Roleplay Roulette -Randomly Generated RP Experiment-

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Have you ever done a randomly generated RP before?

  1. Yes -comment and tell me how it went, I'd love to know!-

  2. No -well nows your chance!-

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  1. So heres the deal, we go onto this site or maybe this one which randomly generates 1 sentence plots. We hit "random plot" and then like it or no, we have to go with it!!! -you will make up your own character and the plots are flexible, the randomly generated plot will be the premise of whatever we RP but the story will take on its own form as we progress and who knows where it will lead-

    Since there is no definite plot, I can't outline specific plot rules relating to particular themes or schemes, each RP is unique (probably), but a couple of general points to note are;

    1. I love OOC chat, so, come hang with me via PM or an OOC thread or something, we'll have fun, grab a few beers (well ... if you're 18 in the UK or 21 in the US ... yknow what, lets just grab cookies instead, yeah, we'll have cookies!!!). I don't like to be too aggressive or passive in my RP's, its a joint venture, so don't make me decide every single step of the story, lets collaborate and bounce ideas back and forth and do things together.

    2. I reeeeeally dislike one liners when theres tonnes going on in a plot, so, try write nice meaty posts (even though I'm vegetarian ...). THe more you give, the more you get, if you write me a nice juicy post, I'll return the favour. I tend to aim for a couple of decent paragraphs but in more "EPIC TALES" I could write several long detailed paras. In general, I'm flexible, but the more you give me to work with in a post, the more you'll get back :)

    3. Multiple chars are preferable (unless the plot has some kind of constraint which means its literally just 2 people) so please be flexible about the number of chars you can play or at least grab a few NPC's from time to time!!!

    4. Lemme know if you wanna bail, I'm mega busy with studying full time AND having a job, so I won't be here all day every day, but if Im gonna be gone long term at any point I'll try let you know (Unless I get hit by a bus or the internet for my country gets turned off, I'll probably let you know if I can't get on for a few days or weeks). I understand people are busy so I won't badger you for posts, but please let me know if you aren't going to be around for a long time or if you want to quit our RP

    5. I like memes, and jokes ... so if I forget to post or if you want to make me smile, tell me some really awful jokes ;)
  2. I've done a similar thing with a friend of mine a few times. What we did was randomly generate characters. The most notable one that I can remember was a tiny little petite girl who's obsessed with wrestling, hates men with a burning passion, and wears her hair up in 'tedious' do's. I actually managed to make her work, interestingly. Lol.

    I have a lot of fun with these kinds of things, but I usually can't take them seriously. :P
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  3. They seem like a pretty fun way to generate ideas off the cuff or to try break a spell of writers block. Great for non-serious roleplays I assume, but it sure wouldbe cool for some really epic stories to unfold. Short 1x1's are deffo a possibility with quickfire plots!

    That character sounds absolutely class!!!
  4. Well, I'm up for giving it a try if you want to go for it. I don't mind playing multiple characters, and I have room for more roleplays. Throughout the rp, it would be interesting to use the generator again if the plot starts getting stale, or just to shake things up for fun.

    And lol. She was pretty great.
  5. This sounds interesting! I like it
  6. This sounds pretty cool. I just did one, and it came up with this:

    A man in his early twenties, who is very arrogant.
    A woman in her late forties, who is very daring.
    The story begins in a penthouse apartment.
    Someone is leaving prison after 20 years.
    It's a story about risk-taking.
    Your character gets into a competition with another character

    Just did it again, and got this:

    A man in his late thirties, who is very generous.
    A young woman in her late teens, who can be quite easy-going.
    The story begins at a swimming pool.
    A blind date is the start of something big.
    It's a story about loneliness.
    Your character is not afraid to get involved
  7. could be fun, I'm willing to try it out
  8. I've never tried a random rp, but it sounds quite interesting!
  9. Okay folks, I just got doubled all my hours in work ... indefinitely till September (and in September I am moving country ... so yeah).

    I can't take on as many RP's as I've gotten interest for, so, to save everyone disappointment, I am going to randomly generate plots for all the respondents in this thread and put them into pairs and you guys can go with it or skip, sort it out yourselves if you like the plots and pairings (and do link me to the thread if you do start an rp, I'd love to read the stories that unfold!)

    Sorry I can't join in myself, this is really unexpected and I already have my hands quite full with RP's, I don't think I could keep up the current pace and take on another 3 RPs

    @|~Rebel~Ninja~| & @derelict_lilyflower
    The story is about a studious watchman who was once married to a pedlar. It takes place in a magical universe. The critical element of the story is a journey.

    @|~Rebel~Ninja~| & @KJDarKnight
    This is a documentary-style story. The story is about a boastful garbageman and an indecisive psychiatrist. It takes place in a large city in the Antarctic. The story begins with spying, climaxes with someone changing clothes, and ends with someone taking a bath.

    @|~Rebel~Ninja~| & @squirrel96
    The story is about a terraformer. It takes place in a time warp. The story begins with a political conflict. A sudden technological breakthrough plays a major role in this story.

    @derelict_lilyflower & @KJDarKnight
    This is a tale about discovery. The story is about a melancholy tomb-robber who is mysteriously connected to a crippled barbarian. It takes place in a metropolis. The religion of the world will turn out not to be what it seems.

    @KJDarKnight & @squirrel96
    This is an epic about bigotry and how man can better himself. The story is about a pessimistic rat-catcher, an archer, a wise weapons master, and a beastmaster who is engaged to a seer. It takes place in a military town in a swamp country. The story begins with a party, climaxes with someone doing laundry, and ends with someone being slandered.

    @derelict_lilyflower & @squirrel96
    This is a deconstruction of a classic legend. The story is about a newscaster and a hero who is constantly opposing a planetary explorer. It starts in an interplanetary technocracy. The story begins with treason.
  10. Thanks but no thanks :) good luck with everything!
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