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Do you read the resumes of people you're roleplaying with?

  1. Always!

  2. Most of the time.

  3. Sometimes.

  4. Never!

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  1. How do you use the roleplay resume feature? Do you keep yours regularly updated? Do you read other people's? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!
  2. I feel like I find myself forgetting it's there a lot of the time. XD I never felt the need to go in and fill out a bunch of info. I only ever entered in some basic stuff. And I only ever look at other people's resumes if I want to get a vague idea of, say, what their posting speed/length is. And anyway, length doesn't matter that much to me -- it's just good to get idea of people's backgrounds sometimes, so that I can tell someone who writes short posts that I never enforce any post length requirement in my RP's, and I can tell someone who writes long posts that they're welcome to write as much as they want. XD As for speed, well, someone who's used to posting several times a day would probably get too impatient to be in one of my RP's. ^^" But beyond that, my RP's posting speeds are fairly flexible. I just can't go any faster than one post per day. o_o"
  3. Most of the time I do read other peoples resumes, but if their partner searching thread is extremely detailed in what they want and what they give, I tend to forget the roleplay resume since the most important info already is in the partner search thread.

    I am horrible at keeping my own up to date, but usually there isn't much to update once I get to it either way.

    I think the resume is a great way of getting an overview of if you might be compatible with your partner or not. It is especially important for one x one players to get compatible partners as they will only have that one person to play off of, so if styles mismatches too much it can be an inspiration drainer for one or both the players (of course this isn't the case for EVERYONE, but if you are a person who needs a certain type of player, the resume is your best friend), while in a group if one or two people don't match the styles you want to play against, there are usually other people who do match what gives you inspiration.

    Some are more picky with finding a partner that is almost exactly like them, while others don't care at all if their writing matches their partner's. Usually there is something in between where one wants their partner to be able to reach a certain level in certain areas while other things doesn't matter much. (For example, someone might want to have at least three posts a week, doesn't care about post length and only wants to rp in PM. Or they want someone who plays a male character, wants somewhere between 2 and 4 paragraphs and doesn't mind waiting a couple of weeks for replies even though they themselves are a very frequent poster.) If a person has restriction/requirements, the resume tends to be a great way of getting a fast overview to see if that person meets their expectations of a partner.
  4. I try to keep mine updated, and I ALWAYS snoop the resume when I'm looking at someone as a prospective partner! It's a quick way to get a sense of their style and whether or not you'll get along well.

    I make sure to look at

    • Posting Speed. I'm a slow player who needs patient partners. If a person usually posts 'lightning speed' or 'several times a day', then I will probably annoy them with my molassas
    • Favourite Genres. I skim this looking for common themes in stories we like!
    • Squick List. I don't wanna squick anybody out, or trigger them or anything, so I make sure this list doesn't have anything that I really like to include on it.
    I'm also looking for a general sense of spelling/English abilities.
  5. I periodically update my resume to fit the current genres and plot candies I would love to write out with other players. It also helps me give them some nice surprises or make them happy when I'm able to add a surprise plot candy of theirs or when I can suggest something we'd both love to see in our roleplay.

    Stating my posting speed also helps me find more patient/understanding partners who don't mind when I suddenly slow down to only one to a few posts a week.
  6. Most of the time I check resumes it's as part of a cursory inspection for security cases. I'm gonna discount those instances since that's not using the thing for roleplays purposes.

    I only rarely check other people's resumes for my own use, mainly because I'm mostly a group roleplayer. The interests and such of any given individual other player in a group isn't that important to me because I'm just gonna make a character and throw them in and let interactions go wherever makes sense rather than trying to include specific things to tickle the fancy of someone else. Most of the time I check resumes it's because I'm bored and have no time to do any of my normal boredom alleviating activities, so off I go to look at resumes of people I know or random strangers just to see if they've got anything weird and amusing on there. I admit I have a particular fascination with Libertine info on resumes, since that's where you get amusing stuff most often.

    I'm pretty lazy with my resume. I filled it out when I joined, then left it alone for a long time. Updated it for the first time just a few months ago.

    It's a really cool feature for a roleplaying forum, and I'm glad we have it even though I don't use it much. I can appreciate the utility of the thing for 1 on 1 roleplayers even though I rarely participate in such roleplays myself.
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