EXERCISE Roleplay Post Challenge: Photograph

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    YOUR CHALLENGE: Use PHOTOGRAPH in a roleplay post.

    Finding a photo, looking at a picture, having your pictures taken. There are many ways to integrate a photo or photography in your posts.

    Use the PHOTOGRAPH in at least one Roleplay post!

    Remember, it only counts for NEW roleplay posts made after this challenge was posted. Going back to find old RP posts is cheating!

    Don't forget to link to your post HERE and earn some Reputation! :D
  2. I don't have any posts to work on at the moment SO. Here's a fake one!

    Jill got up and led the way out the door, making sure she'd attached a bag with that sock in progress to her waist. She didn't feel much like a goddess, clinging to her coping mechanisms. But the room was decorated with all of the supplies she could ever thing to need, so perhaps there was a reason for it. She was so preoccupied with being nervous and trying not to be that she had a hard time making sure she was paying attention to Galya's chatting as they made their way over to the dining hall.

    "I bet they have anything you could want, sports and everything. I mean, aren't goddesses allowed to do whatever they want? They have powers we can't really believe - I mean... I guess we'll have to believe them, now." Jill stopped and looked down at the lighted pathway. "Huh. I guess they really thought of everything, getting lost and all."

    She looked up at the walls. They were decorated sparsely, once in a while a painting of some exotic landscape. Lights flickered in and out of the walls, which she found strange. She stopped for a moment to examine an old black-and-white photograph of a pregnant woman in a small cottage, looking up into a ray of light. "Look at that, Galya," she said. "Speaking of Zeus. Isn't this one of the stories, that he came down to a woman in a haze of golden sparkles? Doesn't this photograph look like that?" She paused for a moment to consider what Galya had just said. "I guess there will be stories about us, if we do our jobs right. Wow. I wonder if we'll get to live forever, and if the old gods and goddesses are still alive. I'd love to meet Hera, for instance!"

    They continued following the lights, soon coming to the dining hall, which was bedecked with chandeliers and candlelight on the tables. Lots of nice place settings on the table, enough for all the new goddesses and the staff. "It's so elegant here," Jill marveled. "Where shall we sit?"
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