. Still, Elsa was not fooling her dear son.

    Truthfully, Emmett hadn't minded traveling alone. It gave him time to accept the marriage that was to come. When he first set sail Emmett had truly believed he'd come to terms with his fate by the time he arrived to the school, but he had been horribly wrong. In fact, by the time he reached the shore and loaded himself into his personal carriage his sadness had only turned to rage.

    Stupid, He thought at he stared at his hands in his lap. Marry an evil girl? How could my mother agree to force me into something so horrible!? He let out a long sigh, sulking back into the silk seats. He knew that he was being foolish in indulging his own anger, but what else was he to do? Pretend to be happy? Not likely. He wished he could just be excited about meeting the girl he would rule Arendelle with one day... but sadly this was not an option either.

    Emmett had been so lost in thought that he hadn't even noticed the carriage come to a stop. It wasn't until the door to his carriage was opened did he look up from his hands. "Prince Emmett, we have arrived."

    "Thank you," Emmett said, nodding. He cleared his throat as he climbed from the carriage, stopping to take in all the people that had already arrived at the school. Resisting a sigh, Emmett turned back to the man who had opened his door for him, and said, "I bid you a safe journey home."

    "Thank you, sir."

    Emmett nodded once more, before turning and walking towards the castle. Absentmindedly, he pulled at the sleeves of his sweater. His clothing was not what he was used to- He had always worn prince suits before this. Even the fabrics of his current attire was foreign to Emmett, and it made him feel uncomfortable. But, his mother had insisted it would help him fit in. Elsa had also mentioned that if he arrived in such a fancy suit the evil children may not take to him well, and the last thing he wanted was to give someone an invitation to pick on him.

    A little ways ahead of him was a familiar figure, carrying luggage in both of her hands. "Elana!" Emmett called out, jogging to catch up with his cousin. He reached the girl in just a few second, and as he fell into step with her he took one of her bags. "Did you not send your belongs beforehand?" Emmett questioned. He and his mother had sent several bags on a separate ship a whole week before he had left Arendelle, to insure that his things would already be in his room once he arrived.

    As he listened to Elana's reply, Emmett's blue eyes wandered around to the faces of everyone surrounding him. There were several unfamiliar ones, though every now and then he thought he saw someone he recognized. He also took note of how a few of them arrived, assuming this would give him some insight on who they were. For the most part this was not the case, but there were a few that stood out. For instance there was a beautiful girl with brown hair who had arrived in a pallet- something he had never seen in person before (Quya). There was another who arrived in a taxi, which stood out in the sea of carriages (Tate).

    "Are you nervous at all?" Emmett asked Elana suddenly, looking down to her as they neared the stairs leading to the entrance of the school. Plenty of people were gathered there, and so Emmett assumed they were waiting for everyone to arrive so that a greeting could be done to them all at once. "And, did your parents tell you who you would be marrying? My mother told me she didn't know."

    That was perhaps the worst part about it all- he still had no idea who he was to be marrying. The suspense was enough to kill him, and he was sure it would if he had to go another day without knowing. During his travels to the school he had spent much time trying to imagine the girl he would marry, which proved to be extremely difficult since he didn't even know who her parents were.

    Emmett began to chew on the inside of his cheek, a nervous habit. While this wasn't the best thing to do when he was nervous he was glad he didn't frost the floor at his feet like his mother would have. That would be horribly embarrassing. The teen was constantly feeling thankful that the control over his powers was stronger than that of her mothers- especially when he witnessed her in distress.

    Location: Her home on the beach --> Carriage --> The School Entrance
    Disney Parent: Ursula
    Mentioned: Everyone Outside the Castle
    Interactions: Her Mother
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE

    Emmaline of the Sea

    Click. Click. Click.

    The sound of Emmaline's heels against the stone floors echoed through the corridor. She walked with great confidence, her curled dark hair bouncing as she did. The young girl came to a halt a few feet in front of her mother, who sat at the dining room table. Before her mother was a plate, with half of a dead eel laid across it. Raw eel, Ursula's favorite.

    Ursula looked up from her breakfast, raising an eyebrow to her daughter. "Can I help you?"

    "I've decided I'm not going," Emmaline stated firmly, her arms crossing over her chest. "We are no threat, and I believe everyone knows this. We live here peacefully, don't bother anyone who doesn't come to us. I don't see the necessity of my hand in marriage." It was clear the young girls argument was well rehearsed.

    Ursula only groaned, she had seen this coming weeks before. She too was prepared. "Oh, you poor unfortunate soul!" She shouted dramatically, throwing her knife and fork onto the table. "How dare I give my daughter the opportunity to marry a prince! What a horrible mother am I!"

    "It won't be love," Emmaline countered, "And forcing me to wed a man I don't love does make you a horrible mother." She kept calm, knowing that if she too began to yell she would loose the argument immediately- Her mother would simply just steal away her voice.

    "Who needs love when you have jewels!"

    "I have little interest in jewels."

    "People to cater to your every need!"

    "I am a witch. I can get people to do stuff for me by the mere threat of casting a spell on them."

    "A castle to live in! A crown upon your pretty little head!" Ursula stormed to her daughter, grabbing the necklace that hung from her daughter's neck. "Don't you see, my baby, I gave you legs so you could rule a land!"

    "So, I will conquer a land of my own. I wi-"

    "No, no," Ursula interrupted, waving her hands. "You won't. There is far more good in the world now then there was long ago, you stand no chance alone and no one would be dumb enough to stand with you." This stumped Emmaline, she hadn't expected her mother to flat out tell her she would loose if she tried to rise to power on her own. Ursula smiling wickedly, seeing she had won. "Now then, run along. This will be the last you'll be seeing of this place for a long while. Might as well go say goodbye until the carriage arrives."

    Emmaline walked away angrily. Ursula returned to her eel.

