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  1. The spaces are allowed in the roleplay wishlist but not the libertine one. Why is that?
  2. It might be because you're younger than 18. I don't think they programmed in a Liberteen section, but the age segregation is still in effect.

    Case in point, you can't access the Libertine forums, but anyone above 18 (red star) can't access the Liberteen forums for legal reasons and to prevent predators (not the fun Ahnold fighting ones) from going after younger members of the forum.

    Maybe put in a request for having a separate age resume and see if the Admins incorporate it? Otherwise, you're kinda SOL.
  3. Um, what? That makes no sense whatsoever. The libertine resume should be used as needed for everyone regardless of age. I highly doubt I can't space simply because of my age.
  4. Whoops! Misunderstood. I thought you meant you weren't allowed to fill out the Libertine categories.

    Carry on.
  5. If you've seen my libertine resume, at the bottom, there's a wishlist there. However, everything (pairings and summary) is all compacted and not spacing out like the wishlist in the general roleplay resume.
  6. When you say spaces, do you mean like.. line breaks?

    I'm not sure those portions of the resume were intended to have that much information in them, so I dunno if they're coded to be able to accept line breaks and stuff. I looked in your Roleplay Resume @chainedfiction, and even the regular wishlist doesn't have line breaks.

    chainedfiction's Roleplay Wishlist (open)
  7. @fatalrendezvous Yes, line breaks. The regular wishlist has line breaks for me though. :/ Just not the libertine one.
  8. @fatalrendezvous The top is the regular one, the bottom is the libertine one. This is what I see on my side of the screen.


    STUFFS #2.png
  9. I suppose there's no cure to this weird catastrophe? @Diana
  10. There is, but it's gonna be a while before I can get that fixed. O_O
  11. Okay~ Thank you! ^^