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  1. It has been many, many years since the war between Devils, Fallen Angels, and the servants of God. In the on slaughter many precious lives on both sides were lost. The war lasted decades and had lasting repercussions for all sides. The Fallen Angels losing many of their members, The Angels losing many of their servants and among them some of their finest generals, and the Devils lost the most having been penned in from both sides between the aforementioned servants of god. The Devils follow Lucifer (House Gremory), Beelzebub (House Astaroth), Leviathan (Sitri), and Asmodeus - (Glasya-Labolas) families. So many of the families and armies were lost in the conflict and thus the power balance shifted drastically allowing these families to come out on top after the wars and into modern day. The nobles have risen into a higher state then the rest of the demons and have grown in power, especially House Gremory their head being the lord of all devils. With the rise in Church power throughout the centuries, the formation of the Paladins of Saint Michael the eyes of the devils have been focused on from recruiting to survival. Likewise the increasing amounts of stray priests/devils, and fallen angels have also caused many of the angels to look to themselves. In their absence a few minor families have recruited more pieces too their chess boards. Some even with divine gear.

    However while they squabbled they have not noticed something...a particular something. A group of devils reforming in secrecy. Under the long thought dead clan of House Marax, reformed into House Nightblood at the whim of their newest king. Though the blood line has been diluted over the years due to a mixture of human blood their line still remains strong and they have garnered the assistance of a couple more of their old vassals allowing the new king to live in comfort while still maintaining his presence. Masquerading as a nobody clan Nightblood has now been preparing to make their presense known to their fellow devils and reclaim their spot in the hierarchy of the clans. Though the king calls himself Prince; he still believes that he himself has much work to be done before he is truly worthy of that title. He finds himself in East Kuoh (due to lack of a canon city name) Japan. The goal is to reclaim what is lost though his vassals may have other goals entirely....


    Hello everyone this is a restart of a previous roleplay the died a long time ago due to players dropping out and making the story incomparable and down right convoluted. This roleplay will be following the adventures of a redeveloping house from one of the canon houses that died during the demon wars. How this house survived and why now has it just started to rise will be revealed in the roleplay if we reach that point. There will be only basic pieces available at the start. Pieces taken will be: King, Queen, and one Rook. The King will be my character known as Aster. I claim King to prevent anyone from dropping out and leaving us without a lord. Aster will have the unique ability to remove a chess piece from a dead body in order to prevent loss of pieces once a person drops out. Queen will be taken by one of Aster's closest allies and friends. He was Aster's first piece obtained and his story will be revealed later as well.

    Aster's Rook is the unbreakable wall of the group who joined during Aster's various travels through western Europe. This roleplay will allow you to be set in the canon city with a semi-canon setting. No canon characters exist outside of those from before the High School DXD started. Lucifer is still king of the devils however for simplicity's sake. However Gremory and other houses are under control of new NPC's that we may meet given circumstances in story. You will be allowed to start as a devil under Aster or become one during the prologue. The prologue will serve to set up a basis for your character. Due to heavy complications DO NOT IMMEDIATELY THROW YOUR CHARACTER IN HARMS WAY. Last roleplay two players immediately did this and forced Aster to send off both his pieces to two different places. Have some interaction with other PCs or your own made up NPCs for a bit then we will see about making you a devil if you're a human.

    If you are a devil you can freely interact with anyone in the house or otherwise.(1 Queen ♛, 2 Rooks ♜, 2 Bishops ♝, 2 Knights ♞, and 8 Pawns ) are the complete set of pieces for the roleplay. Please keep any units to a theme. Rooks are hardline tanks and brawlers. Bishops use magic for healing or offense. Keep in mind that all devils are capable of some magic but moreover bishops have the most outside of the queen and king. Knights are offensive masters and can use magic to enhance their weapon of choice. And pawns while the most expendable are the most versatile. They can be promoted into any role by their king, or queen later but they lack the power of any of the previously mentioned classes. If anyone has any question about this roleplay further before we get started please say so below. Drop a comment if your interested.

    Previous OOC for reference this is not the actual ooc for this roleplay:
    High School DXD - From the Ashes - OOC

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  2. I'm still interested in this ^^
  3. Alright nice to have you along? New character or the same that you had before? Having a hundred views with no new players is a bit disappointing but I guess people think that this is going to be one of those 'the gm's player character is the head of the story? Ewww self insert much huh?" sort of things.
  4. I'll use my same character :D though should she start as a piece or human?
  5. It's up to you. It'd probably be easier for her to be a piece, more likely than not bishop, but a priestess is certainly someone who would see a devil so it shouldn't be hard to work her into the fold.
  6. I'll give this a bump to see if anyone else wants to join if not well guess that's just how to boat sinks.
  7. Long time no see! I'd like to take part in this again, if you'll have me.
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  8. Hello Ace I'll be glad to have you along. Hopefully things go better. I want at least one more person.
  9. Glad you'll have me, friend.
  10. Yo, good to see ya man, I'd like to partake again as well, preferably with a better planned character than my previous one.
  11. Alright no problem so long as we all understand what went wrong with the previous roleplay I'm fine with making this one. Seems like we're restarting with the old crew over again. I'll accept more of course but I'll make the OOC tomorrow. It's midnight here.
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