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  1. I made a very detailed RP resume expansion. I was going to just save it for when I make a partner request thread, and maybe fill it out and stick it onto my currently blank and boring profile page, but I thought I'd toss it in here for the following reasons:

    1 - Help me improve it. I'm sure things were missed.
    2 - Feel free to test it out! Report your successes (or lack thereof, though I hope this isn't the case...)

    I guess it is meant to tell prospective partners as much about your RP habits as possible so that they know more about your style and personality, beyond your preferences. I've met a lot of people with really synchronised RP resumes that weren't actually very synchronised RP buddies. I'm sure we've all been there.

    Note: it is assumed that what you do is also what you want your partner to do. Ex - if you like long descriptions, it is implied that you also would like your partner to write long descriptions, and etc.

    Anyway; here it is.


    Dialogue Posts: (Min) - (Max) paragraphs / lines
    "Solo" Posts*: (Min) - (Max) paragraphs / lines
    All my posts will be (Min) - (Max) paragraphs / lines
    *Solo posts are when your character(s) go off and experience a scene on their own, without any other player's characters interfering. The entire scene is under your control.

    WRITING STYLE (check any that apply)
    () I spend most of the post on my character's emotions.
    () I spend most of the post on my character's observations.
    () I spend most of the post on physical descriptions (character or setting)
    () I spend most of the post on actions and/or dialogue.

    () Love it!
    () Only the required details - I do not want to sift through flowers for content.
    () Minimalism all the way!

    ()% Showing, ()% Telling
    () I am trying to improve this ratio.
    () What do you mean? I just type.

    RP PHILOSOPHIES (check only those that apply strongly, or you might end up checking them all)
    () It is a way to unwind and escape after a stressful or tiring day.
    () It is the creation of a collaborative story.
    () It is a game people play with each other.
    () It should be readable - consistency and good flow are key.
    () RPs exist for the players, not an audience.
    () Characters serve the story.
    () The story serves the characters.
    () I write my own fiction and sometimes I use RP to develop character and brainstorm plot.
    () I use it as practice to improve my writing skill.

    CHARACTER QUANTITY (check all that apply)
    Main character = you play their thoughts and actions
    Side character = recurring, possibly important, but you write only their actions.
    NPC = usually insignificant, you play only their actions, and both/all rpers can control them.

    () I prefer only playing one main character.
    () I am comfortable playing 2-4 main characters.
    () I am comfortable playing more than 5 main characters.
    () I prefer no side characters.
    () I am comfortable playing 1-4 side characters.
    () I am comfortable playing more than 5 side characters.
    () I prefer as few npcs as possible.
    () I don't care how many npcs there are.

    () I am eager to receive all the criticism you can give me.
    () I will take criticsm to improve my writing, but please do not overdo it as I can be sensitive.
    () If I want criticism, I will ask for it.
    () I am here to roleplay just for fun. I do not want criticism.

    () Only for plot discussions.
    () At least daily correspondence.
    () Be my new friend! Let's chat!

    () I am busy but I am addicted to Iwaku so I will try anyway.
    () I am busy but I make an effort to drop by consistently.
    () I am busy and sometimes die for long periods of time, but I will come back.
    () Sometimes I lose my muse, but this is never permanent.
    () Sometimes I lose my muse, and this may be problematic.

    TENACITY / PATIENCE (check any that apply)
    () I very, very, rarely quit rps.
    () I try my best not to quit rps.
    () I appreciate patient partners that can wait.
    () I will quit rps that have been completely silent for (max) days/weeks/months.
    () I will wait indefinitely for the return of a good partner.
    () I sometimes regretfully quit rps due to real-life issues.

    () Required
    () Preferred
    () Only if Natural
    () No.

    () Required
    () Preferred
    () No NSFW (fade to black; brief/vague descriptions or summaries)
    () All my characters are asexual.

    OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS (take your time with these!)

    Make a list of all your RP pet peeves:

    Make a list of all your RP-buddy candies (not plot candies! RP buddy candies!)

    Describe your ideal RP partner in less than 3 sentences.

    LINKS TO PREVIOUS RPS. (This is the single most important thing on this list IMO. A single writing sample is not enough for so many reasons...)


    So yes. Any suggestions would be great. If anyone currently looking for partners wants to test it out, that would be cool too!

    Remember, chances of a 100% match are impossible. Maybe you can ask people to answer the most important points, or tell them to note the differences. I dunno. *flails*
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