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  1. Hey!

    I'm looking for a new RP or maybe two.

    Here's what you can expect from me (the good and the bad):
    1. I can't plan for romance, and simply can't do an RP where we're trying to get the characters together (even if it's just a side plot). If the characters want it and it happens, that's great. If it doesn't, I'm not going to steer that way. That said, I don't mind if romance is a goal for your character. (In fact, I think the character tension could be interest. Plus it's probably the only actual way to conceivably get me to do a romance. ^^)

    2. I'm not a daily RPer, and I can be kind of inconsistent. You can hopefully expect a post every week from me, maybe two, but sometimes life gets busy.

    3. I tend to play males, but I can go either way. Let me know if you have a preference for what I play. I will probably throw together a character bio even if you don't. However, I probably won't find a play-by or picture for my character.

    4. I generally do 2-8 paragraphs or so...? It depends on my partner. I'm probably happiest in the 5 paragraph realm. Decent grammar and spelling. No god-modding, Mary-Sues. All that stuff.
    Here are some plot bunnies that can get things going. Feel free to twist, remove, or add to these ideas. You definitely don't have to be familiar with any of the inspirations.
    1. Government Conspiracy. Something like our characters uncover a government conspiracy (maybe they're experimenting on people to make them super soldiers or super docile or commit genocide). Maybe one of our characters is in law enforcement and the other one's more the criminal/smuggler type. I'd love for this to take a sci-fi slant.

    2. Houses Wars. This is a land where your name and House are everything, and where magic is rare and powerful, taking the form of elemental powers. Magic is concentrated within the noble blood and seems to be somewhat hereditary. Usually, it manifests as just one of the elements, though there are those who can control all four. With all the Houses constantly vying for power, those with elemental powers are the movers (perhaps going on assassination runs at night), and more often than not, their identities are kept secret. I'm imagining our characters can both control all the elements and are from opposing Houses. What happens when one House goes Dark, starting to dabble in the area of necromancy. Or perhaps, what happens when another outside threat (say ... dragons?) comes to disturb the peace? (Inspired by Avatar and Mistborn, mostly, but you can see the hint of Game of Thrones.)

    3. Emergence. This is a grungy world. It's been torn down and rebuilt by the greedy. The megacorps are the ones that run everything, and the government is a bit of a joke, basically moving whichever way puts more money in their pocket. Occasionally someone gets caught and jailed, but it's too ingrained to stop. One way to cut a living is to run the dirty jobs, the ones the megacorps want done but don't want on their books. That's when our characters meet -- the job is to steal an item that is being researched by a competing corp. And what happens when the item ... bonds with our characters, granting them magical powers? (Shadowrun-inspired -- that is to say, cyberpunk + [eventual] magic. I'm also re-themeing as secret agencies and governments.)

    4. Angels After All. As humans, we've never had our eyes open to the war the angels and demons have been at for centuries. That is, until we get hand-selected to attend a school. This school's purpose is to train humans to become supernatural. But are we on the right side of the war? (Could also introduce the rival school for the other side.)
    And in general, here's a list of interests:

    Fantasy -- medieval, mythical creatures, modern, futuristic, elves, prophecies, elemental, whateverhaveyou
    Sci-fi -- space travel, other planets, new tech things, I'll also throw cyberpunk and steampunk in here
    Angels / Demons
    Slice of life
    Epic adventures (especially the chosen few with a call to action)
    Mutants / super powers
    Boarding school
    Crime (organized, white collar, I'll throw assassins in here, too)
    Secret agencies
    Creature bonding
    Any sort of intrigue
    I might be in for Avatar or Harry Potter if you give me some interesting tidbit to chew on.

    Feel like there's something up your alley? Let me know!
  2. Oh man, all four of those plots sound perfect.
  3. Yessss~~ Pick one to do with me? ^^ (And feel free to steal the other plots.)
  4. Still looking for one or two more partners. ^^
  5. Hey, are you interested in an RP that is a form of creature bonding? Maybe a witch and a cat shifter kind of thing?
  6. Gaaah~ @slifer Sorry for the delay. I'm not that into it, sorry. ^^;

    So ... still looking.
  7. Angels After All sounds interesting! Are you still looking for partners?
  8. @Vivian I'm full up right now. T_T I'll let you know if I get more free time. ^^
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