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    (He. That's such a cool gif.)

    Let's get started!

    First off, my roleplay ideas are never for the faint of heart. I absolutely love the chills, the gut-wrenching feeling of a twisted novel with character deaths, torturous feelings and all that good stuff that occurs in novels. And it kind of trickles down into my roleplaying. So if you don't think you can handle it, it would be best to step out.

    I'm fine with playing any gender, and any sexuality. The only thing I will not play is a purely dominant male, in FxM situations. I'm sorry, I just can't do it for some reason. I can do it in MxM (as long as we double up, whether it's the same plot or not). If it's a healthy relationship, with neither one exclusively submissive or dominant, I'm fine with playing the male.

    I'm not particularly strict when it comes to length, but a paragraph or two would be nice, really. No one liners or three words. Show that you care! Same goes with grammar and spelling.

    I do not do kinky things like monster girls or harems or golden showers or anything with scat. BDSM is fine as long as it isn't real extreme. I also do not do plots exclusively about smut. Unless there's a story behind the smut.

    Do not dictate my characters actions or looks or personality or otherwise unless otherwise stated in the plotline. That's the one thing that pisses me off the most.

    I'll be patient with you're replies as long as you're patient with mine. Sometimes I can reply within minutes, sometimes within days, or weeks. Depends on how busy I am.

    (All plotlines can be modified to fit any gender and sexuality pairing, and I really am fine with playing any role. My preferences though, if I have any, will be listed below the plot.)

    I will constantly be adding some, and closing some (closed ones will remain on the page just in case one of the roleplays I had been doing with that plot, are canceled.)

    PLOT 1
    Monsters Among Us

    Demons. So much lore about them, but so little is truly known about the species. Humans can poke and prod all they want, peer at the situation in different lights and guess and speculate, but they'll never know the truth.

    They'll never know that Demons actually cannot walk the Earth. That ,like how Angels cannot go into Hell and survive, Demons cannot survive Earth or Heaven. At least not on their own. They'll never know that they can be used as vessels, for Demons to do their work on God's land. Possession. That it's the more common way that Demons travel, for it's far easier than the alternative.

    They'll never know that Demons can appear to the unprotected by God, the humans that slip from the shadow of Guardian Angel's wings. That when these humans lay dying, these Demons appear to them. They'll never know that these humans are tempted to sign contracts, contracts that will save their puny human lives. That these contracts usually have fine print. They'll never know that certain contracts have certain power. That there are contracts that enslave the human to the Demon, ones that enslave the Demon to the human and ones that leave the Demon and human in a mutual relationship. That, should a Demon trick a human into signing a contract that enslaves them, the Demon gains a firm foothold in this world, with all the powers bestowed upon them in Hell, yet the downfall is it leaves the human in a more powerful position that a normal human. The human would be immortal, with healing like a Demon and stronger and faster than the average - but still weak by a Demon's standards. The only con for the human in that position is that they've lost their freedom, that they must do everything the Demon orders, as long as it's meant.

    They'll never know that the contract that enslaves the Demon to the human, leaves the human with no gifts besides immortality - for should the human die, the Demon loses their foothold on Earth. Normal blows would kill them of course, they just would not die of old age. They'll never know that though the Demon must obey every command meant to be ordered from the human master, the Demon still holds all their power from Hell. The human, once this contract is signed, cannot escape they're Demon servant, butler, slave, what-have-you. But when it comes for the human to die, the Demon is granted permission to swallow the human's soul, and become more powerful in the process.

    They'll never know that if Demon and human agree to a mutual contract, not much is gained by either party. The human gets a second chance at life. The Demon has a foothold on Earth, yet they're power is significantly weaker. More often than not, this contract is never brought up.

    They'll never know that Demons are real.

    They'll never know because they aren't meant to know. Not till death is knocking at their door.

    Alrighty! There's the first plot and as you can tell, it holds a lot of possibilities - hence the no mention of characters or roles or the later. I do have some ideas for though, and I'll list them below.

    The human was dying of some dreadful disease when the demon came to him. When the contract was offered, of course he signed it. Except he didn't quite look at the fine print. He becomes enslaved to the demon who's pretty cruel.

    For this idea I'd preferably play as the human.
    Long story short they end up falling in love. One way or another.
    Or do they?
    Another part of that idea is the human ends up falling for a different girl, while under the enslavement of the demon who secretly just wants to be loved by his human counterpart, but shows it in a sick and twisted way.

