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    Hello there! You, my potential friend and partner-in-roleplay-crime, may call me Clemency. Feel free to call me Clem!
    For those who simply must know, I am female, reside in North-America, and am 23 years of age (okay, nearly 23).
    I have been juggling this wonderful hobby of roleplaying for around a decade. As you can imagine, the purpose of this lengthy ad is to procure me some long-term roleplaying partners. So now, without further ado…

    My three biggest requirements are courtesy, reciprocity, and communication. I could care less about your sex/gender identity/whatever else; you could be Cthulhu for all I care! As long as courtesy, reciprocity, and communication exist within our roleplaying partnership, we will get along swimmingly.

    On courtesy:
    This is the whole generic ‘please be respectful’ bit. For example, if you happen to be particularly busy, please send me a heads up. In return, I will alert you if things get hectic on my end.
    I like to think that I am very accommodating. If asked, I will, in the majority of cases, happily consent to my roleplay partner’s requests. However, this penchant for accommodation stops short at demands. Please refrain from: “…and you are going to do this and this, and followed by that.” If you want something, ask nicely, and ye shall receive.

    On reciprocity:
    I like to follow the concept of ‘do unto others as you’d like them to do unto you’. For example, I will be happy to help you plot for your characters and discuss them with you. In return, I do expect the same treatment.
    If you’d like me to write out a certain scene with you or play a certain character/pairing/what-have-you, I will usually be more than happy to do so. In return, I will be asking for similar things from you. This is a partnership, after all!

    On communication:
    I will admit to being one of those chatty sorts of people who thoroughly enjoy befriending their roleplay partners. Personally, I believe that getting to know the person you are writing with, even a little bit, makes it easier to volley ideas and to plot. As such, I will be more than happy to chat over an instant messenger (such as Skype or AIM, for example).

    • I roleplay in third person, past tense and write all gender pairings (m/f, f//, and m//). I do, admittedly, have a preference for m/f and f/f.
    • For length of replies, my comfort zone is around 200 to 400 words per character, but I can easily write more or less, depending on the scenes that are taking place.
    • You will be guaranteed a reply every day. I do tend to reply more than once within a given day, due to being relatively fast at writing.

    • I will admit that I do very much enjoy ‘shipping’ (definition: engaging of characters in romantic/sexual relationships) and ‘doubling’ (definition: when you and your partner both play one female AND one male).
    • All my roleplays tend to be, in some manner, pairing-centered. Yes, yes, I admit it: I am a sucker for a good romantic subplot (as long as nothing comes across as contrived; characters, after all, ought to interact naturally and organically – so, none of that “love at first sight”). You want to see how a certain pairing dynamic plays out? I’m down. Bring it. Love triangles are totally fine with me, too.
    • For fandoms, I do vastly prefer canon/oc pairings as I have noticed that I do not become fully invested in canon/canon pairings. Oc/oc pairings are fine by me, as well.
    • I adore AUs and crossovers when it comes to fandoms, but I can just as easily stick strictly to canon.
    • Our two sides do not have to be set in the same fandom. In fact, I enjoy a little variety! Maybe you’re really feeling Fandom A and I am really feeling Fandom B, and we both are familiar with them…I will happily roleplay Fandom A for your side if you roleplay Fandom B for mine.
    • While I am happy to simply follow a plot from beginning to end, I am equally open to jumping back and forth throughout it. Feeling like angst? Let’s write some angst! Feeling like fluff? Hold on to your teeth, ‘cause you’re about to get cavities from the cuteness! Want to get some smut up in this joint? Saddle up, this is going to be one hell of a rodeo.

    • I am the self-proclaimed Mayor of Pervtown and therefore enjoy writing smut. I have absolutely no desire to fade to black if bedroom scenes crop up.
    • I do not like to censor my writing and therefore you can expect some graphic and blunt descriptions from me.
    • I have my share of kinks, and will be more than happy to hear out yours.
    • Here are the things that will earn you a slap on the wrist and a stern talking to; i.e. things I will not write out: pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, anything bathroom-related, and non-con. I am fine with such things being used as plot devices for the sake of shock value/disgust and potential resulting comfort scenes, but I won’t write them out gratuitously. Also, I prefer to avoid anything that touches upon religious-Christian subjects (so, no angels or demons, not for me).
    • I only roleplay with individuals who are 18 and over!

    I would be happy to roleplay over:
    • The forums here.
    • email: coppermarigolds @
    • Skype: lalalovemore
    • AIM: polychromatickitten
    Please, when you first contact me in request of a roleplay, put a little care into your first message! After all, the first impression is very important.

    Known Fandoms:
    • Attack on Titan
    • Death Note
    • Disney
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition
    • Fable
    • Game of Thrones
    • Harry Potter
    • Hunger Games
    • LOTR/The Hobbit
    • Mass Effect
    • Naruto Shippuden
    • OUAT
    • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    • Tokyo Ghoul
    Girls Fighting Evil: Mixed Genres – mostly modern fantasy and post-apocalyptic fantasy
    • Boarding School.Victorian Fantasy
      When the girls wake up, their headmaster and their teachers are dead on the lawn. The girls gather themselves and hide the younger ones. When the monsters knock on their doors, the girls open them without pause and greet them with the knives from the kitchens.
    • Girl Gangs.Post Apocalyptic
      They travel in packs, their collected families of broken girls, cigarettes, and bruises. They don’t care for the government and the way it acts like it owns humanity. No one owns humanity, and no one owns them.
    • The Troubled Girls’ Afterschool Support Group for Rehabilitation and Magic.Modern Fantasy
      They’ve all been stuck in the group for a reason: lying, stealing, drugs, possessing the gym teacher, whatever. Miss Mort runs it, right after last period they all go to her office and they sit around in a circle and practice magic and expressing their emotions in a “healthy way, Lydia” (that means no more trying to light freshmen lockers on fire). Anyway, when a beast strides in and guts Miss Mort, he doesn’t make it to the doorway before they hex him to literal pieces.
    • The Ex-Lovers.either Medieval or Modern Fantasy
      They didn’t mind that they were in love with monsters, but when their lovers revealed their true plan to destroy humanity, they could make one of two decisions. They could go down with them or they could fight for their families, their friends, their human brothers and sisters. So they break their own hearts and leave their lovers to save the world.
    • Girls Raised By Monsters. - either Modern or Medieval Fantasy
      They were collected and raised by monsters as children. Monsters who taught them how to read the runes on their walls, taught them how to count by counting their claws, taught them to dance. When their little girls are grown up, they know how to stand on their own, know how to bare their teeth like fangs. They know how to protect the ones they love.
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  2. Hiya, I'm Nassione *waves*

    You have so many options to choose from it's hard to pick. O.o would you be willing to do a Naruto Shippuden rp?
  3. Sure thing! ( ˘ ³˘)❤ Naruto is a fandom which will forever be in my heart, so I would be more than happy to roleplay it with you! I'll go send you a PM.
  4. Can we do Attack on Titan? Or Death Note?
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