    For her last hour at home Emmaline had chosen go to the beach just outside. Ursula had built their mini castle on the beach before she was even conceived- it had been a gift from Ariel and Eric in an effort to keep peace years ago. Emmaline was born just a mile away from the shore she walked along, in the waters like any other mermaid. Her first wobbly steps as a human girl were taken taken on the same sandy beach. And now she was saying goodbye to it all, to marry a stranger and help him rule some far away kingdom.

    Emmaline touched the necklace around her neck, looking out to the ocean. Suddenly, she took it off, dropping it carelessly to the ground near a pile of rocks, her clothing soon following. With a wide smile she dove into the water, purple tail spouting. She stayed in the water for a long while, filled with happiness, until:

    "Emmaline! The carriage is here!"

    Heaving a sigh, Emmaline flopped onto shore, reaching for her necklace. She put it back on, her tail and top piece painlessly disintegrated away- leaving only bare skin and legs in their place. Emma quickly got dressed and scurried of to the carriage, carrying her heels as she went. Her mother was standing outside of the carriage, smiling sadly to her daughter. "This is goodbye then," Emma said, giving her mother a last chance to change her mind about the whole deal.

    "Only until you're a princess," Ursula answered, pulling her daughter in for a hug. Then, wordlessly, Emmaline climbed into the carriage. She applied new make up and only twenty minutes into the ride she fell asleep- swimming had taken a lot out of her.

    Only when they arrived at the school was she woken, and the man who woke her received a death glare. She helped herself out of the carriage, looking around and putting on her heels. By now her hair had dried, going back to it's naturally curly style. Emmaline's lips stretched back into a maddened smile, a glint appearing in her eyes as she observed the goody-goodies. She might hate the reason she was here, but that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy herself in hell.

    "Let the fun and games begin."

    Location: Maleficent's Castle ---> The School Entrance
    Disney Parents: Maleficent
    Mentioned: Victor, Lucas, Leon ( @Meggie ), Violet ( @IceQueen ), Astrid ( @Stargazer - Yay! You're taggable now!)
    Interactions: His Mother
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE

    Blake Maleficent

    Deep in Maleficent's castle laid a boy, staring up at the ceiling. He wore a bored expression, and was clothed in the outfit his mother had picked out for him the night before. Though, he had changed the color of the jacket from brown to black using magic- it suited him better. All was silent, until...


    The boy did not answer. It was clear his mother was angry, and so he wasn't going to give his location away. Only a fool would do sick a thing. Still, it didn't take even a minute before the doors to the room flew open, slamming against walls. Maleficent came marching in, her black gown flowing behind her.

    "There was a carriage here for you this morning," She said, her voice calm but it was still very obvious she was furious. "I just received word you never boarded... Why not?"

    "The horses had pink hair," Blake replied simply, shrugging his shoulders. He hadn't even bothered to look at his mother. "I wasn't going to arrive in a carriage drawn by horses with pink hair."

    Maleficent pinched the bridge of her nose. She loved her dear boy, and yet no one had ever infuriated her as much as he. After muttering some curse words under her breath she walked over to her son, kneeling over and grabbing his ear. She pulled him to his feet ("Ow- Ow. Ow! Okay!") and then straightened out her son's clothes. "You're worried about your image, huh?" She asked sarcastically, anger now properly displayed in her tone. "Well, I wonder what message it will send if you arrive with your mother."

    Blake looked into his mothers eyes, his features hardening. "You wouldn't."

    Maleficent smiled, leaned towards her son and whispered, "Watch me."

    A snap of her fingers.

    A puff of green smoke.

    And they were standing in front of the school.

    Maleficent smiled as she watched the waves of green smoke roll away, satisfied with their entrance. "Now, then," She said, talking loudly so as to get the attention of as many people as possible. She straightened her son out once again, fixed his hair, licked her thumb and rubbed it on his cheek. "Be a good little boy. Oh, and don't worry about your teddy bear, I'll be sending it in the mail shortly." Maleficent kissed Blake's forehead, and with a wink and another puff of green smoke, she was gone.

    Blake stood where he was for a short while, hands balled into fists. Had it been anyone else who treated him like that he would not have just stood there and allowed it to happen- but Blake feared his mother. He recognized her as the force to be reckoned with she was, and would not dare stand up to her. She was the only person though.

    Raising his gaze to look around, Blake ran his fingers through his hair to make it look more lazy looking. He had perfected the bad-boy hairstyle before he could even cast a spell. Once he was good and ready Blake made his way to the entrance, standing among the other students.

    So, he thought, raising an eyebrow, I am to marry somewhere here. Just... Great. He rolled his eyes at the thought, scanning a few of the people nearest to him. There was a girl with blonde hair and light skin, wearing all blue (Astrid). Such a pretty face... but so obviously a good girl. What a utter waste of looks that could manipulate nearly any male. His eyes then shifted to a girl with short purple hair (Violet). Now, there's someone who's clearly evil, He thought, looking her up and down. But far too vibrant, she's annoying to look at. Clearly from that retched Wonderland.

    He then looked to the three boys the girl with purple hair was talking to (Victor, Lucas, Leon). A Ginger, an Arabian and a African-American, Blake thought, shaking his head. Sounds like the starter to some bad racist joke. Sighing, Blake looked around. There can't possibly be anyone else to wait for, there are already so many people here.

    "What's the hold up?" Blake asked out loud, clearly annoyed with the standing around. "Let's get this show on the road!"

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    Oufit: Here
    Location: Home ---> Front of the school with everyone else
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    "Enlighten me on why I have to go to this place and marry some man I don't know"

    Onyx crossed her arms over her chest as she spoke to her mother. She really didn't understand why she had to marry in the first place. It would put an end to so many great things in her life. Partying, flirting, all of it would be over. It'd be a complete travesty!

    "Because I said you are and what I say goes, my dearest." Cruella spoke and looked her daughter up and down, admiring her outfit. "Hopefully he has enough money and patience to handle your shopping habits and temper." Cruella crossed her arms over her chest, mimicking her daughter. "Not to mention your mood swings." Onyx shook her head and rolled her eyes at her mother's comments.

