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  1. Looking for some roleplays, either 1x1 or group. :3 I work (martial arts instructor), do manga (published, yay), dance and LARP a lot! I love rping because I get to interact with other writers, which I love! I’m looking for any other rpers who enjoy creating a fun story!

    RPing Style:

    -Normally, I have a hard time attaching to an RP if we’re both playing only one character. I crave in depth plotlines, twists, betrayals, death, romance, etc.
    -I love roleplaying a fun blend of dominant, submissive and everything in between.
    -No hardcore perverted content. I’m more of a subtle writer.
    -Being friends—it’s hard to plot if you can’t get along.
    -Original or fanbased is great!
    -Paragraph or more, I have a hard time attaching to one-liners, sorry. :/
    -I can get online a few times a week depending on work.

    Mahou Shoujo
    Historical (I.E. Victorian, Feudal Era, Etc)
    Horror/Grim Dark
    Anything really, aside from straight up ordinary life—I get plenty of that, trust me. Maybe “Fantasy Slice of Life”. Like Monsters Hunter on break. XD

    Anime/Manga/Video Game Fanbased:

    Black Rock Shooter
    Blackwolves Saga
    Burst Angel/Kiddy Grade
    Guilty Gear
    Gundam Wing
    Fate/Stay (Type-Moon)
    FullMetal Alchemist/Brotherhood
    Kingdom Hearts
    Queen’s Blade/Rebellion/Gate/Grimoire/Etc
    Shadow Hearts
    Shining Feather
    Silent Hill
    Soul Eater
    Star Ocean 3
    Tales of: Destiny/Symphonia/Abyss/Vesperia/Heroes/VS/Etc (crossover, yay? =D )
    Tsubasa/xxxHolic (crossover)
    Vampire Knight

    Anita Blake
    Merry Gentry

    Annnd many others! Just ask! :3 I’m friendly, fun to Rp with and happy to start new games! <33 Post here or PM me. ;3
  2. :D -Waves- Hiya! After looking over your thread here it seems like we have a bit in common! I'm interested in plotting with you if your interested. I've posted my own search here:

    So you can see what interests I have too. Sadly I don't have much in the way of plots, only characters that I've been itching to play. I can play either gender though my recent character craving happen to be female. I absolutely love adventure, action, drama, a dash of romance (nothing planned but something that flows that way), comedy, and deep plot lines. My favorite genre is fantasy (riding on horses with knight, mages and dragons OH MY sort of thing) but I also love sci-fi/futuristic, horror, and modern fantasy.

    So yea lemme know whacha think. :3
  3. I was actually just reading over your post earlier! X3 I would love to start an rp with you! I also love playing a good amount of characters! =D

    There are sooo many fun choices! I guess we can bounce some ideas around. I like the unique traits of your characters, too. Lostpaw has a very intriguing design as well! Do you prefer not to blend themes? Or would you be interested in something along the lines of "treasure hunting Medieval Fantasy characters come across a treasure that winds up warping them to a new and different plain, one of Anthros in an apocalyptic world"? Just curious what stories engage you, and then we can get to the plotting! =D
  4. Thanks! Lostpaw is one of those characters I have yet to really get into so I would love to play her. Actually her original story is that she is a friend of Laiu. But I'll be happy to play one or the other. Blending themes. Oh you have no idea, that is like a secret passion of mine. (My avatar is my lady elf space pirate) And just that snipit you gave me sounds really interesting. And omg anthros <3. That's my roots yo lol. I know you probably just threw that out there but it does interest me.

    Could be either warped to a different plain or to a different world, if we go with that plot of course. We could even do a flip of that. Futuristic/sci-fi characters being some how sent to a fantasy realm. Oh or fantasy steampunk? I didn't add that in my list but it is a genre I'm interested in. Anthro airship pilots trying to over come a war and enlist a team to recover a magic artifact? Just throwing ideas out here. :3
  5. You're welcome! :3 And very cool! I actually have a Drow space pirate in another RP right now. XD So that's pretty awesome! Lol!

    Ooo... those two ideas sound epic as well! *w* How about we go with the scifi characters sent to the steampunk fantasy realm? Anthros are always a blast, and welcome in any setting with me! =D
  6. Elven space pirates for the win!! Haha that is pretty awesome!

    Alright then, future/sci-fi tossed into a fantasy realm it is! Since it's a fantasy realm, did you want to include other races along with the anthro? I was thinking of incorporating the artifact idea into this. The future character(s) find an artifact that when activated sends them to this fantasy realm. Also would you rather plot here or through PM's. Dunna matter to me. :3
  7. Heck yes! >w< And we can continue to plot on here. Oh! Do you prefer to rp by thread or pm? I used to roleplay on AIM, but now that my schedule is so insane it's easier for me to pop on whenever I can and reply. XD
  8. Role play on forums is best for me as well. I don't always have the time to spend for AIM role plays. I was thinking a thread based role play as well, seeing as if others read my writing it doesn't bother me.

    Do you want both of our main characters from the sci-fi/future realm? Or just one of ours? Do they know each other? Are they friends? Or enemies whom now have to work together? If we plan to have both our characters from the sci-fi realm I'll start thinking of characters I can use since my other two character wouldn't fit in a futuristic setting. Though I can totally see them in a steampunk fantasy setting. :D
  9. Great, threads are perfect for me! :3

    Ooo! I like the idea of the scifi characters being enemies and having to work together! XD Sounds fun! I'm thinking maybe they only knew each other through notoriety and now they're stuck working together, lol!

    And awesome! I'll start working on characters too!
  10. Okay got my sci-fi guy and a reason. He happens to be a treasure hunter so this fits in perfectly. I always love a good love/hate relationship be it friends or romance. Anyways how about their both treasure hunters? Trying to get the artifact before the other one. I like the idea of them knowing each other by notoriety, not personally.

    I feel like my guy should come with a warning label lol He's got a southern accent, could be labeled an alcoholic and a chain smoker (lol it amuses me to think he might have to do with out cigarettes.) a short temper (though usually laid back), the occasional potty mouth and tries to be a womanizing cowboy rogue. If your not easily offended then he's quite amusing.

    I might still use Lostpaw, I donno though she has a short temper too. Two angry characters might be hilarious but I might want variety as far as personalities go.
  11. Lol! XD He sounds like a blast! I'm excited to see him without cigs!

    I'll get working on bios soon here. :3 And feel free to app as many charas as you like! Whatever's most fun! =D
  12. Awesome! I'll start working on some bios as well.