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  1. Hello, everyone! I'm Kim, and I've been roleplaying for several years. I have several plotlines in mind, but I'm also willing to do fandoms at your suggestion. As far as romance goes, I'm willing to do MxF or FxF. If you're at all interested in roleplaying with me, either post it here or shoot me a PM.

    BUT FIRST, some guidelines:

    1) I will not do smut. This is just a personal preference, so please respect that. That being said, I'm perfectly willing to do romance and implement sexual themes. However, when clothes start coming off, fade-to-black.
    2) I prefer roleplaying female, but I will roleplay male if I'm exceptionally interested in the plot line.
    3) I would like you to post with excellent grammar, spelling, and detail. It does not have to be an essay, but I cannot work with less than two paragraphs. I do understand that creativity sometimes runs out, however, so I won't just drop you if you come out with a paragraph of a post. I will drop you if you give me a one-liner, though. I cannot stand one-liners.
    4) Please behave maturely. There's a reason behind this guideline.
    5) Let me know if you have an issue with how the roleplay is going, or if you no longer wish to roleplay. No hard feelings! I've had to drop some people quite a few times because I was simply not interested anymore!
    6) Most of all, have fun with this! I'd like us to be friends, not two people putting together a business deal. :)

    Whelp, now that you've (hopefully) read through my guidelines, here are my original plotlines that I'm looking for!

    *preferred role
    craving to do this

    Assassin x *Target* (see below)
    Employer x Employee
    Prince/Princess x Guard
    Werewolf x Human
    Werewolf x *Vampire*
    *Vampire* x Human

    Roommate x Roommate (FxF only)
    Rival x Rival
    Bully x Victim

    MC (my character) is the mysterious new girl. No one knows anything about her, and YC (your character) decides to find out why no one ever sees her parents and why she won't tell anyone where she's from. What YC discovers is far worse than they could have ever imagined.
    MxF or FxF

    MC and YC are spending summer vacation together at a cabin in the mountains while their parents travel the world. With the closest town five miles down the gravel road, there's not much to do except hang out. In fact, it becomes rather boring. That is, until a strange man comes knocking on the door.
    FxF only

    In the apocalypse, the main goal is to survive. Food has become scarce, and the air itself is probably toxic from all the nuclear radiation floating about. There's nothing our characters can do about it. In fact, they would probably never had met each other if MC didn't try to steal YC's last scrap of food.
    MxF or FxF

    Assassin x Target
    MC is an agent for the CIA that has found out some dangerous information. That information has gotten YC hired to kill MC. Things were going just fine until YC realizes that Target #254 was YC's childhood best friend.
    MxF or FxF

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  2. Do you want to do another rp with me if I may ask. I just wanted to find some more people to rp with.
  3. I'd love to roleplay the apocolypse idea (the third one), if you're still looking. PM me?
  4. @Gaileth PM me about it, and we'll discuss. :)
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