    There were so many things that could go wrong with an arranged marriage. What if the guy was ugly? What if he didn't know how to dress well? What if he only took showers once a month and smelled like a wildebeest?! Onyx thought about all of the things that could happen with this arrangement when it hit her. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.

    "Mother! What if he doesn't know the difference between spots and dots!?" The thought of that was just too much for her to bear.

    "What if he doesn't know how to dress?! What if he doesn't lift, so he's not able to carry all of my shopping bags or carry me across the threshold or whatever?!"She exclaimed, hoping her mother would change her mind.

    Cruella chewed her bottom lip, thinking about all of the things her daughter had said. Onyx's face lit up with happiness, thinking her mother was going to let her stay at home. All of her hope gone when she said, "Hmm, well it looks like you're just have to get over it aren't you hun?" Cruella ran her fingers through her daughter's hair and smiled before she noticed the carriage.

    "Looks like your ride is here my sweet. You will have fun." Cruella smiled as she pushed her daughter out the door. Onyx scoffed and rolled her eyes, making her way into the carriage.

    The carriage ride was very uneventful and Onyx spent most of it on her phone and napping. Onyx arrived at the school and took a look around. It wasn't like the schools she'd been to, way bigger and more people she didn't really care about. Of course there were going to be a few that she did like and wouldn't have a problem being seen with. Onyx walked up to a girl with jet black hair who'd looked like someone she would get along with. "Hi." She smiled at the girl before removing her sunglasses and settling them atop her head. "Would you happen to know the difference between spots and dots? I'm Onyx by the way." She spoke. This was usually the conversation starter for Onyx. Anyone who knew the difference between spots and dots was a friend in her book. Well.... almost anyone..


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    Zachary groaned and fidgeted as his mother dressed him and combed through his hair. She'd picked out the most ostentatious outfit ever for him to wear, and on top of that, even took it upon herself to dress him.

    Zach felt as if he was back in kindergarten when he couldn't quite get the idea of matching his shirts and pants so his mother would pick out his clothes. It was very embarrassing and unnerving that his mom was dressing him at 17 years old.

    "Why do I have to wear this outfit Mother?" He groaned

    "Because you're going to be meeting your fiancee soon. You must look your best to make a good first impression." She smiled, standing back to look at her son. Zach turned to the mirror to look at himself. He didn't like the way he looked in this outfit. He didn't really look like himself.

    "I could look my best and make a good first impression in jeans and a nice button up Mom. I'm a nice guy, I don't think I need flashy clothes to make a good impression." Zach spoke. He attempted to put his hands in his pockets before he realized he has none. He didn't know why he had to get married so soon, but he wasn't going to go aganst the wishes of his mother. He didn't really have a problem with an arranged marriage, he just wish he could meet the girl and maybe get to know her a little bit more before marrying her.

    "Oh my sweet boy, you're right. You are the sweetest most handsome man in my life. Before your father even." Aurora giggled. "Please just humor me. You can change once you get there, okay?" She smiled at her son. She was right about him being the sweetest boy in her life. Zachary has always been a sweet boy that often put others before himself. Zachary was the type of guy who always gave people the benefit of the doubt, gave way too many second chances and would always do whatever it takes to make sure the people he cared about were okay. That was just how he was.

    As to not hurt his mother, Zachary sighed and nodded. "Alright Mom, I'll wear it. But when as soon as I get the chance to change, I'm going to take it." He chuckled and his mother nodded, her face lighting up with happiness. "It's a deal. You be sure to tell me as much as you can about your experiences when you get there Zachary." Aurora hugged her son tight and Zachary hugged back before pulling away. The two walked outside and to the carriage. "I love you Mother. I'll update you on things as much as I can." He smiled and waved as the carriage rode off.

    The carriage ride made Zach a bit nervous. To think that he was going to a school to meet his future wife and eventually get married. He was a bit nervous in all honesty. What if she didn't like him? What if she hated him?! It was one thing to not like someone, but hate was a completely different emotion. He would just have to get used to it. When his mother first told him about the arrangement, he made a promise that he'd be there for his soon to be wife no matter what. 'Whether or not she wants me to, I'll always give her my all.' That's what he said and he wasn't going to go back on his word.

    When they got to the school, Zach's heart started to pound. He was really doing this. It wasn't a dream. Pinching himself wasn't going to wake him up because this was real. He took a deep breath and got out, looking around at his new surroundings. He smiled when he saw all of the people he'd soon make friends with. Or even enemies to be honest. He looked around at all of the women, chewing on his bottom lip. His soon to be wife could be here already and he won't even know until he met her. Now that was a scary thought.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Belladonna Fitzherbert

    Belladonna snapped around as she heard a female voice the realized she was taking to the two males siting close together on the steps. She was a shy and quiet person and as she looked around people seemed to think differently than her because the female who had spoken was quite enthusiastic or that's what it seemed like to her.
    That's when she saw even more people started to show up and her eyes searched for and signs that she was going to have to speak. Her hands shook slightly as people kept arriving and she looked around in a anxious sort of panic. She was starting to get nervous about meeting her fiancée, that was forced upon her.
    Have you ever felt like your gunna cry, puke, and run all at the same time? That's how she felt because she was sort of afraid that she was going to make a fool of herself so she just sat there quietly. She wouldn't speak unless she was spoken to and she wouldn't be seen as a target for bullying. She'd be fine.
    She wanted to have friends she really did, but the fact that she was shy usually got in the way of that. And even to her surprise two small words came out of her mouth, "Hello Everybody."


