Roleplay Resume Updates, Status of Groups, and other notes!

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  1. Hello bits and bobs, just a few small things the Admins thought you thought know:

    A reminder to read the SITE RULES and be a good minion!
    We have very relaxed rules here on Iwaku and we're okay with bending a lot of them within reason. But we have two super important ones that can get you banned. The first is NOT BEING AN ASSHOLE. This is pretty subjective, but also really easy to avoid by using common sense. Thankfully most people know how to behave and we're pretty good at knowing the difference between bad days and dicks!

    The other is the Age Restrictions. That means no playing sex scenes with people outside of your age group, or playing sex scenes with characters under 13. Breaking the age restrictions puts yourself, other members, and our site in danger of legal trouble and shitty consequences. And it also makes you a huge asshole for doing it. D= We enforce this rule strictly, so be smart and safe!

    If you ever have questions about the rules you can talk to @Diana. She knows all the little details.

    Status of the GROUPS updating:
    The previous groups system we were testing just did not work out for us. The direction development was going did not work for what we wanted for Iwaku. BUT GOOD NEWS. We've been approved to be BETA TESTERS on development of a different script. EVERYONE IN IWAKU will get to help bug test and give feature suggestions! When we get out copy of the script, we'll be posting up special thread all about it.

    Roleplay Resume Updates
    With you help and suggestions in our test thread we've made some adjustments to the roleplay resume and the information that displays under avatars and in the member card.

    - Giving you an icon or a note to tell you when a member is an Adult or a Teen. An icon displays in the postbit and the roleplay resume. "Adult Member" or "Teen Member" will display on the member card.

    - New roleplay resume fields that include: Posting Speed, Writing Level, Roleplay Wishlist.

    - Updated Fields now have extra descriptions both in the Preferences and on the resume itself that tell you what the fields mean. This was requested for things like Plot Candies and Playing Style where people weren't sure what those meant.

    - Things that weren't specifically of a Libertine topic were moved to the regular resume section. (Sexual Orientation, and Gender of Partner characters) for the people that play romance One on Ones but don't necessarily do Libertine roleplay.

    - The size of the member card has been increased, and we are trying to see if we can add the full resume in there without it screwing up on mobile devices.

    The Character Vault is being delayed.
    This is Diana's fault for not doing her job, you can throw rocks at her.

    We are testing a new TEXT EDITOR, one that hopefully doesn't jackup bbcodes as bad.
    If you have issues posting, please report them in the COMMUNITY HUB as a BUG -or- if you are finding it impossible to post on the forums, try contacting us through the Facebook Page.
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  2. Ooh, new text editor is fancaaaaayy x3
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  3. There's no back to the top thingy anymore :(
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  4. I can't see the age icon but I'm excited about it! I'm browsing on mobile right now; anyone having trouble finding the age marker on desktop/laptop?
  5. BTW like the new text thing. So many Smiley's :D it that age thing a little star?
  6. I like the new text thing. I was also wondering about the star.
    The other thing, is the "Back to top" button going to come back? I absolutely love it and can't see it now.
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  7. Absolutely love the new role play resume! Now, people just need to read them. ;)
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  8. The back to top being missing was an accident. O_O Aaaaaall fixed. [edit] Or I thought was fixed, it's being an asshole on thread pages. >:[

    The age marker is (currently) a Star above the avatar when viewing posts, and a star next to the Roleplay Resume title when viewing that. Hot pink for adults and light pink for teens. If people have problems seeing it, we'll be changing the icon!
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  9. Where is the save button on this thing???? I can't make any long posts without it!

  10. You don't see the "Post a Reply" button where it's always been?
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  11. I still don't have my back to the top button O
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  12. Bahhhh! I want the old shitty iwaku back! *flails like a petulant child!*
  13. -Throws rocks at Diana-
  14. For the colourblind is there a way we can change it to two colours instead of two shades of the same colour? O.O
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  15. I think she meant the way you could check other alerts and still have your reply there when you entered the same page again.

    Now it asks if your want to contuine without saving changes or something.
  16. The light pink star looks more like a purple star to me xD But maybe it's just me...
  17. Never mind it still does that phew lol
  18. Back to top is now working, but as a different kind of button. O__O

    I will switch the colors on the age icons!

    And YES your content still saves as a draft even if you click away from the page and haven't posted yet. (but you know, that's not safe to do that, so you shouldn't be making a habit of doing it on purpose. XD)
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  19. Why is that not safe? O.O
  20. I see my back to top! Thank you!
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