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  1. Howdy! This may get a little long, but bear with me. I have a lot of things to say, and given a lot of room to say them, I may ramble a little bit. I will try to break this up into lists that are as little confusing as possible :D

    I'mma put this right up here at the top, so that confusion is avoided: I play male slash, Yaoi, Shonen-ai. Whatever you call it. Bottom line is, I'm hard pressed to play anything except gay men. Thank you!

    Where I roleplay:
    I prefer e-mail over everything else. You can email me directly at
    I can try to roleplay on the forums or in private messages, but I make no promises that I'll remember to check them.

    What I roleplay:
    • Harry Potter (I have a wide variety of pairings I'm interested in. Please keep in mind that I do not like OCs and would rather use canon characters only)
    • Petshop of Horrors (This is kind of a D/Leon only deal. OC creatures and side characters are more than welcome, though)
    • Doctor Who (OCs are encouraged for this. I'm interested in either Doctor/Male companion, or Doctor/Jack Harkness. The Doctors can either be Doctors 9-11, or a future incarnation)
    • Storm Hawks (If you are actually interested in this, I'm willing to do pretty much anything. So few people know about this show I can't really afford to be picky... I am willing to do Femmeslash, but only for this fandom)
    • Vampire things. I especially enjoy vampires in a more modern setting, rather than historic. I also enjoy vampire/human, as far as romances and the such go. Clashing personalities are always a plus. The human can be a hunter, a curious goth kid, someone with a weird blood kink who doesn't realize how awful the reality is, any number of things. If you're up for vampire/vampire, I really enjoy the idea of a "clash of the time periods" where one vampire has adapted to the modern life, while the other is still stuck up in the ideals of whatever time period he comes from, and the two either live together or work together or something and they are constantly fighting (This idea is meant for a more light-hearted, humorous roleplay more than anything).
    • Pirates. Pirates after treasure. Pirates after "booty". Pirates running away from the government or chasing after Neverland or anything really. Space Pirates are also kind of fantastic. Something Treasure Planet-y or Earth AE like might be really cool.
    • Aliens. I'm specifically interested in Alien/Human or Alien/Another species of Alien. I actually do have a plot or two for this. But it's kind of a sad little plotlet and needs to be fleshed out.
    • Teacher/Student. Fairly self-explanatory. I would like you to have a plot before we jump into this.
    • Human/Robot. There's just so much that can be done with this. I'm particularly interested in something where the robot is ordered by a human as a servant or butler or whatever, but the robot has a malfunction or an inherent problem with his circuitry where he starts to become more human, develops feelings, and when the company catches on to this problem and offers to have the robot replaced, the robot and human are already too deep into their relationship thing. Since such fraternization is frowned upon and even punishable by law, the two get into deep shit. There are other things we can do, of course, if you have any ideas.
    • Standard High School/College pairings, such as Jock/Introverted nerd or Bad boy/Goody two-shoes, or Openly Gay/'Straight' and so on and so forth. I ask that you please have a plot in mind for these, otherwise I have no interest in doing them.
    Of course, if there's something not listed here, please feel free to suggest it.

    General Information and Whatnot:

    • The most important thing I ask of you is that you don't be passive, especially when choosing a genre. I've given out several, and that's because I want to do them. Please don't just flippantly tell me 'whatever'. Choose your three favorites and I'll decide between them. Or better yet, choose the one you actually want to do. Because if they're up here, I definitely want to do them.
    • Most everything you may want to know about me can be found in my little resume thing on my profile page. Please feel free to look over it, if you'd like, before messaging me.
    • I am a whore for romance. Just. Yes. Romance all the time please. I don't like starting with an already established relationship, but when it gets to that point, don't hold back xD
    • Similarly, I like adventure and action to be interspersed.
    • I tend to post a few paragraphs, but it completely depends on whether or not I have something to respond to. You can post less than I, as long as it's something I can work with, I'm happy.

    So yeah. Feel free to message me here, directly on my email, in PMs, wherever. I will respond fastest directly on my email.

    Otherwise, thank you for looking through this and have a lovely day! :enthralled:
  2. The vampire time period clash one sounds really hilarious, and I'm a big fan of the pirates chasing after Neverland xP

    Do you usually play male or female? I usually prefer playing female.
  3. I generally only play male slash... So I suppose you could say I only play male :P
  4. Ohhh I'm not so good at that ^^; Good luck!
  5. Haha that's fine! Thank you!
  6. I've been trying to do the vampire idea for a bit but had no luck with people. The one where one is from the past and another from current time.
    I'd definitely be interested in RPing it though only on the forum for the time being.
    If your okay with that toss me a PM please.
  7. Theory, I sent a message to ya
  8. yes, you are wonderful. I wish to rp with you. how do you feel about harry x draco? (though honestly, if you are a malfoy rper, I'll play pretty much any guy with him. I fan boy, and I do not care.)
    and if this does not suit you, I'm always happy with cute, fluffy college romances. always.

    I might send you an email as well, just because I have so little going on lately and want to get these gay shenanigans started.