    Lucas Ali
    The Prince of Agraba looked up as he heard someone say hello to him and the male that had sat next to him. He ran his left hand through his hair as he looked at the female that had spoken to him. Her hair was purple and that was something he had never seen in his life and it intrigued him.
    "Hello there, I'm Lucas Ali, what's your name?" He said in a weirdly happy way. Maybe there was something that he wanted. He wanted friends and that was probably why he was so enthused when someone had said hello to him. He had never been outside of his palace walls and never been around people his age. He did most of his schooling at home and the prospect of actually going somewhere other than home was exciting.
    He stood out of respect as he was taught by his mother; women were to be respected even if you did not want to. He wondered who he was supposed to marry, maybe it was this woman.
    Victor Fontana (Note I Changed his faceclaim)
    Victor crossed his arms and looked the girl over for a split second and then merely gave a nod. He wore a black leather jacket, green t-shirt, and a dark pair of blue jeans. Even though he had been sheltered he knew that there were thing that he had no clue about.
    He had promised to act like a gentleman and that he would be what he acted like. That did not mean he had to talk to anyone but if necessary than he would. He was reserved and he was not really ready to take on the commitment of a wife or even a fiancée as he had never really had a girlfriend because his siblings that were extremely protected.
    As a young child he was taught to respect others not by his father but his mother and older sister, Maria.
    Leon Falicer
    Leon looked down the steps as someone said "Hello Everbody." Like it was an everyday thing to be pushed into a marriage at 17-18 years of age. He looked to see who it was and saw a blonde who seemed actually sort of perky.
    He decided it was time for him to speak.
    "Hello everyone, I'm Leon, It's a pleasure to meet you all but not under these circumstances it would have been nice for us to be able to find our own love now wouldn't it?" He said before he could stop himself and sighed pinching the bridge of his nose

  13. ~Violet Cheshire~

    Outfit: Here
    Location: Her Home----> The New Castle
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    Violet sighed as she looked at the man who addressed her. He stood up all proper like, and he seemed to light up a bit looking at her. Violet took one long hard look at the man. 'Not bad, but he could use some work.' She thought, looking at the boy in front of her, who introduced himself as Lucas. Tilting her head to the right, Violet a wicked smile come to her face. "Violet. Violet Cheshire, the wickedest kitten of wonderland if you don't mind." She said with a grin, her long fingernails tapping on the side of her leg as she looked over at him. "You know there is great thing called alcohol, you should try it sometime." She said with a grin. "That is if you are enough of a free man." She mumbled

    Looking around at the males, Ann noticed a few good ones, and she looked back at Lucas. "So... where the hell are we supposed to go because I don't want to hang around outside here anymore. It makes me want to vomit." She said, groaning as she looked up at the castle. "So old looking." She grumbled.
  14. [​IMG]
    Erin Amelia Charming
    "You're not mad, are you, sweetie?" Erin shifted her gaze from the carriage window to her mother. She gave a gentle smile to her mother, and squeezed her hand. "I'm fine, mother. I promise," Erin reassured, knowing she was just comforting them with white lies. If she had been honest, this was actually quite upsetting. Her parents often neglected her fear of social situations, and often times put her in pressuring situations such as this one.. Maybe not as severe, but still uncomfortable. Ella smiled at Erin's father, "I told you our little girl was fine. You were worrying over nothing, again, David." Erin avoided their gaze, as she continued to think. Her mind was going a mile a minute, so it was quite difficult to decipher her thoughts. This whole situation was made her uneasy, which only made it harder to please the Charmings. "Actually, would you mind telling me.. the name of my betrothed?" Erin questioned, turning back toward the window. She already knew the answer to this, but she was still willing to try.

    "We wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for you, sweetie! Don't worry, I'm sure he's a handsome man!" Ella responded, and the princess nodded. Of course, looks was the last thing on her mind, but she didn't dare try and reason with her mother. Ella could be.. demanding at times. And it was best to just go along with whatever see was telling you to do, and keep your mouth shut. Erin's father seemed to learn this the hard way.. "I know this isn't the ideal situation but-" "It's for the sake of the peace we've tried so hard to maintain. I know, father. I'm alright.." David nodded cautiously, before turning away. At least her father was a bit rational. He seemed to be the wiser one of her parents. Ella beckoned Erin toward her, placing her hand on her daughter's cheek as she swept a stray hair from Erin's face. "I love you, sweetheart. We love you. I'm proud to have raised such a beautiful daughter," Ella exclaimed, as the carriage came to a stop.

    Erin exited the carriage, looking back at the couple sitting in it. She didn't turn around again until they were long gone. Examining the other students who had already arrived, Erin suddenly felt a wave of doubt as she looked at the varying apparel of each of the students. Compared to a hoodie and a pair of jeans, Erin felt over dressed. Her own attire felt like a costume. The big pearls, along with the baby blue gown just screamed royalty and Erin didn't like it.. Her icy blue eyes scanned the crowd once more, this had seemed like a bigger group than she had originally anticipated. There already seemed to be a big portion of the students invested in their own cliques and such. Erin frowned. She'd never understand those stupid social groups. She spotted a beautiful brunette with similar attire (which eased Erin's mind) (Arabella), a petite blonde (Belladonna), and a spunky purple haired girl (Violet) among others.

    But what was this? The glasses.. The familiar facial structure. Erin almost screamed at the realization of who she was staring at. She could already feel the tears forming in her eyes as she began to run (or speed walk) toward the brunette male. Tripping over what seemed to be a flat surface, Erin caught herself before she stumbled onto the ground and continued to make her way toward the familiar male. "Callie!" Erin exclaimed, upon entering earshot distance from Callaway. It was Cal that Erin had grown up with, and it was Cal that had somehow managed to slip through her fingers, despite her best efforts. Erin practically tackled the male, as she wrapped her arms around him. "Oh my God. Why didn't you tell me you were getting married?!" Upon the realization that they hadn't spoken in years, Erin released her friend as she cleared her throat. "It's so nice to see that vomit-educing face of yours!"