    Another idea would be MxF
    The male is in the process of being possessed, but the demon finds the subconscious mind of this human more troublesome than he realized. So, turns out, however this girl meets the boy(s), both the human, and the demon living inside him, have fallen for her, and neither can find themselves taking full control of the body.
    Kind of would be a love triangle thing,
    I don't have a preference on the gender or role.

    That's it for my ideas, but I'd love to hear yours!

    PLOT 2
    Hell on Earth

    There's a facility, hidden from the public eye. Not many know about it, and those that do are changed for life.

    It's a supernatural research facility. But it's 'innocent' name is misleading.

    Supernatural beings, innocent or not, are captured all the time to be 'test subjects'. They're subject to torture day after day during these tests, oftentimes without rest. These tests are straining, painful, hellish. And there is no escape.

    Humans make up all of the staff. Human scientists, human guards, human 'hunters', human 'torturers'. The staff jobs of scientists and guards are fairly self-explanatory. Scientists run the experiments on supernatural test subjects and guards make sure none of these test subjects escape. The hunters, do just that - they hunt. They hunt down and capture new supernaturals when needed. And the torturer's job is also easily guessed. They torture. Sometimes, when scientists don't have the time to do experiments themselves, they ask the 'torturers' or rather as their formally called, lab assistants, to perform the actions for them, while a scientist looks on of course.

    Why would anyone sign up for a job like that, for a job at a place that's practically Hell on Earth?

    Well, everything they do is in the name of science after all. Humans have always been on the bottom of the food chain, and now they're looking to change that. No matter the cost.

    Alright! There we go. Again I kept it vague, cause this one, as well as the previous, can have lots of different possibilities of how it plays out. I do have a couple of ideas though ;)

    MxM or MxF
    MUSE A is the child of the head of the science facility. For years they've stayed out of their father's work, with only a vague idea of what their dear daddy does. Finally, the time has come for MUSE A to be brought into the family business. First, MUSE A must learn about the supernatural in general, so their tasked with observing the behavior of one.
    MUSE B is that supernatural, tortured daily be MUSE A's daddy and his team of scientists. MUSE B no longer likes humans as they once did, but rather fears them in a way. Push comes to shove, while MUSE A is tasked with sitting in front of the cage, watching the supernatural creature inside, MUSE A falls for MUSE B and vice versa. So what happens when MUSE A's father finds out?

    I'd be fine playing either role and any gender for that idea!

    MxM or MxF
    MUSE A and MUSE B are captives of the science facility together. Will they be able to escape and make it out alive?

    MxM or MxF
    MUSE A is a human guard, who's tasked with being MUSE B's personal guard. MUSE B is a rowdy supernatural, who's caused enough trouble to get a guard assigned to them personally 24/7. MUSE A has always thought they were doing the right thing, working for the facility, but after meeting (and falling in love with) MUSE B, they start to have their doubts.

    I'd be fine with either part once again!
    Another cool idea, which could be added on to any of those above (with minor tweaks) would be the demon idea from before! Obviously the demon would be the supernatural captive, but for the second idea I have, the human could be kept captive as well. Or maybe, as the guard, the human hasn't yet figured out how their contract with the demon works? Or as the child of the founder of the supernatural research facility, they have to keep their bond with the demon a secret? I just thought the DemonxHuman twist added to this would be really cool.

    More Plots On the Way!!
    (I'm just too lazy to think of anymore right now)
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  2. I would love to roleplay with you.
  3. Okay! Send me a PM?
  4. Can you be more specific? More information?

    Can you also tell me more what sort of things you like?
  5. By how do you mean specific?

    Well, I do like a lot of emotional stress? Imperfect relationships, romance that's super stressful, character deaths, things like that.
  6. I mean it's rather broad and a touch bit vague
  7. In all honesty, I can't be more specific than that. I'm still not sure what you're looking for. It's broad because I'm open to many things in that category, anything that causes emotional stress of the characters and the like. No fluffy romance I guess. Romance that's nitty-gritty and leaves neither party satisfied, with tons of arguments and tears. That kind of thing.
  8. I added another plot!
  9. I would love to play Hell on Earth in a F x F. I have a slightly different plot in mind if you're interested and it could also blend perfectly with your first plot.
  10. Are you still looking for a partner for Monsters Among Us?
  11. Shit! Sorry >.< Didn't see that you had said anything.

    I'm not the most comfortable roleplaying with FxF (maybe because I'm a heterosexual female? I dunno) but I'll certainly try my best ;) Send me a PM and I'll see what I can do! I'd love to hear your idea.

    Absolutely! Send a PM so we can chat?
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