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  1. Welcome, roleplayers! Won't you stay a while?

    My name is Olive, and I'm looking for one or two long-term roleplay partners. I've been writing for around seven years at an intermediate level, so I would prefer a partner that can match (or outmatch) my own quality of writing. I can double if doubling is preferred and may play both male and/or female parts.

    Be at least 18 to roleplay smut. I will do some smut-based roleplays depending on how comfortable I am with the plot. Strictly MxF. Limits include pedophilia, rape, incest, bestiality, necrophilia...

    F A N D O M S (most to least desired)

    *** Naruto/Naruto Shippuden — No one likes to roleplay Naruto anymore, but that's cool. I grew up nestled in the Naruto fandom, and I haven't really moved on from it yet. I've played everyone from Tsunade to Orochimaru, but I specialize in Hidan + all Uchihas. I already have OC's made for Madara and Itachi.

    Spirited Away/Howl's Moving Castle — I usually play as an OC here, with an OC love interest.

    *** Harry Potter — Not an expert here, but my love interest would be Tom Riddle way back when. My OC is already prepared.

    Death Note — Can you tell it's been a while since I've had time to catch up on my anime? Love interest is L.

    Vampire Knight — Love Interest is Kaname.

    Hetalia! — Love Interest is a toss-up between Switzerland and Southern Italy.

    Game of Thrones — I'm only caught up to season 3. Love interest is Robb, John, or Jaime.

    *** Originals — kidnapperxkidnapped/masterxslave, studentxteacher, bestfriendxbestfriend, etc.

    And don't forget to hook me up with any plot ideas you may have. I love to talk plot; I have an OC bank ready for such purposes.

    I have no interest in wolves or vampires, but I'm open to talking over any other ideas that haven't been discussed in this thread.

    G U I D E L I N E S

    Please be ready with any OCs you may need for the roleplay before messaging. Inbox messages are preferred.

    I usually write at least 2-3 solid paragraphs. I expect at least the same in return. I don't need a novel, but I won't settle for much less than 10 sentences.

    Reply time will obviously be based on how often you're able to sit down and write. I personally put out 1-3 per week, but everyone is different. I'll never ask anyone to put this above school or work or whatever you have going on at the time.

    I'm really not such a stickler for anything else. Let me know if you have any questions! Ciao~
  2. I would like to be your partner
  3. I kinda like the Student x Teacher
  4. Please PM me with more information. There are selections above for fandom and original-based roleplays; let me know which one you're most drawn to and we might be able to work something out ;)
  5. Ok, cool. Which part are you more interested in? Student or teacher? PM me more details! :)
  6. I'd like to do a Studentx Teacher RP please.
  7. Howl's Moving Castle /(0.0)\
  8. I would love to do a Harry Potter rp with you if you're still looking?
  9. I'm sorry to say this, but at this time I can't commit my attention to HMC as much as I have some of my other cravings. But thanks for your interest!
  10. PM me, please
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  11. I'm afraid I already started a studentxteacher roleplay. Thanks so much for your interest!
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