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    Quinton William Liddel
    "Quinton!" The blond immediately awoke from his deep slumber, hitting his head on the top of the car as he quickly sat up. "Ow.." The male whimpered, looking sullenly up at his mother. He began to groggily rub his eyes. How long had he been asleep for? That didn't matter.. What mattered was the emptiness of Quinton's stomach. "Seriously, this habit of yours to fall asleep wherever you choose is worrying me. Maybe you should go to bed earlier.." Quinton began to tune his mother out, as he examined the backseat of the car. His seat belt had left a hard mark where Quinton had taken it off, and the sandwich he had began to eat earlier was securely sealed up, and placed in the ice chest again. Without hesitating, Quinton finished the sandwich in three bites and was disappointed to find he was still happy. "Quinton!" His mother shouted again, causing Quinton to jump. "Were you even listening?"

    "Not at all.. What were you saying?" Quinton questioned, pulling at the sleeves of his jacket. Alice looked frustratingly at John, Quinton's father. "We were asking how you felt about the whole thing," John replied calmly, without taking his eyes off the road. Quinton nodded, sitting back in his seat, a bit restless. "Honestly? Not a fan. But I guess I'm fine with it.. It's an opportunity to meet new people and make a commitment I'd never make on my own," Quinton shrugged, biting into a granola bar he had found. He probably should've been taking the whole situation a bit more seriously, but it was hard for Quinton to think about something that bothered him. He'd rather focus on the positive things.. Like the combination of chocolate and peanut butter in that granola bar of his. "And you're okay if being forced to marry someone you don't love?" Before Quinton had a chance to respond his father stepped in, "Alice-"

    "No, John! This isn't right! Quinton should be allowed to choose who he spends the rest of his life with! It shouldn't be appointed by some fish and a shallow prince! He doesn't even know this girl!" Alice protested, and Quinton continued to quietly chew his heaven bar. This was just like his mother, fighting for things that even the person she was protecting didn't think was worth fighting over. "That may be true, but-" "But nothing! This is all bullshit and my son shouldn't have to be used as a pawn this way!" Sometimes she could get too rallied.. Quinton swallowed the rest of his granola bar before interrupting, "Mum, it's fine. I want to do this, I want to help. And if that means marrying this girl, then I'll marry her." John hummed quietly, a smug look on his face. "We need to support his decision, dear.." John concluded, and Alice refused to talk for the rest of the way to the school.

    The car came to a slow stop, and Alice grabbed onto Quinton's arm before he exited the cab. "We love you, Quinton. That's why we're so worried about your happiness," John explained and it was then that Quinton noticed the tears rolling down his mother's cheeks. "Just don't forget about your dear, old parents, okay?" Quinton grinned at Alice, as she let go of him. "Never," he reassured, before exiting the car. "Oh, and Quinton? Stay away from that Violet girl," Alice pleaded, sounding a bit tired. Quinton easily spotted the purple haired female in the sea of the other students. "Will do." And with that, his father began to drive off. Quinton waited for the two to turn the corner, before striding over to Violet and the others. Placing his arm around her small shoulders, Quinton greeted his old friend. "How's my little Kitten doing?" Quinton questioned, gazing up at the male standing in front of Violet.

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  16. [​IMG]
    Location: The School entrance
    Disney Parents: Kida and Milo
    Mentioned: Blake, Ariana 《@Brea, @Shayla
    Interactions: Blake, Ariana@Brea @Shayla

    ❀Astrid Alexandra Thatch Nedakh ❀Left all alone, Astrid was left to wonder what to do. She could contemplate her life, curse her parents for making her get married or she could suck it up and accept it. She chose the one that had the more dignified option.

    Taking a deep breath, she walked up the steps of the school and towards the entrance. She could feel her stomach churn as she gazed at the new faces around her, people that she would be spending her time with. Now don't get her wrong, Astrid was not one to get nervous so easily but anyone would be when they were suddenly thrown into a new place, told to marry someone they've never met. It was just so much to take in and she wasnt sure if she could handle it. Well actually, of course Astrid could handle it, she was the child of Kida and Milo, the intelligent explorer and the warrior princess of Atlantas.

    She was going to be fine. Taking another deep breath, her icy blue eyes darted around the area, taking in the new faces. Her gaze landed on a particularly upset looking male and she watched as his mother (so she guessed) talked to him and his fists balled at his side. Before she could stop herself, Astrid had scoffed, obviously an evil kid and she didnt know that just because she saw his mother. Maleficent, the evil lady that had put Aurora to sleep by making her prick her finger. Funny what people did when they were upset over something.

    Upon hearing him (Blake) shout in annoyed tone, she let out a small laugh and glanced over at the boy. "Try not to sound too excited." She replied before she could stop herself. Sometimes Astrid was around people that she got a gut feeling that she wasnt going to like and it was obvious that the young teen wasnt going to waste her time trying to get along with them when she already knew that the relationship was going to crash and burn. Hopefully she wasnt going to marry that annoying guy.

    Before she said anything else that could possibly get her in trouble, the blonde haired female quickly escaped, going to explore near the entrance of the school a bit more. It probably would have been wise for her to stay where she was rather than wander, however it was almost like adventuring or exploring was in her blood, something she also got from both her parents. She had a thirst for moving around, learning new cultures and getting out to see the world. It was almost like a disease that she had contracted when she was younger and the only way to cure it was to get out and explore.

    So lost in her own thoughts, Astrid didnt realize where she was going, too absorbed in the architecture, that she had bumped into someone(Ariana). "Oh, I am so sorry! Are you alright?" She said as she shifted her gaze to the female before her, finding her very pretty. The person that was marrying the girl was probably going to be a very lucky guy, then again who knew how the children of villians thought. They could possibly believe that they were the most unluckiest guy on earth, oh well not her problem. Chewing on her lower lip and running a hand through her hair, Astrid held out her hand and offered a friendly smile. "I'm Astrid Thatch Nekadh. Pleasure to meet you." She introduced herself, hoping that the girl wouldnt be offended that their first introduction was running into each other. Well it was better than accidentally ruining that beautiful dress that girl was wearing.

