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  1. I am a busy gurl today! 8D

    A big THANK YOU to all of the people that gave input on our Roleplay Resume query thread! We tried to apply everything that we felt would be useful to most roleplayers and was also "doable" coding wise.

    First of all, the resume is still under the "INFORMATION" tab where it will remain. This made doing some updates and adding other options a million times easier! It also means members will find ALL of your important details right there in a single location.

    Second, the resume styling has been fixed! It's now full width, no more squishies. We did some spacing on it to help differentiate between each of the options. This isn't quite "perfect", but should be a million times easier to read.

    The "Scene Sample" is now under a "Open Writing Sample" button, for when people add in super long or multiple examples!

    All multi-line text fields allow LINE BREAKS but I'm afraid they still do NOT allow bbcode. :( This is still VERY HIGH on the wishlist, I've just not found a solution for it yet.

    A member's LOCAL TIME ZONE now displays on their profile sidebar under their avatar as well as in the member view popup!

    Now, In order to VIEW AND EDIT LIBERTINE FIELDS you must choose the "YES" or "OCCASIONALLY" options on "Do you participate in Libertine Roleplay". Those who do not choose an option or choose "No" will not (or should not) be able to see those resume fields anymore. This also now APPEARS ON THE RESUME, so hopefully this will deter unwanted libertine requests!

    PROFILE TAGS! THESE ARE SEARCHABLE. You can quick list all genres you love, posting expectations, content warnings - basically ANYTHING that gets put in to our Master Taglist. And other members will be able to find your in a search. We're still looking for a proper auto-master tags list. But you can already input many commonly known tags and see examples in the Tags Page.

    Field Edits and New Additions!

    Roleplay Invitations: Lists only Group, One on One, Private Convo, Chats, and "Not Taking Invites". These are all check boxes so you can choose more than one.

    My Usual Online Time: Give a quick idea of when you are online for playing.

    Medium of Interest: This option lets you pick which areas of the site you prefer roleplaying on. Forums, Chats or Convos. We did NOT list IMs like skype or other off-site mediums, as we do not recommend members do this with people they are unfamiliar with in a place that is not moderated.

    Post Length Comfort: A check list of post lengths you are comfortable writing and playing with.

    My Characters: My characters is a link field where you can link to a listing of your characters!

    Multiple Characters & NPCs: Most popular for one on one players, this has checkbox options to show if you play multiple characters and NPCs.

    Genders You Prefer Playing & Your Prefer Your Partner Plays: Has been updated to include additional options.

    Squick List: List things that freak you out and you do not want happening in your roleplays!

    Wishlist Link: Link to a plot, pairing, scene, partner request or other wishlist page on or off Iwaku.

    All Libertine fields have been MARKED in the Personal Details page so you know what they are!

    Kink or Request List: A link to your Libertine requests or to a k-list page.

    So NOT Sexy List: The Libertine version of the "Squick List". Tell people what you SOOOOO do not want to have happening in your sexytimes roleplays!

    -opens hands for more Rainbows- T________T That took aaaaaalll daaaaaay.
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  2. AHHHH

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  3. Thanks, Diana! I'm gonna go update mine now!
  4. I would prefer the roleplay reseme to remain bbcode free. It should be neat and easier to read, not full of graphics and colored text you possibly can't read. But thanks for the new gadgets <3
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  5. Wow @Diana the Roleplay Resume looks amazing! Awesome job! =D
  7. Well, doesn't that look fantastic now. Nice job!
  8. @Diana This is probably just being unobservant and too impatient to really look but where is the button to update/edit my resume? I just can't seem to find it
  9. All resume fields are now under the "Personal Details" section!
  10. Ah ok got it thanks a lot @Diana
  11. Splendid work, Diana.
  12. Awesome work Diana keep up the good work!!
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