    Location: The School entrance
    Disney Parent: Lady Termaine
    Mentioned: Everyone there
    Interactions: Erin@Yandere-Chan

    ☣Callaway Joseph Tremaine ☣Callaway stood a good distance from those that came and those that stood at the entrance of the school. He had his hands shoved into his pockets, bags by his side and on top of his luggage there was a small little crate that housed a kitten. Lucifer Junior was his name and Callaway had practically begged his mother to let him keep him. No...not begged, a gentlemen would never beg, it was not dignified and it made him look weak. He reasoned with his mother, giving her the pros and making sure that she knew that Lucifer Junior would be able to catch pesky mice just like his father. Yes, his mother's stupid cat had for once in its life left the house and before they knew it got some other cat pregnant.

    Callaway's mother thought about throwing the kittens out but he had reasoned that he should be able to keep one and he would then get rid of them himself...he never did. Instead when Lady Termaine let him out of the house, he went into the market and sold them, then using that money to buy cat food. A softer side that no one knew about...except for one person. Heaving a big sigh, the teen ran his fingers through his hair and glancing down at the crate when a soft meow came from it. His cat was nothing like that fat lazy cat that his mother owned. He knew that he didnt have to worry about his cat walking down an evil path and he would make sure that his kitten, though he named it Lucifer Junior, would be a good cat unlike Lucifer. And so far, this small bundle of fur was the only thing that truly made him happy in his life, and the small animal let Callaway dump his feelings and explain to him what had happened.

    His gaze swept through the small crowd that was starting to gather and honestly, he never realized how many heroes and other villians had children. He knew that quite a few had children but he didnt think that this many would, at least on the villian's side. He always kind of believed that to the villians, children would be a hindrance, then again at the same time, it was a new generation to raise and to teach to wrong down the same path that their parents did. Either way, his mother was both proud and disappointed to have a son like him.

    On the plus side, he gave her another change to gain higher prestige unlike his failure sisters (his mother's words not his) and Lady Termaine didn't even think of Cinderella as a daughter, so then he was left. He knew that if he didnt succeed in marrying and falling in love with the female he was betrothed to, he would face the wrath of his mother. Then again he did recall her telling him in the carriage ride not too long ago that she would disown him. Another sigh had escaped Callaway's lips and as he moved to run his fingers through his hair again, a small yet familiar voice rang out loud and clear. "The hell..." He muttered under his breath, knowing that only one person ever called him Callie, someone that he had let go of long ago in order to protect them from his mother.

    Just as he had turned around, Callaway felt someone fling their arms around him, and his gaze shifted to the smaller female. A ghost of a smile crossed his features and it still lingered when Erin had pulled back, commenting how she never told him about the marriage and adding a touch of an insult that didnt really bother him. "I could say the same to you." He chuckled ever so faintly, though he was pretty sure that both of them knew why they didnt tell each other...they rarely talked anymore. But maybe this was his chance to recover the friendship that they had lost. "Anyway, I see that you're still short as ever." He teased, a playful smile on his lips as he reached out to ruffle her hair but paused upon realizing that they weren't that close and immediately the taller male shoved his hand back into his pocket. "Still the same little pip squeak I remember." He muttered softly.

    Location: House --> Car --> The school entrance
    Disney Parents: Peter and Wendy
    Mentioned: Everyone there
    Interactions: Her Parents

    ☆Alexandria Mackenzie Pan ☆Up on a roof stood a young girl with red hair much like her father's. How did see get up there? Well...she flew of course. Belonging to Peter Pan and a young female that used to be Wendy Darling, Alexandria Pan stood on top of her roof, gazing down at the streets below. Heaving a big sigh, the young female ran a hand through her red hair, hair blowing in the breeze ever so slightly. Today was the day she was going to leave her family behind and go to some school in order to meet her future husband.

    Can you say yuck? That was the last thing she wanted and the hopes that her father would speak up and say something never came. Though he had a childish side, even he knew when there were things he couldnt step in on. Compared to the stories Alexandria heard of when her father was younger; she would have to say that her father grew up quite a lot but at the same time he kept his childish side. Moving to sit on the roof, her feet dangled and her gaze watched as familiar head of red hair walked out the front door and turned around.

    "What are you doing up there?" Her father called out as he looked around before he gave a quick little jump and floated up to the room, parking a seat next to her. "Look, I know you're upset." Peter began and the faintest of smiles grew across Alexandria's features as she felt her father wrap his arm around her shoulders. He knew her too well. "But even I understand that this is to help keep the balance and as much as I would like to interfere, that could screw things up." He spoke in a gentle tone.

    Alex turned to look at her father and took in his features, trying to see past the age and trying to see the younger soul deep down. Her mother told her that he never wanted to grow up and for awhile he was never going to, however something seemed to have changed his mind and eventually he sort of did. When he became a father he grew up even more and it still amazed her though that he never lost his childish nature. "I just don't understand..."She replied softly, gazing down at her lap.

    She didnt want to leave her family behind, they were her everything and she needed them in her life. "I know dear, but the thing is, we all have to make sacrifices." He would know...after all he had given up his youth in order to be with her mother and raise a family together. "Now come on, we're late." He said and stood up, jumping down from the roof. Of course they were late. Alexandria never remembered a time when she was left with her father and they were on time.

    Heaving a big sigh and jumping down and landing with ease after hovering in the air for a bit, she walked over to the car and bid adieu to her home. The car ride was nerve wrecking and Alexandria constantly played with the hem of her dress. She hated dresses but it was her mother's idea that she wear one, after all she had to make a great first impression. Ew.

    Too nervous to actually pay attention her father snapped his fingers in front of her face. They were late but it seemed that everyone else was still milling about, some talking and creating friendships already, others seeming to keep clear of others. "Time to start your new life!" Her father claimed with his usual grin and a small frown crossed her features. "Okay, not funny, sorry." He said as he moved to wrap his arms around her in a tight hug. She was going to miss him so much as well as his hugs and the way his eyes crinkled when he smiled of laughed. "Bye daddy." She muttered softly as she hugged him tightly, refusing to let go.
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  17. [​IMG]
    Aidan Oliver Tai

    It seemed like wherever Aidan was, he was always an outcast. He was a merman who hated to swim. He was a child who was too afraid to play. Aidan continued to stare out into the seemingly endless ocean, as he continued to think of his fated future. In a few minutes, he'd be off to marry this betrothed of his and live "happily ever after". This didn't upset Aidan as much as he thought it would.. As the days grew closer, he realized that here was nothing he could do to change this fact and rather than moping about it, he accepted it. Aidan watched as the sun rose and he finally remembered what he loved about the deep ocean so long ago.. It was the peace, the getaway that drew him in. And it was his mother that drew him out. Aidan scoffed at the thought of Morgana. How long had it been since he last saw her? 8 years ago? Aidan frowned and without looking up, greeted the person who sat beside him, "Hello, Mother."

    Morgana gave him a sheepish look, and Aidan continued to disregard the disguised female. "Aidan. I just wanted to make sure that you were ready," Morgana explained, and Aidan ignored her. Aidan and his father had lived on this very beach house since Morgana kicked Aidan out of the sea and finally decided to disown her only son. After a few seconds, Morgana tried again, "You respond when I talk to you." Although her voice was calm, it was filled with anger. "Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't aware we still talked," Aidan responded bitterly, with the same amount of venom that was in his mother's tone. Morgana cleared her throat as she continued to speak, "Don't disappoint me.. again." Aidan scoffed at this, and stood up. "You don't have the privilege to tell me what to do, so why don't you return to bossing around dimwitted fish and leave me alone." And with that, Aidan left his astonished mother sitting alone on the beach and hurried toward his house.
    Soon after the dreaded encounter with his mother, Aidan was well on his way to Jester High. He was still fuming over the fact that his father had forced him to ride the carriage Morgana had sent for Aidan. "She's doing this because she loves you.." His father halfheartedly tried to convince Aidan. The blond glared at the reflection his window made, a bit annoyed with his mother. "Love me? She barely even knows me. This is only to keep up appearances, to minimize how much I'll embarrass her.." Aidan countered, anger still evident in his seemingly calm voice. If Aidan was honest with himself, he was a bit pleased that the person he despised o deeply couldn't stand him. It gave him a sense of accomplishment, knowing that Morgana had to deal with the fact that she had failed so much at raising Aidan to be her obedient soldier. The two didn't talk the rest of the way, and Aidan's tensed jaw finally relaxed.

    "Be good," Aidan's father requested, before Aidan closed the door to the carriage. Aidan couldn't decide whether to laugh or scoff at this, as he found this rather ironic considering his family's history. His eyes scanned the faces of everyone that was standing around.. There wasn't anyone specific that he noticed, other than Emmaline. Aidan cringed at the thought of his cousin, not because he was scared of her but because the two had a rather sour relationship. Emmaline had always teased him for being so "weak willed" and acting so powerless.. Aidan had always been cautious around Emmaline, as he felt that the only thing that mattered to her and her mother was gaining power and she'd go to extreme lengths to get to that point. It seemed as if the others had been there for quite some time, as most of them were already socializing as others continued to stand around and look incredibly bored.

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  18. [​IMG]
    ~ Princess Melody Virella ~

    Melody held her position at the top of the steps as she watched the flow of people exit their carriages. Just by one mere look you could tell there was a common factor held between all.. They all wished they were somewhere else other than here. Her eyes misted with a sense of sadness at knowing she could never publicly relate or even utter that she felt the same as them. Before she could become ever so lost in her thoughts she heard her name called loudly out among the growing crowd. Melody couldn't even resist smiling as a gentle one came to grace that of her crimson lips. Arabella was the one person she could always depend on. They both had duties greater than anything anyone could imagine. To their Kingdoms , their people and none other than that of their parents. Arabella's arms found their way quickly looped around her in an enormous hug. Melody giggled lightly as she fastened her arms tightly around Ara to hug her just as tight. A sense of relief for certain filled her in that given moment of time and for that she couldn't be any happier. With that , she took a step back light upon her heels as her vibrant blue eye's came to settle on that of Ara's golden brown eye's. She rolled her eyes but a tad at Ara's comment before a grin curved quick against that of her lips. " You know , I'd rather have my tail and be in the ocean before being stuck in a ball gown." A softened laugh fell from her lips as she truly held to her words. Ara actually was the only one who knew that she had received such a life from that of her Grandfather. Her hand drifted instinctively to that of her shell locket as she could all but feel the constant song of the sea resound throughout that of her body in a calming sense.

    She tilted her head off to the side just a tad as Arabella pondered as to how many more would arrive. Melody's eyes glistened a bit as she overlooked the crowd with a mingled sense of curiosity. She gave each of the males a thoughtful gaze as she herself considered. It was than she spoke up in her constant silken tone." I'm really not all to sure... So many already here that it is hard to figure out who is who." Her eye's looked thoughtfully to the men. One of these men would become her husband through the good and the bad. Yet , for some odd and cringe worthy feeling she could note that there would be plenty a bad time from whoever it was she was to be married to. The feelings truly dawned down upon her as the realization set in. She would be a married woman in so little time and for once she was truly scared... Even more than when she had to deal with Ursula's trickster sister.

    Before she could speak up again , she felt something move quick over her shoulder as she received a light pinch of sorts to her shoulder. She cocked her head a bit as her brow raised to all but meet that of Sebastian's firm gaze. He scurried his way near to her ear as his accented voice rang through her ear in a whisper." Melody , your parents wanted me to tell you that it is time to announce things and make sure everything it set to get a'moving." Melody smiled slowly as she nodded her head a bit. With that she lowered her hand to give Ara's a confident squeeze before releasing to step forth. She stood at the front of the steps as the breeze played slow against that of her. At that she allowed a regal stance to hold to her body as she smiled warmly down to those gathered." Hello and welcome to all! I must say it is my honor and pleasure to be able to welcome you here today. I shall keep things short and simple. Today , we are here to bind our kingdoms and nations together through one of the strongest of bonds. Marriage. Of course most of us will gain many a deepened bond with others throughout this journey. As of tonight though... We shall discover whom we have been matched to. Tonight , we are hosting a ball within these hallowed hall's and with a small twist. Each of you will be assigned a bathroom in which a chosen colored outfit rests. You shall each come wearing such. Now , your match and or in better terms.. Chosen partner shall be wearing the exact same color. This is how you will find your Fiance's." With a small flourish of her hand she directed them towards the large door's being drawn open by the guards." Without further ado , feel free to enter and begin readying yourselves." Her smile remained held in tack as she than hooked her arm around that of Ara's. At that she shot her a playful look to keep the mood lightened." Ready? Let's do this... Together." Her eye's lit to her's as Sebastian came to hold at her shoulder as they proceeded into the castle to ready and at last meet their destined fate.

    ~ Arianna Telvarie ~

    Ari had been leaning against one of the large stone pillar's as she watched with guarded eye's to the onslaught of new people arriving. Obviously as a Hero's child she knew all to well of the other Heroine's children. They were all raised alongside one another. Taught the same ideal's , virtues and beliefs. To be honest though... It didn't mean they had all taken the solid opportunity throughout that time to become the very best of friends. Arianna turned a bit as she felt the breeze grow heavier from the skies. She couldn't help but grin as two voice's came to whisper soundly against the air." Be still at heart , My little Warrior... And of course , know that we are always at heart with you and that Olympus's gates are opened to you whenever you cannot turn to your parents for Safe Haven." She smiled softly as her lips sparked with a curve to them as her eye's drifted shut. Several rose petal's and ambrosia petal's fluttered around her body as she inhaled the sweet fragrances. Her heart and mind both calmed within that instant as a sigh of relief fell from her lips in that precise time. She could do this... She was strong enough to go through with this. She'd marry whoever it was that the Fates had chosen. Villain or not.. She would help him see that there was good within all , including that of himself. She was no coward and she refused already to back down when the time came to hold to her beliefs.

    Arianna took a small breath as she maneuvered herself away from that of the pillars. In that moment she turned nimbly on the heel of her shoes as her skirts brushed against her body with each taken step. As she came to round the final corner , she bumped heavily into someone as it all but resulted into her hitting the ground. She braced herself with the fall as a small cloud of dust sputtered forth. Her hand instinctively came to hold against her back as she gave it a quickened rub. It was than a panicked voice rang within her ear's.. Her eye's quickly traveled up to the source of the voice as her darkened lavender eye's met that of a concerned girl's eyes. She was extremely pretty in an exotic sense. Her features were extremely well defined to that of her face. Whoever it was she was to marry would truly be a very lucky man. Though , with knowing Villain's all to well they would see this innocent girl as a burden or a nuisance to them. At that , she quickly allowed a casual softened smile to curve to her dainty ruby red lips. She placed her hand soft within the girl's as she rose up with swift nimbleness from the ground. Once settled back on her feet , she gave herself a quick dusting off. In the process her eye's settled to the girl in a casual laidback sense." The pleasure is mine, Astrid. I'm Arianna Telvarie.. Guess we bump into people for all the right reason's." She shot the girl a playful grin as her hand brushed light through her wavy darkened hair.

    Before she could speak up yet again.. She heard Melody's voice echo in a ripple as they listened to that of her welcoming speech. Her arms came to fold lightly over her chest as she kept her standing position by that of Astrid as they listened. She found it ever so curious upon how they were to meet that of their...Their... Ugh... Fiance's. That word was truly going to be a hard one to let flow off her tongue. So , it was to happen tonight. A ball.. An enclosed environment where they would be forced to spend time with their partner's. Never had the Underworld seemed more appealing than how it did now. She felt a small sigh escape from her lips as the speech concluded and all began to make their ways inside. She quickly shook off the feeling as she shot the girl a slowed casual grin." So Astrid , mind if I keep you company? Would save us from anymore accident's happening... I mean unless you like those." She stifled a chuckle as she made her way up the steps slowly so Astrid could follow if she wished. Would be nicer for sure knowing she wasn't entering this pit of despair alone..
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    Erin Amelia Charming
    It made Erin happy to see the male again. She had so many good memories with him and it was a bit unsettling when they had decided it was best if they didn't see each other anymore.. She missed him and her heart ached for him, thinking about the things Erin let his mother put him through. She could've helped.. Erin could've stopped it. Erin felt a wet tear roll down her cheek and she was quick to wipe it away. She couldn't cry, not right now. This was supposed to be a happy reunion! "I'm not short.. Just petite," Erin argued, her voice just above a whisper. "And I thought I told you to stop calling me that, Callie! You don't want to upset me, do you?" Erin teased, tugging at Cal's sleeve. She couldn't help but smile as she examined the male. He had looked almost exactly the same.

    It was then that she heard it... the meowing. Erin glared at Cal before kneeling next to Lucifer Jr.'s cage. "I still hate you," she whispered to him, before standing upright again.She was having so many different emotions swirling inside of her, it was hard to keep track of her thoughts. She looked up at the taller male, and frowned. "Is Lady Tremaine still giving her a hard time?" Erin was usually very emotionally stable about things, but when it came to Cal, she couldn't help but get a little less out of control. Erin could honestly say she hated Lady Tremaine.. She seemed to hurt everyone that Erin cared about, and still had managed to come out on top.

    Before Erin could continue her rant, a gentle voice interrupted her thoughts and Erin scanned for crowd, looking for who the voice belonged to. Her eyes landed on a beautiful brunette, as she proceeded with her speech. The blonde couldn't help but despise the brunette, as she didn't want to accept the words she had been saying.. Erin didn't want to marry some guy, and she certainly didn't want Cal to marry some random girl. "This is quite infuriating.." Erin muttered, before turning back to Cal. "Well, are you coming?!" Erin demanded before picking up Lucifer Jr.'s crate, sneezing, and then hastily making her way toward the entrance.

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